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North Sklrlaugli, East-Riding Yorkshire, 84 miles
NE. of Hull
; p.o. See Skirlaugh, North.

North Soinercotcs, Lincolnshire, 10 miles NE. of
; p.o., t.o. See Somkrcotes, North.

North Stockwell, ry. sta. (Clapham and North Stock-
well), Surrey, 24 miles S. of Victoria Station, London.

North Stoke, Oxfordshire, 2 miles S. of AVallingford
P.O. See Stoke, North.

North Stoneham, Hants, 14 mile SAY. of Bishop-
stoke sta. and 4 miles NE. of Southampton;
P.O. See
Stoneham, North.

North Street. — hamlet, AVinkfield par., Berks, 5
miles SAV. of AVindsor. —
2. North Street, hamlet,
Stoke par., Kent, 7 miles NAV. of Rochester.

North Sunderland, eccl. dist., township, and vil.,
Bamburgh par., Northumberland—dist., pop. 1140;
township, 1.169 ac., pop. 996; vil., 7 miles SE. of Bel-
ford ;
P.O., 1 Bank.

North Tamcrton, Devon, 8 miles NAV. of Laun-
ceston ;
p.o. See Tamerton, North.

North Tawton, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Devon,
64 miles NE. of Okehampton, 5814 ac., pop. 1868;
T.O., 1

North Thoresby, ry. sta., Lincolnshire, 8 miles NAV.
of Louth; p.o. See Thoresby, North.

North Tolsta, 15 miles N. of Stornoway, Lewis
island, Ross-shire; P.O.

North Town, 2 miles from Aldershot, Hants ; P.O.

North Wall Lighthouse, near E. extremity of city
wall, Dublin Bay, on N. side of channel; has fixed light
(North AVall) 30 ft. above high water and seen 8 miles.

North Walsall, ry. sta., Staffordshire, at AValsall.

North Walsham, market town and par. with ry. sta.,
Norfolk, 7 miles NE. of Aylsham and 14 miles N. of
Norwich, 4252 ac., pop. 3234;
P.O., T.O., 3 Banks.
Thursday. North AValsham is situated
on a gentle eminence between the rivers Ant and Bure,
and has an ancient church, a free grammar school, a
corn exchange, and a market cross which dates from
the time of Edward III. The town was nearly destroyed
by fire in 1600. Agricultural implement works form the
staple industry of North AValsham, and on the Ant are
several mills.

North Waltham, Hants, 64 miles NAV. of Basing-
stoke sta.;
p.o. See AValtham, North.

North Water Bridge, hamlet with ry. sta., on
border of Forfarshire and Kincardineshire, near mouth
of river North Esk, 3 miles N. of Montrose;
P.O., called
Northwater Bridge.

North Weald Bassett, par. and vil. with ry. sta.
(North AVeald), Essex, 2| miles NE. of Epping, 3433
ac., pop. 1002.

North West Castle, seat, Inch par., AVigtownshire.

North Willingham, Lincolnshire, 34 miles SE. of
Market Rasen; p.o. See
AVillingham, North.

North Wingfield, Derbyshire, near Claycross sta.
and 44 miles SE. of Chesterfield;
P.O. See AVing-
pield, North.

North Wood, par., Essex, nr. Sudbury, 254 ac., pop. 8.

North Woolwich, town with ry. sta., East Ham
par., Essex, and detached part of AVoolwich par., Kent,
on N. side of river Thames, opposite AVoolwich and
partly within its parliamentary limits, 8| miles E. of
London by rail, pop. 4098;
P.O., T.O. Extensive fac-
tories, especially of telegraph cables, have recently
sprung up here. The North* AVoolwich Cardens are a
favourite holiday resort.

North Wootton.—ry. sta., Norfolk, 3 miles SAV. of
AVolferton. See
AVootton, North.-—2. North Woot-
Somerset, 34 miles SE. of AVells; P.O. See
AVootton, North.

North Wraxall, AVilts, 7 miles NAV. of Chippen-
ham ;
p.o. See AVraxall, North.

North Wylam, ry. sta., Northumberland, 84 miles
AV. of Newcastle. See

Nor I hall, vil., Edlesborough par., Bucks, 3 miles
NE. of Ivinghoe.

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