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Pnlathomas, hamlet with school, Kilcommon par.,
NW. co. Mayo; P.O.

PUL'    651    PWL

Pulborougli, market town and par. with ry. sta.,
Sussex—par., 6395 ac., pop. 808; town, on river Arun,
5 miles SE. of Petworth and 12 miles SAY. of Hors-
ham by rail; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank. Market-day,
The weekly market is for corn ; important cattle mar-
kets are held fortnightly on Mondays, and a large fair
on Tuesday after Easter. The church is ancient, and
contains a Saxon font.

Pulf'ord, par., township, and vil., Cheshire—par.,
2589 ac., pop. 425; township, 1184 ac., pop. 264; vil.,
5 miles S. of Chester ; P.O.

Pulhani, par. and vil., Dorset—par., 2370 ac., pop.
269; vil., 7 miles SE. of Sherborne; P.O.

Pulham, St IHary Magdalene, par. and vil. with
ry. sta. (Pulham Market), Norfolk—par., 5955ac. (with
Pulham St Mary the Virgin), pop. 1127; vil., 34 miles
NW. of Harleston; P.O.; was at one time a market
town, sometimes called Pulham Market, and still has an
annual fair for cattle. Fulham Market Hall, seat, is
near the sta.

Pulham, St Mary the Virgin, par. and vil. with
ry. sta. (Pulham Mary), Norfolk—par., 5955 ac. (with
Pulham St Mary Magdalene), pop. 822; vil., 24 miles
NW. of Harleston; P. O.

Pull Court, seat, 3 miles S. of Upton on Severn,
W orcestershire.

Pull Wyke Bay, small bay, Cumberland, on W.
shore of AVindermere.

Pullagheeny, fishing harbour, on E. side of Killala
Bay, NAY. co. Sligo, 5 miles SAY. of Easky.

Pullendiva, fishing sta., NAY. co. Sligo, at mouth
of river Easky.

Pullinushuiitina, coast cavern, near Binghamstown,
N. co. Mayo.

Pnllins, district, near Ballintra, S. co. Donegal; has
numerous caves.

Pulloxhill, par. and vil., Bedfordshire—par., 1760
ac., pop. 529; vil., 34 miles SE. of Ampthill; P.O.

Pulpit Rock.—projecting mass of sandstone, near
coast of Isle of AYight, close to Bonchurch.—2. Pulpit
Rock, on coast of St Mary’s, Scilly Islands.

Pulteney, part of town of Wick, AVick par., Caith-
ness, pop. 5253; P.O., called
Pulteney Town ; has a

Pulverhatch, vil., Church Pulverbatch par., Shrop-
shire, 74miles SAV. of Shrewsbury; P.O.

Pumpherston, seat, in par. and lg mile N. of Mid-
Calder, Edinburghshire, on river Almond.

Pnmpsaint, Carmarthenshire, 7 miles SE. of Lam-
peter ; P.O.

Punchbowl Rock, on AVingletang Hill, St Agnes,
Scilly Islands ; has a rock basin 12 ft. in circumference.

Puncheston, par. and vil., Pembrokeshire, in N. of
co., on river Cleddau, 7 miles SE. of Fishguard, 1725
ac., pop. 245.

Pnnchestown, racecourse, 4 miles S. of Sallins ry.
sta., E. co. Kildare.

Puneknoll (or Pnncknowle), par. and vil., Dor-
set, in SAY. of co.—par., 2160 ac. (120 water), pop. 473 ;
vil., 6 miles SE. of Bridport; P.O.; near the vil. is
Puneknoll House, seat.

Punnett’s Town, vil., 2 miles E. of Heathfield sta.,
Sussex; P.O.

Purbeck, Isle of, peninsula, in SE. of Dorset,
bounded S. and E. by the English Channel, N. by Poole
harbour and river Frome, and W. by the Luckford
stream (which rises in Lulworth Park); is 12 miles long
by 7 miles broad, and is traversed E. and W. by a lofty
range of chalk hills; contains, in the centre, Corfe
Castle, and on the E. coast Swanage, in the neighbour-
hood of which lie upwards of 60 quarries of Purbeck
stone, a kind of limestone susceptible of a good polish.
The Purbeck beds are of great interest to geologists.
The Isle of Purbeck was at one time a royal deer forest.

Purbrook, eccl. dist. and vil., Farlington par.,
Hants—dist., pop. 321; vil., 7 m. NE. of Portsmouth;
P.O., T.O.; near the vil. is Purbrook Honse, seat.

Purdis Farm, par., Suffolk, 4 miles SE. of Ipswich,
pop. 29.

Purdyshnrn, N. co. Down, 5 m. S. of Belfast; P.O.

Purlleet, vil. withry. sta. and small harbour, West

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