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Musselburgh, parl. burgh and town, Inveresk par.,
Edinburghshire, at mouth of river Esk, 6 miles E. of
Edinburgh by rail—parl. burgh, pop. 7866; town (con-
sisting of Fisherrow portion W. of river Esk, pop. 4370;
Musselburgh portion E. ofriver Esk, pop. 3266; and AArest-
pans portion, pop. 244), pop. 7870; P.O., T.o., 3 Banks.
Musselburgh is said to derive its name from a mussel
bank near the mouth of the Esk, having been previ-
ously called Eskmouth; it was partly destroyed by the
English in 1544, and again in 1548 ; and it was the head-
quarters of Cromwell’s army for nearly two months in
1650. The old Tolbooth, built in 1590, of materials
from the ruins of the chapel of Loretto, is an interest-
ing building; it is not now used as a prison. The
Links of Musselburgh, on the E. side of the town by the
shore, have long been noted as a golfing ground ; they
are also used as a racecourse and an archery ground.
There are extensive market gardens in the vicinity.
The mfr. of nets and twine is an important industry;
brewing and tanning are carried on. The fishing in-
dustry of the burgh is confined to that portion of it
called Fisherrow, which is reached by a stone bridge of
5 arches across the river Esk. Musselburgh is one of tho
Leith District of Parliamentary Burghs, which returns
1 member. See also Inveresk.

Muston. — par. and vil., Leicestershire, on river
Devon, 54 miles NW. of Grantham, 1623 ac., pop. 312;
P.O.; Crabbe (1754-1832), the post, was rector.—2. Bln -
ton, coast par. and vil., East-Riding Yorkshire, 14 mile
SW. of Filey, 2293 ac. and 44 foreshore, pop. 395;
Blaston Hall and Muston Lodge are seats.

Bluswell Hill.—eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Hornsey par.
and detached part of Clerkenwell par., Middlesex—
dist., pop. 1657; the sta. is 54 miles N. of King’s Cross
sta., London, near the Alexandra Park.—2. Bluswell
(or Blnzzle) Hill, on AV. border of Bucks, in par. and
near Brill; is crowned by an ancient camp and a her-
mitage, and commands a fine view.

Blutford, par. and vil., Suffolk, 24 miles SAV. of Carl-
ton Colville sta. and 44 miles SE. of Beccles, 1574 ac.,
pop. 394; near vil. is Mutford Hall, seat.

Blntford Bridge, vil. (ry. sta. Oulton Broad and
Mutford), Carlton Colville par., Suffolk, on Lothing
creek (with bridge), 14 mile AV. of Lowestoft; P.O., T.o.

Blutford and Lothingland, hundred, Suffolk, 33,315
ac., pop. 30,470.

Blutfords, hamlet, Little Hormead par., Herts, 3
miles SE. of Buntingford.

Bluthill, par., quoad sacra par., vil., and ry. sta.',
Perthshire, on river Earn—par. (containing a small part
of Crieff), 2196 ac., pop. 1702;
quoad sacra par. (partly
also in Monzie par.), pop. 1729; vil., 1| mile W. of sta.
and 3 miles S. of Crieff, pop. 882; P.O., T.O.; has a
ruined church with an interesting belfry.

Blntlay, suburb with ry. sta., on N. side of Plymouth.

Blutlow, hamlet, Prestbury par., Cheshire, 3 miles
N. of Congleton.

Mutton Island. — in Mai Bay, AV. co. Clare. — 2.
Mutton Island, at entrance of Galway Harbour, co.
Galway; connected with the mainland by a ridge of
sand at low water; on the centre of the island is a
lighthouse 34 ft. high, with fixed light 33 ft. above high
water and seen 10 miles.

Bluttonhole, Edinburghshire. See Davidson’s

Blnxton. See Mucklestone.

Blwd, The, Carnarvonshire. See Y Mwd.

Blweenlsh Island, Moyrus par., W. co. Galway,
572 ac., pop. 510.

Myddfai (or Mothvey), par. and vil., Carmarthen-
shire, 3 m. S. of Llandovery, 11,914 ac., pop. 909;

Mydrellin, vil., 6 miles S. of Aberaeron, Cardigan-
shire; P.O.

Mydrim (or Meldrum), par. and vil., Carmarthen-
shire, on river Gynin, 3 miles N. of St Clears sta. and
84 miles W. of Carmarthen, 6905 ac., pop. 906 ; P.O.

Myerscongh, township, Lancaster par., N. Lanca-
shire, on river Wyre, 3 miles S. of Garstang, 2707 ac.,
pop. 384 ; Blyerscough Hall and Blycrscongh House
are seats.

Myfod, Montgomeryshire. See Meifod.

Blyhathan, hamlet, Llanarthney par., Carmarthen-
shire, 64 miles SW. of Llandilo.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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