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Provamnlll Distillery, at Millerston, Lanarkshire,
3 miles NE. of Glasgow.

Prudkoe, township and vil. with ry. sta., Ovingham
par., Northumberland, on river Tyne, 11 miles W. of
Newcastle, 1457 ac., pop. 3041; P.O., T.O., and P.O. at
sta., called Prndkoe Station ; has coal mines.

Prudhoe Castle, township (ry. sta. Prudhoe),
Ovingham par., Northumberland, adjacent to Prudhoe,
796 ac. (32 water), pop. 844; the ruin of Prudkoe
Castle, besieged (1174) by William the Lion, King of
Scotland, is the property of the Duke of Northumber-
land, who has the title of Baron Prudhoe.

Prudhoe Station, Northumberland, 11 miles W. of
Newcastle; P.O.

Prussia Cove, coastguard and fishing sta., on S.
coast of Cornwall, 3 miles SE. of Marazion; took its
name from the “ King of Prussia” inn, the landlord of
which carried on smuggling here.

Pryor’s Hayes, uninhabited par., in co. and 4 miles
E. of Chester, 106 ac.

Prysor Valley, Merioneth; extends from Traws-
fynydd, 4 miles S. of Festiniog, to vicinity of Bala;
is traversed by the river Prysor.

Pubblebrlen, bar., co. Limerick, 30,138 ac., pop. 6203.

Pubbledruui, former par., 2 miles E. of Tullow, N.
co. Carlow.

Publow, par. and vil., Somerset, 5 miles SE. of
Bristol, 1335 ac., pop. 536.

Puckane (or Puckaun), vil., Killodiernan par., N.
co. Tipperary, on Lough Derg, 6 miles NW. of Nenagh;
pop. 93; P.O.

Puckaster, fishing hamlet and cove, on S. coast of
Isle of AVight, 3% miles SW. of Ventnor.

Puckeridge, vil., Standon and Braughing pars.,
Herts, in E. of co., 6 miles NE. of Ware; P.O., T.o.

Pucklngton, par. and vil., Somerset, 3 miles N. of
Ilminster, 610 ac., pop. 229.

Pucklechurch.—hundred, Gloucestershire, 12,995
ac., pop. 4861; contains 5 pars.—2. Pucklechurch,
par. and vil., Gloucestershire—par., 2449 ac., pop. 1292;
vil., 4 miles SAV. of Chipping Sodbury; P.O.

Pudcoinbe Cove, on E. coast of Devon, 2 miles SE.
of Kingswear sta.

Pudding \orton, par., Norfolk, 1% mile SE. of
Fakenham sta., 840 ac., pop. 32.

Puddington. — township and vil., Burton par.,
Cheshire—township, 1391 ac., pop. 158; vil., 7 miles
NW. of Chester; P.O.; in vicinity is Puddington Hall,
seat.—2. Puddington, par. and vil., Devon—par.,
1361 ac., pop. 208; vil., 7 miles N. of Crediton ; p.o.—

3. Puddington, Bedfordshire. See Poddington.

Puddlehinton, par., liberty, and vil., Dorset—par.
and liberty, 2264 ac., pop. 397; vil., on river Piddle, 4
miles N. of Dorchester ; P.O., called Piddle Hinton.

Puddlemill, vil., Church Knowle par., Dorset, in SE.
of co., 4 miles S. of Wareham.

Puddlestone (or Pudleston), par. and vil., Here-
fordshire, in N. of co., 4% miles E. of Leominster, 1743
ac., pop. 287; near the vil. is Pudleston Court, seat.

Puddletown.—hundred, Dorset, in S. of co., 13,139
ac., pop. 2041; contains 5 pars, and part of another.—
2. Puddletown, par. and vil., Dorset, in S. of co.—
par. 7653 ac., pop. 1175; vil., on river Piddle, 5 miles
NE. of Dorchester; P.O., T.O., called Piddletown.

Puddletrenthlde.—liberty, Dorset, 6551 ac., pop.
1069.—2. Puddletrenthlde, par. and vil., Dorset—
par., 4487 ac., pop. 747; vil., on river Piddle, 7 miles N.
of Dorchester; P.O., called Piddletrenthlde.

Pudleston Court. See Puddlestone.

Pudllcott, hamlet, Charlbury par., Oxfordshire, in
NW. of co., 4 miles S. of Chipping Norton.

Pudsey, town and township, Calverley par., E. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles E. of Bradford by rail,
and partly within its municipal limits, 2546 ac., pop.
P.O., t.o., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper. Pudsey is a
local government district, and carries on woollen mfrs.

Pudsey Division, pari. div. of E. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, pop. 45,511.

Puffin Island (or Prlestholm, or Ynys-Seiriol), off
E. point of Anglesey, from which it is separated by a
channel % mile wide ; has ruins of a church-tower, held
by some antiquaries to be of 7th century.

Puffin island, 3 miles SE. of Bray Head, co. Kerry.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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