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North Drove, ry. sta., Lincolnshire, 2£ miles SW. of

North Duffield, East-Riding Yorkshire, 5% miles
NE. of Selby;
p.o. See Duffield, North.

North Dulwich, ry. sta., at Dulwich, in S. of Lon-
don, 4% miles S. of London Bridge Station by rail.

North Fling, eccl. dist., Eling par., Hants, pop. 1342.

North Fliu, hamlet, Chew Magna par., Somerset, 5
miles SW. of Bristol.

North Flinhaiu, ry. sta., Norfolk, 5 miles W. of
P.O., t.o. See Elmham, North.

North Flinsall, ry. sta. (Upton and North Elmsall),
E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 7 miles SE. of Ponte-
fract. See
Elmsall, North, and Upton.

North Fnd.—on N. border of Hants, 4% miles SW.
of Newbury; P.O.—2.
North Fnd, eccl. dist., Fulham
par., Middlesex, pop. 3699.

North U$k, quoad sacra par., Inveresk par., Edin-
burghshire, pop. 5404; the church is in Fisherrow.

North Fcvriby, East-Riding Yorkshire, 7 miles SW.
of Hull; p.o. See Ferriby, North.

North Finchley, eccl. dist., Finchley par., Middle-
sex, pop. 3380.

North Foreland, headland, on NE. coast of Kent, 3
miles SE. of Margate ; on the headland is the
Foreland Lighthouse,
85 ft. high, with occulting light
188 ft. above high water and seen 19 miles.

North Forty Foot Bank, par., Lincolnshire, 9 miles
NAY. of Boston, 3990 ac., pop. 198.

North Frodingham, East-Riding Yorkshire, 5% miles
SE. of Driffield ; p.o. See
Frodingham, North.

North Gosforth, eccl. dist., Gosforth and Longben-
ton pars., Northumberland, pop. 1977.

North Greenwich, ry. sta., Isle of Dogs, Middlesex,
in SE. of co., 1% mile S. of Millwall Junction and 4%
miles SE. of Fenchurch Street Station, London.

North Grimston, ry. sta., East-Riding Yorkshire, 4£
miles SE. of Malton ;
P.O. See Grimston, North.

North Hales, or Covehithe : which see.

North Hamlet, par., in co. and partly in city of
Gloucester, pop. 509; pop. of city part, 311.

North Har horn e, eccl. dist., Harborne par., Stafford-
shire, pop. 8911.

North Haven Point, at N. side of entrance to Poole
Harbour, Dorset; has fixed light (Poole) 37 ft. above
high water and seen 6 miles.

North Hay ling, ry. sta., Hayling Island, Hants, 2
miles S. of Havant. See Hayling, North.

North Hill, Cornwall, 8 miles SAY. of Launceston;
p.o. See Northill.

North Holme, township, Great Edstone par., Nortli-
Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles SW. of Helmsley, 546 ac.,
pop. 11.

North Hykeham, in co. and 3% miles SAY. of Lincoln;
p.o. See Hyckham, North.

North Hylton, vil., Monk AYearmouthpar., Durham,

1 mile from Hylton sta.; P.O.

North Kelsey, ry. sta., Lincolnshire, 4% miles NW.
of Caistor;
p.o. See Kelsey, North.

North Kilworth, Leicestershire, 5 miles SE. of Lut-
terworth ;
P.O. See Kilworth, North.

North Kyme, Lincolnshire, 7% miles NE. of Slea-
ford ;
p.o. See Kyme, North.

North Lancing, vil., Lancing par., Sussex, 2 miles
NAA7. of Shoreham ; P.O.

Nortk Lees, vil., near Hathersage, Derbyshire.

North Leith, ry. sta., Leith, Edinburghshire.

North Leverton, Notts, at Leverton sta., and 5%
miles E.
of East Retford; P.O. See Leverton, North.

Nbrth Lew, ry. sta., Devon, 3% miles SAY. of Hath-
erleigh ; P.O. See

North Liberties, par., N. co. Limerick, 3042 ac.,
pop. 2553.

North Lindsey (or Hrigg) Division, The, pari. div.

of Lincolnshire, pop. 48,809.

North Litchfield, vil., Litchfield par., Hants, 4 miles
N. of Whitchurch sta.; P.O.

Nortk Lonsdale Division, The, pari. div. of N.
Lancashire, pop. 50,338.

North Lonsdale Boad, Furness dist., N. Lancashire,

2 miles from Ulverston; P.O.

North Lopham, Norfolk, 4% m. SE. of East Harling
sta. and 11 E. of Thetford; P.O. See
Lopham, North.

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