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Palgrave.—par. and vil., Suffolk, 4 miles NW. of
Eye, 1474 ac., pop. 748; P.O.—Palgrave, Norfolk. See
Sporle with Palgrave.

Pallard, hamlet, 4 mile N. of Hartland, Devon; a
stream is here crossed by Pallaril Bridge, and to the
N., on the road to Hartland Point, is Pallard Cross,
an ancient wayside cross.

Pallas.—seat of the Earl of Westmeath, 2 miles S.
of Tynagh and 7 miles NW. of Portumna, SE. co. Gal-
way.—2. Pallas, ry. sta., in co. and 14 miles SE. of
Limerick. See Pallas Grean.—3. Pallas, hamlet,
24 miles SE. of Ballymahon, S. co. Longford ; birth-
place of Oliver Goldsmith, the poet (1728-1774).
Pallas, vil., co. Cork. See Oyster Haven.

Pallas Grean, vil., Grean par., E. co. Limerick, 2
miles SAY. of Pallas ry. sta., pop. 206; P.O., T.O.

Pallas Lougli, 5 m. SW. of Tullamore, mid. King’s co.

Pallaskenry, vil., Chapelrussell par., in co. and 11
miles AY. of Limerick, 6 miles NAY. of Adare ry. sta.,
pop. 440 ; P.O., T.O.

Palling next the Sea, par. and vil., Norfolk, 4 miles
E. of Stalham, 905 ac. (75 water), pop. 459; P.O.

Pallingliani, hamlet,AYisborough Green par., Sussex,
4 miles NE. of Petworth.

Pollings burn, vil., Norham par., Northumberland,
2 miles SE. of Cornhill; in vicinity is Pallingsburn
House, seat.

Pallington, hamlet, Aff Puddle par., Dorset, in S. of
co., 7 miles E. of Dorchester.

Pallion, eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Bishop Wearmouth
par., Durham, on NW. side of Sunderland, pop. 6105.

Palmer’s Green, hamlet with ry. sta., Enfield par.,
Middlesex, 24 miles SW. of Enfield.

Palmer’s Lodge, seat, Herts, 3 miles W. of Barnet.

Palmerston.—par. and vil., in co. and 3 miles W. of
Dublin, on river Liffey—par., 1517 ac., pop. 1226; vil.,
pop. 262; gives the title of viscount to the Temple
family.—2. Palmerston, par., NW. co. Dublin, 7 miles
NW. of Swords, 1581 ac., pop. 106.

Palmerston Slate Quarry, Merioneth, near Fes-
tiniog ; is the largest and most productive slate quarry
in Wales.

Palmerstown House, seat of the Earl of Mayo, lg
mile E. of Sallins ry. sta. and 24 miles NE. of Naas, E.
co. Kildare.

Palmstead, hamlet, Upper Hardres par., Kent, 4
miles S. of Canterbury.

Palnachie, seaport vil., Buittle par., Kirkcudbright-
shire, at mouth of Urr Water, 4 m. S. of Dalbeattie; P.O.

Palnure, vil. with ry. sta. and small quay, Minni-
gaff par., W. Kirkcudbrightshire, near the confluence
of Palnure Burn and the river Cree, 3 miles SE. of
Newton Stewart; Palnure Burn is 11 miles long.

Palterton, vil., in par. and 14 mile S. of Bolsover,
Derbyshire; P.O.; in vicinity is Palterton Hall, seat.

Pamber, par. and vil., Hants, 4 miles NW. of
Basingstoke, 2185 ac., pop. 694; the tower and choir
of the church of the old priory, built in the reign of
Henry I., form the present parish church.

Pamington, vil., Ashchurch par., Gloucestershire,
24 miles E. of Tewkesbury.

Pampisford, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Cambridge-
shire, in S. of co.—par., 1500 ac., pop. 351; vil., 44 m.
NW. of Linton; P.O.; in, vicinity is Pampisford Hall.

Pan, Great and Little, 2 hamlets, on Pan Down, Isle
of AVight, in SE. vicinity of Newport.

Pan Hope, bay, on E. side of Flotta island, Orkney;
forms an excellent natural harbour.

Pan Sand, shoal, in Thames estuary, 64 miles NE.
of Herne Bay, Kent.

Pananich Wells, place with chalybeate springs, 2
miles E. of Ballater, Aberdeenshire ; 1 mile SAY. is
Pananleh Hill, alt. 1896 ft.

Panborough, hamlet, Wedmore par., Somerset, 54
miles AY. of AY ells.

Panbridc, coast par. and hamlet, SE. Forfarshire—
par., 5199 ac., pop. 1395; hamlet, 1 m. NE. of Carnoustie.

Pancras, hamlet, Old Cleeve par., Somerset, 2 miles
SW. of Watchet.

Pancrasvveek, par. and vil., Devon, 34 miles NW. of
Holsworthy, 3782 ac., pop. 318.

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