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©vcrsctts, hamlet, Stapenhill par., Derbyshire, near
Newhall vil.

Oversliot Mill, paperworks, Wooburn, Bucks.
Oversley, township, Arrow par., "Warwickshire, pop.
341; Oversley Court, seat, is 1 mile SW. of Alcester.

Ovcrstonc, par., in co. and 4% miles NE. of North-
ampton, 1940 ac., pop. 181; P.O., called Overstone Hoad;
Overstone Park is the seat of Lord Overstone.

Overstrand, coast par. and vil., Norfolk, 2 miles SE.
of Cromer, 598 ac., pop. 227.

Overton.—township, in par. and 1% mile NW. of
Malpas, Cheshire, 736 ac., pop. 125; contains Overton
Hall, seat.—2. Overton, hamlet, in par. and SE.
vicinity of Frodsham, Cheshire. — 3. Overton, pari,
bor. and par., in detached part of Flintshire, near river
Dee, 4% miles NAV. of Ellesmere, 4467 ac., pop. 1131;
P. O., T. O. Overton was once a market town, and still has
fairs. Traces of the castle built by Madoc ap Meredydd,
Prince of Powis, still exist. Overton is one of the
Flint District of Parliamentary Boroughs, which returns

1 member.—4. Overton, vil., Porteynonpar., Glamor-
gan, 14 miles SW. of Swansea.—5. Overton, hundred,
Hants, 17,454 ac., pop. 3465
; contains 6 pars. — 6.
Overton, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Hants, 7f miles
SW. of Basingstoke, 6763 ac., pop. 1433; P.O., T.o.—7.
Overton, ry. sta., on N. border of Huntingdonshire, 2%
miles SAV. of Peterborough. See
Orton Longville and
Orton AAtaterville.—8. Overton, eccl. dist., town-
ship, and vil., Lancaster par., N. Lancashire—dist.,
pop. 618; township, 1837 ac., pop. 325; the vil. is on
river Lune, 3% miles NAV. of Lancaster.—9. Overton
(or ©vertown), par. and vil., Wilts—par., 8030 ac. (in-
cluding Fyfield, Overton Heath, and Clatford Park
pars.), pop. 871; vil., on river Kennet, 4 miles SAV. of
Marlborough ; P.O.; near the vil. is ©vertown House,
seat.—BO. Overton, par. and township, North-Riding
Yorkshire, on river Ouse, 4% miles NW. of York—par.,
5814 ac., pop. 549; township, 1332 ac., pop. 67.—II.
Overton, hamlet, Thornhill par., S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 5 miles SAY. of Wakefield.

Overton, vil., Dreghorn par., Ayrshire, 3 miles E. of
Irvine, pop. 413.

©verton, Cold, par., Leicestershire, 7 miles SE. of
Melton Mowbray, 1657 ac., pop. 80 ; P.O. ; contains
Cold Overton Hall, seat.

Overton, Market. See Market Overton.
Overton, West, township, Overton par., AYilts, 4
miles SW. of Marlborough, pop. 673.

Overton Bridge, hamlet, in detached part of Flint-
shire, near river Dee, 5% miles SE. of Rnabon; P.O.

Overton Hall.—seat, Ashover par., Derbyshire, 3 m.
NE. of Matlock. — 2. Overton Hall, seat, Richard’s
Castle par., Shropshire, 2 miles SW. of Ludlow.

Overton Heath, par., Wilts, 4| miles SW. of Marl-
borough, pop. 24.

Overton Longville, par. (ry. sta. Overton), Hunt-
ingdonshire, 2 miles SAY. of Peterborough; P.O. See
Orton Longville.

Overton Mills, paperworks, Greenock, Renfrewshire.
©vcrSon Waterville, par. (ry. sta. Overton), Hunt-
ingdonshire, 2 miles SAY. of Peterborough; P.O. See
Orton AYaterville.

©vertonn, seat, Old Kilpatrick par., in co. and 2
miles E. of Dumbarton.

©vertown, Wilts. See Overton.

©vertown, quoad sacra par. and vil. with ry. sta.,
Cambusnethan par., N. Lanarkshire, 1% mile SE. of
Wishaw—par., pop. 2051; vil., pop. 1293 ; P.O.

©very, hamlet, Dorchester par., Oxfordshire, 4 miles
NW. of Wallingford.

Oving.—par. and vil., Bucks—par., 990 ac., pop.
385; vil., 6 miles NW. of Aylesbury; P.O.; near the vil.
is ©ving House, seat.—2. Oving, par. and vil., Sussex
—par. (partly in bor. of Chichester), 2989 ac., pop. 1662;
vil., 2% miles E. of Chichester ; P.O.

©vingdean, par., Sussex, 4% miles SE. of Brighton,
1630 ac., pop. 136; contains ©vingdean House, seat.

Ovlngham, par., township, and vil., Northumberland
—par. (containing Prudhoe, Prudhoe Castle, &c.),
14,880 ac., pop. 8753; township, 555 ac., pop. 280; vil.,
on river Tyne, 10 miles E. of Hexham ; P.O.

©vington.—par., Essex, at boundary with Suffolk,

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