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Maxwell, ancient par., now in Kelso par., Rox-

Maxwellhcngh, S. suburb of Kelso : which see.

Maxwclltown, town and quoad sacra par. with ry.
sta., Troqueer par., and police burgh, partly also in
Terregles par., Kirkcudbright—par., pop. 2070; town,
pop. 4455; police burgh, pop. 4576; the town is in-
cluded in the parliamentary burgh of Dumfries, with
which Maxwelltown is connected by bridges over the
Nith. Maxwelltown (previous to 1810 called Bridgend)
has tweed mills, grain mills, saw mills, a dyework,
nursery grounds, &c. In S. vicinity, on Corbelly Hill,
are an observatory (with museum) and the convent and
church (1881-1884) of the Immaculate Conception.

Maxwelton, vil., in par. and NE. vicinity of East
Kilbride, Lanarkshire.

Maxwelton House, seat, Glencairn par., Dumfries-
shire, near Cairn Water, 3 miles E. of Moniaive.

Maxworthy, hamlet, North Petherwin par., Devon,
7 miles NAY. of Launceston.

May, Isle of, in Firth of Forth, 54 miles SE. of
Crail, 126 ac., pop. 22; the Isle of May is included in
the co. of Fife, but is connected with no parish ; it was
the seat of a 12th century priory, and contains the
ruins of a 13th century chapel; on the summit, and on
the NE. side are 2 lighthouses, 78 and 36 ft. high,
with flashing and fixed lights (May Island) 240 and
110 ft. above high water and seen 21 and 15 miles.

May, Water of, in SE. of Perthshire; rises on
John’s Hill, 4 miles S. of Dunning, and flows 11 miles
NE. and NW. to the Earn near Forteviot; makes 2
waterfalls, Muckersie Linn and the Humble Bumble,
and is a good trouting stream. See

May Mill, 1 mile from Birmingham ; P.O.

May Fark, seat, in co. and 2 miles E. of Waterford.

Maybole, market town, police burgh, and par., Ayr-
shire—par., 21,993 ac., pop. 6628 ; town and burgh, 9
miles SAY. of Ayr and 393 miles NAY. of London by rail,
pop. 4474; P.O., T.O., 2Banks. Market-day,
Maybole, as the capital of Carrick, was in the feudal
age a place of considerable importance. Among its
ancient buildings are the old castle, formerly the town
residence of the Cassillis or Ailsa family; the town-
house, the remains of the collegiate church (1371),
and the house where John Knox debated (1561) with
Abbot Quentin Kennedy of the neighbouring Abbey of
Crossraguel. The staple industries are now boot and
shoe making (with tanning), and the mfr. of agricul-
tural implements; liandloom weaving has declined.

Mayhorough, ancient circular enclosure, on wooded
eminence, 1 mile S. of Penrith, Cumberland; is about
100 yds. in diameter, is encircled by a mound, and has
in the centre a large block of unhewn stone.

Maybury, 2 m. N. of AYoking, Surrey, nr. Woking sta.;
P.O.; at Maybury is the Royal Dramatic College (1862).

Maydown, seat, in co. and 5 miles NAY. of Armagh.

Mayen Honse, seat, Rothiemay par., Banffshire,
near river Deveron, 5 miles NE. of Rothiemay sta.

Mayfair, dist., St George Hanover Square par.,
London, 137 ac., pop. 13,491.

Mayfield.—(or Mathfleld), par., township, and vil.,
Staffordshire, on E. border of co.-—par., 3760 ac., pop.
1529; township, 1820 ac., pop. 1215; vil., on river
Dove, 2 miles SW. of Ashborne;
P.O., T.O.; in vicinity
of vil. is Mayfield Hall, seat; at Mayfield is the
cottage in which Moore composed
Lalla Rookh.— 2.
Mayfield, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Sussex, 24 miles
SE. of Rotherfield by rail and 74 miles S. of Tunbridge
Wells, 13,668 ac., pop. 2912
; P.O., t.o. ; at Mayfield is
a conventual establishment, erected (1866) by the
Duchess of Leeds ; also remains of a palace of the
archbishops of Canterbury, in which are the relics of
St Dunstan.

Mayfield, dist., in SE. of Edinburgh.

Mayfield, seat, 3 miles W. of Bandon, S. co. Cork.

Mayford Green, vil., in par. and 14 mile SAY. of
Woking, Surrey.

May glass, par., in co. and 6 miles SAA7. of AYexford,
3528 ac., pop. 627.

May land, par. and vil., Essex, 64 miles SE. of
Maldon, 2067 ac., pop. 246.

Maylor, hundred, detached part of Flintshire, 41,533
ac., pop. 9775 ; contains 4 pars, and parts of 8 others.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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