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Ontseats.—hamlet, in par. and 1 mile E. of Alfreton,
Derbyshire.—2. ©utseats, township, Hathersage par.,
Derbyshire, 6| m. NE. of Tideswell, 4501 ac., pop. 191.

Outwell, par. and vil., partly in Cambridgeshire,but
chiefly in Norfolk—par., 3018 ac., pop. 1212; vil., 5
miles SE. of Wisbech; P.O.

©ntwick, hamlet, Breamore par., Hants, 3 miles N.
of Fordingbridge.

©ill wood.—vil., Barstow par., and eccl. dist., partly
also in Bletchingley, Horley, Horne, and Nutfield pars.,
Surrey—dist., pop. 554; vil., 4 m. SE. of Red Hill Junc-
tion; P.O., T.O.—2. ©utwood, eccl. dist. (ry. sta. Loft-
house and Outwood), Wakefield par., S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, pop. 4323 ; the sta. is 2 m. NW. of Wakefield.

©nvane, rivulet, SW. co. Cork ; rises in the Sheehy
mountains and flows 11 miles SAY. to Bantry Bay.

©nzel (or Ousel), river, Bucks; rises near Ivinghoe,
and flows 25 miles N. to the Ouse at Newport Pagnell.

©vendcn, town and township with ry. sta., Halifax
par., N. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire—township, partly
within the bor. of Halifax, 5350 ac., pop. 12,874; town,
on NW. side of Halifax, pop. 7487 ; P.O. ; has worsted
mills, ironworks, breweries, and bleaching and dye-
works ; ©venden Honse, seat, is in vicinity.

©vens, hamlet, in co. and 8 miles W. of Cork ; P.O.
©ver.—small town, par., and township (ry. sta. Over
and Wharton), Cheshire, 44 miles W. of Middlewich
—par., 4700 ac., pop. 5809 ; township (partly inAVhite-
gate par.), 4327 ac., pop. 6534; town (comprising the
part of Over township in Over par.), pop. 5548; P.O.
Over is an ancient place, with claims to be a prescrip-
tive borough. It acquired rights of market and fairs
from Edward I. The weekly market has been discon-
tinued, but important fairs for cattle and sheep are
held twice a year. Boatbuilding and salt mfr. are the
industries of the place.—2. ©ver, par. and vil., in AY.
of Cambridgeshire, 44 miles SE. of St Ives, 3700 ac.,
pop. 1073; P.O.—3. ©ver, Gloucestershire. See
nam, Linton, and Over.

©ver1 Alderley, Cheshire. See Alderley, &c.
©ver Reck,
rivulet, Cumberland, issuing from a tarn
near Ennerdale, and flowing 3 miles SE. to the NW.
side of AYast AVater.

©ver Bradnop, vil., Leek par., Staffordshire, 24
miles SE. of Leek ; P.O.

©ver Court, seat, Almondsbury par., Gloucester-
shire, 64 miles NW. of Bristol.

©ver Darwen. See Darwen.

Over Kiddington, hamlet, Kiddington par., Ox-
fordshire, on river Glyme, 44 m. NAV. of Woodstock; p. o.

©ver Peover, vil., Great Budworth par., Cheshire,
34 miles SE. of Knutsford ; P.O. See

©ver Pool, township, Eastham par., Cheshire, 84
miles NE. of Chester, 457 ac., pop. 86.

©ver Street, hamlet, in S. of AYilts, 74 miles NW. of

©ver Water, small lake, Cumberland, 3 miles SE. of

Overbrae, hill, King Edward par., NAY. Aberdeen-
shire, alt. 701 ft.

©verbnry, township and vil., AYorcestershire, and
par. partly also in Gloucestershire—par., 3820 ac., pop.
767 ; township, pop. 387 ; vil., under Bredon Hill, 2
m. NE. of Bredon sta. and 54 m. NE. of Tewkesbury;
P.O. ; in W. vicinity of vil. is ©verbnry Court, seat.

©vercester, hamlet, Monks Kirby par., Warwick-
shire, 4 miles N. of Rugby.

©verchurch, par., Cheshire. See Upton.

©vers, hundred, Shropshire, 17,600 ac., pop. 2779;
contains 6 pars.

©versay Island, Kilchoman par., Islay island, Ar-
gyllshire, adjacent to Rhynns Point, pop. 15; has a
lighthouse 96 ft. high, with flashing light (Rhynns of
Islay) 150 ft. above high water and seen 18 miles.

©verseaig Inn, in par. and 17 miles NW. of Lairg,
Sutherland, on Loch Shin.

©versCal, vil. (ry. sta. Overseal and Moira), Seal
par., Leicestershire, 5 miles SW. of Ashby delaZouch;
P.O., T.o. See
Seal, Nether and Over.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1887. Public domain image from


Over . For names (other than those of railway sta-
tions and post-offices) prefixed by
Over, and not found under
Over, see principal name.

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