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the chief crops ; and a considerable and lucrative em-
ployment is found in the rearing of the famous Cheviot
sheep, also of short-horned Durham cattle. (For agri-
cultural statistics, see Appendix.) Among anglers the
Northumberland rivers and their estuaries are held in
high repute for the excellence of their sport, and their
fisheries also have a high commercial value. A large
number of boats are employed in the sea fisheries.
Geologically the conspicuous feature of the co. is its
immense coal formation, producing about 20,000,000
tons a year; other districts consist of various sand-
stones, and the porphyry, trap, and limestone of the
Cheviots. The lead mining district is in the S., in S.
Tynedale and Allendale, but of late the industry has
suffered through foreign competition. In addition to
coal and lead works, with their auxiliary employments,
Northumberland has an enormous industrial system,
shown most prominently by the ironworking, ship-
building, ropemaking, chemical mfr., glass making,
pottery making, &c., on the Tyne. The co. is divided
into 9 wards and 541 pars., and includes the parl. and
mun. bors. of Morpeth (1 member), Newcastle upon
Tyne (2 members), and Tynemouth (1 member), and
the mun. bor. of Berwick upon Tweed. For parlia-
mentary purposes the co. is divided into 4 divisions—
viz., Wansbeck, Tyneside, Hexham, and Berwick upon
Tweed, 1 member for each division.

Northumberland Heath, hamlet, in par. and 14
mile SW. of Erith, Kent; P.O.

Northumberland Hills, paperworks, Scotswood on
Tyne, Northumberland.

Northumbria, former Saxon kingdom formed by
the union of Bernicia and Deira ; it extended from the
Humber to the Forth, and comprehended the counties
of York, Lancaster, Cumberland, Durham, and North-
umberland, together with parts of Scotland. It was
absorbed by Wessex in the 9th century.

Northwatcr Bridge; P.O. See North Water B ridge.

North way, hamlet, Aschurch par., Gloucestershire,
2 miles NE. of Tewkesbury.

Northwicli.—market town and township with ry.
sta., Great Budworth par., Cheshire, 11 miles SE. of
Warrington, 18 miles NE. of Chester, and 172 miles
NW. of London—township, 13 ac., pop. 1022; town,
1920 ac., pop. 12,246; P.O., T.O., 3 Banks, 1 news-
paper. Market-day,
Friday. Some very old houses
are to be seen in the town, which is rather irregularly
built. Salt works and rock salt mines are here very
important, and maintain an enormous trade, especially
in exports to America and the East Indies. Belgium
and Prussia are large customers for rock salt. The salt
springs of Northwich are said to have been known to
the Romans. The rock salt of the locality was dis-
covered accidentally in 1670.—2. Northwich, hundred,
Cheshire, 71,354 ac., pop. 41,296; contains Northwich
town, 5 pars., and parts of 4 others.

Northwich Division, The, parl. div. of Cheshire,
pop. 57,607.

North wick.— hamlet, Henbury par., Gloucester-
shire, on river Severn, 54 miles SW. of Thornbury.
Redwick and Northwick. — 2. Northwick,
hamlet, Blackley par., AYorcestershire, 24 miles NAY.
of Moreton in the Marsh; Northwick Park is the seat
of Lord Northwick.

Northwithial, rocky islet, Scilly Islands.

Northwold, par. and vil., Norfolk, on river AVissey,
64 miles NAA7. of Brandon, 5232 ac., pop. 1206; P.O., T.O.

North wood.—par., Isle of AVight (containing West
Cowes), 4865 ac., pop. 8484; Northwood Park, seat,
is 2 miles SW. of Cowes. — 2. Northwood, hamlet,
St Peter and St Lawrence pars., Kent, 1 mile N. of
Ramsgate.—3. Northwood, vil., Ruislip par., Middle-
sex, and eccl. dist., partly also in Rickmansworth and
Watford pars., Herts—dist., pop. 416; the vil. is 2J m.
SE. of Rickmansworth.—4. Northwood, hamlet, AVem
par., Shropshire, adjacent to the Welsh border, 34 miles
NW. of Wem. •—5. Northwood, eccl. dist. (ry. sta.
Bucknall and Northwood), Stoke upon Trent par.,
Staffordshire—dist., pop. 8725; the sta. is 2| miles NE.
of Stoke upon Trent; Northwood shares in the trade
of the “Potteries.”—6. Northwood, hamlet,
2\ miles
NE. of Croydon, Surrey. — 7. Northwood, hamlet,
Stoughton par., Sussex, 64 miles NAA7. of Chichester.


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