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p.o.; near the vil. is Offcliurcli Bury (an ancient man-
sion, standing in a finely wooded park of 250 ac.), seat
of the Earl of Aylesford.

OflTcote and Underwood, township, Ashborne par.,
Derbyshire, partly in town of Ashborne, 1854 ac., pop.
531; town part, pop. 314.

Offenham, par. and vil., AVorcestershire, 2 miles NE.
of Evesham, 1215 ac., pop. 552.

Offerlane, par., AV. Queen’s co., on river Nore, 3
miles SAV. of Mountrath, 48,926 ac., pop. 4707.

Offerton.—township and vil., in par. and 2 miles
SE. of Stockport, Cheshire, 623 ac., pop. 358. —
Offerton, township, Hope par., Derbyshire, on river
Derwent, 54 miles NE. of Tideswell, 619 ac., pop. 26.
—3. Offerton, township, Houghton le Spring par.,
Durham, 4 miles SAV. of Sunderland, 847 ac., pop. 137.

Offhaiu.—par. and vil., Kent, 7 miles NAV. of Maid-
stone, 711 ac., pop. 358.—2. Off ham, vil., Hamsey par.,
Sussex, 2 miles NAV. of Lewes; P.O.

Offington House, seat, 2 miles NAV. of AVorthing,

Offley, par. and vil., Herts, 34 miles SAV. of Hitchin,
5515 ac., pop. 1302; P.O.; near vil. is Offley Place, seat.

Offley, High, par. and vil., Staffordshire, 34 miles
SAV. of Eccleshall, 2761 ac., pop. 811.

Offley, Little, hamlet, Offley par., Herts, 24 miles
SAV. of Hitchin.

Offley Green, hamlet, Rushden par., Herts, 4 miles
N. of Buntingford.

Offlow, North and South, hundred, Staffordshire,
161,251 ac., pop. 263,058 ; contains 36 pars, and parts
of 10 others.

Offord Cluny, par. and vM. (ry. sta. Offord and
Buckden), Huntingdonshire, on river Ouse, 3 miles SAV.
of Huntingdon, 960 ac., pop. 287.

Offord Darcy, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Offord and
Buckden, 1 mile NW.), Huntingdonshire, on river Ouse,
34 miles SAV. of Huntingdon, 1827 ac., pop. 347.

Offord and Buckden, ry. sta., in co. and 3 miles
SAV. of Huntingdon.

Offton, par. and vil., Suffolk—par., 1561 ac., pop.
348; vil., 74 miles NW. of Ipswich; P.O.; some remains
of Offton Castle are still to be seen.

Offwell, par. and vil., Devon, 2 miles SE. of Honiton,
2206 ac., pop. 332.

O’Flyn, Lough, 5 miles W. of Castlereagh, W. co.

Oghourne, ry. sta., Wilts, 4 miles N. of Marlborough.

Oghourne St Andrew, par. and vil., AVilts—par.,
5348 ac., pop. 442; vil., 2 m. S. of Oghourne sta.; P.O.

Oghourne St George, par. and vil., Wilts—par.,
3585 ac., pop. 477; vil., near Oghourne sta., 3| miles
N. of Marlborough ; P.O.

Oghury Camp, ancient camp, in SE. corner of Wilts,
24 miles SAV. of Amesbury; covers an area of 62 ac., is
over a mile in circuit, and has a rampart 33 ft. high.

Ogden, hamlet, AVhalley par., NE. Lancashire, 4
miles SE. of Clitheroe.

Ogllface, remains of ancient fortalice, Torphichen
par., Linlithgowshire, 34 miles AV. of Bathgate.

Ogilvie.—ruined castle, in par. and 1 m. SE. of Black-
ford, S. Perthshire.—2. Ogilvie. See
Glen Ogilvie.

Ogle, township, AVhalton par., Northumberland, 6|
miles SW. of Morpeth, 2185 ac., pop. 105; some re-
mains of Ogle Castle (1340) have been incorporated
with the manor house, built in the reign of Charles I.

Ogle, Glen, Perthshire. See Glen Ogle.

Oglethorpe, hamlet, Bramham par., E. div. AVest-
Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles W. of Tadcaster; Oglethorpe
Hall, an ancient seat, is now a farmhouse. See
ham cum Oglethorpe.

Ogley Hay, par., eccl. dist., and vil., near S. border
of Staffordshire—par. (partly in Brownhills town), 705
ac., pop. 2040; dist. (comprising Ogley Hay, with parts
of Lichfield St Michael, Norton Canes, Shenstone, and
Walsall pars.), pop. 4726; the vil. is 4m. S. of Lichfield.

Ogmore, hundred, Glamorgan, 35,564 ac., pop. 9458;
contains 15 pars.

Ogmore Vale, 24 m. SW. of Bridgend,Glamorgan; P.O.,
T.O.; here are the ruins of Ogmore Castle, in an angle
formed by the junction of the rivers Ewenny and Ogwr.

©gonnelloc, par., E. co. Clare, on Lough Derg, 5
miles NAV. of Killaloe, 6572 ac., pop. 1227.

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