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div. West-Riding Yorkshire, on river Hodder, 64 miles
NW. of Clitheroe, 5869 ac., pop. 331;
P.O., called New-
ton in Bowland.
— 30. Newton, hamlet, Ledsham
par., E. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 54 miles N. of
Newton, hamlet, in par. and 1 mile
NE. of Sprotbrough, S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire.—
Newton, hamlet, in par. and 2 miles NE. of
Wakefield, S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire.—33.
Herefordshire. See Walford, Letton and
34. Newton, Suffolk. See Newton near

Newton.—seat, Culsamond par., Aberdeenshire, 24
miles NE. of Insch.—2.
Newton, hamlet, Strachur
and Stralachlan par., Argyllshire, on Loch Fyne, 4 m.
SW. of Strachur.—3.
Newton, vil., in par. and 1 mile
! SW. of Wick, Caithness.—4.
Newton, school, AVamph-
ray par., Dumfriesshire.—5.
Newton, par., NE. Edin-
burghshire, 2032 ac., pop. 1307; contains Millerhill.—

6. Newton, collier vil., Pencaitland par., Hadding-
tonshire, 3 miles SE. of Tranent.—7.
Newton, vil. with
ry. sta., Cambuslang par., Lanarkshire, 5| miles SE. of
Glasgow, pop. 730;
P.O.—8. Newton, vil., in par. and
near town of Renfrew.

Newton, Cold, township, Lowesby par., in co. and 8
miles E. of Leicester, pop. 185.

Newton, Dixton, Monmouth. See Dixton Newton.

Newton, East, coast township, Aldbrough par., East-
Riding Yorkshire, 84 miles NE. of Hedon, 1440 ac. and
126 foreshore, pop. 30.

Newtown, East, and Eaythorp, township, Stone-
grave and Oswaldkirkpars., North-Riding Yorkshire, on
river Rye, 34 miles SE. of Helmsley, 940 ac., pop. 59.

Newton, Long.—hamlet, Cumberland, near More-
cambe Bay, 24 miles NE. of Abbeytown.—2.
par., township, and vil., Durham—par., 6829
ac., pop. 290 ; township, 4312 ac., pop. 268; vil., 4 miles
SAY. of Stockton ;

Newton, North.—par., Pembrokeshire, 3 miles SAY.
of Narberth, 721 ac., pop. 43.—2.
Newton, North,
eccl. dist. and vil., North Petherton par., Somerset—
dist., pop. 795; vil., on Taunton Canal, 34 miles SE. of

Newton, Old, par. and vil., Suffolk, 2 miles NE. of
Stowmarket ry. sta., 2348
ac., pop. 685; P.O.

Newton, Out, coast par., Easington par., East-
Riding Yorkshire, 44 miles E. of Patrington, 676 ac.,
pop. 743.

Newton, Potter, Leeds. See Potter Newton.

Newton, South, par. and vil., AVilts, on river AViley,
2 miles NAV. of AVilton, 3502 ac., pop. 675 ; p.o.

Newton, Water, par., Huntingdonshire, 7 miles
SAV. of Peterborough, 863 ac., pop. 116 ;

Newton, Welsh, par. and vil., Herefordshire, 34
miles NAV. of Monmouth, 1821 ac., pop. 225; p.o.

Newton, West.—eccl. dist. and vil., Bromfield par.,
Cumberland—dist., pop. 393 ; vil., 2 miles NAV. of As-
patria.—2. Newton, West, par. and vil., Norfolk, 7
miles NE. of Kings Lynn, 1230 ac., pop. 389;
Newtown, West, township, Kirknewton par., North-
umberland, 6 miles NAA7. of AVooler, 1119 ac., pop. 56.
—4. Newton, West, hamlet, North Petherton par.,
Somerset, 3 miles SAV. of Bridgwater.—5. Newton,
West, township and vil., Aldbrough and Swine pars.,
East-Riding Yorkshire, 84 miles NE. of Hull, 2068
ac., pop. 147.

Newton, West, and Allonhy, township, Bromfield
par., Cumberland, 3751 ac. and 413 tidal water and
foreshore, pop. 868;
P.O. at Allonhy; West Newton,
vil., is 2 miles NAV. of Aspatria.

Newton Abhot, market town with ry. sta., partly in
High week par. but chiefly in AVolborough with Newton
Abbot par., Devon, at head of Teign estuary, 16 miles
S. of Exeter and 214 SAV. of London by rail, pop. 9826;
P.O.,T.o., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-days, Wednes-
day and Saturday.
Newton Abbot is a considerable town,
and is the most important sta. on the South Devon line
between Exeter and Plymouth. It is situated in the
heart of a fertile and richly cultivated district, and
presents a most picturesque appearance. The town
consists of 2 parts—viz., Newton Abbot in AVolborough
par., and Newton Bushel forming the portion in High-
week par. The latter was at one time a separate town.
The chief object of interest in Newton Abbot is the

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