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Rathaspick.—par., Queen’s co. and co. Kilkenny, 6
miles SAA7. of Athy, 8215 ac., pop. 1530.—2.
par., N. co. AYestmeath, on river Inny, 7547 ac.,
pop. 1099 ; contains Rathowen.—3.
Rathaspick, par.,
in co. and 3 miles SW. of AYexford, 2804 ac., pop. 461.

Rathbarry, coast par., S. co. Cork, 4 miles S. of
Clonakilty, 4733 ac., pop. 1546.

Rathbeagli, par., N. co. Kilkenny, on river Nore, 2
miles NE. of Freshford, 2823 ac., pop. 380.

Rathbcggan, par., S. co. Meath, 3 miles SE. of
Dunshaughlin, 2865 ac., pop. 132.

Rathborncy, par., N. co. Clare, 5 miles N. of Kilfe-
nora, 9633 ac., pop. 282.

Ratbbrady Beg, co. Londonderry. See Limavady.

Rathbran, par., W. co. AA7icklow, on river Slaney,
3 miles N. of Baltinglass, 5831 ac., pop. 912.

Ratbcabbin, N. co. Tipperary, 7 miles NW. of
Birr; P.O.

Rathcarrick, seat, in co. and 3 miles SW. of Sligo.

Rathclariu, coast par., S. co. Cork, 5 miles SE. of
Bandon, 5900 ac., pop. 1217.

Rathcline.—bar., SW. co. Longford, 40,421 ac.,
pop. 7337.—2.
Rathcline, par., Rathcline bar., SW.
co. Longford, on Lough Ree and river Shannon, 10,968
ac., pop. 1747 ; contains Lanesborough and several
islands ;
Rathcline House, seat, is 2 miles S. of Lanes-

Rathcoffey Honse, seat, 4 miles SW. of Maynooth,
co. Kildare.

Rathconnell, par., mid. co. Westmeath, 3 miles
NE. of Mullingar, 15,662 ac., pop. 1728.

Rathconrnth.—bar., W. co. AYestmeath, 48,362 ac.,
pop. 6073.—2.
Rathconrath, par. and hamlet, Rath-
conrath bar., AA7. co. Westmeath, 7 miles NE. of Mul-
lingar, 8703 ac., pop. 1292 ; P.O.

Rathcoole.—5 miles from Banteer, N. co. Cork;
Rathcoole, par. and vil., co. Dublin, 4 miles
SE. of Celbridge sta. and 12 SAY. of Dublin—par.,
4705 ac., pop. 929; vil., pop. 344; P.O., T.O.— 3.
Rathcoole, par., in co. and 5 miles NE. of Kilkenny,
3672 ac., pop. 452.
—4. Rathcoole, par., S. co, Tip-
perary, 2 miles NAY. of Fethard, 5904 ac., pop. 627.

Ratbcooncy, par., in co. and 3 miles NE. of Cork,
on river Glanmire, 5153 ac., pop. 1930.

Rathcor, hamlet, 4 miles S. of Carlingford, N. co.

Rathcore, par. and hamlet, S. co. Meath, on Royal
Canal—par., 13,882 ac., pop. 1665; hamlet, 3 miles N.
of Enfield sta. ; P.O.; the par. contains Enfield, vil. with
ry. sta., on S. border of co., 11 miles NW. of Maynooth
by rail; P.O., T.O.

Ratbcormack, par. and vil., in co. and 17 miles NE.
of Cork, on river Bride, 4 miles S. -of Fermoy sta.—
par., 13,995 ac., pop. 1929; vil., pop. 372; P.O., T.o.

Rathcoursey, hamlet, 3 miles NW. of Cloyne, S. co.

Rathdairc, seat, N. Queen’s co. ; post-town, Monas-

Rathdown.—bar., S. co. Dublin, 32,874 ac., pop.
Rathdown, bar., N. co. Wicklow, 34,381
ac., pop. 9891.

Katlidowncy, town and par., SAY. Queen’s co., 34
miles S. of Ballybrophy ry. sta.—par., 17,224 ac., pop.
3342 ; town, pop. 1109; P.O., T.o., 1 Bank.

Rathdrum, market town and par. with ry. sta., in
co. and 9 miles SAY. of Wicklow, on river Avonmore,
37 miles S. of Dublin—par., 5798 ac., pop. 1861; town,
pop. 733 ; P.O., T.o., 1 Bank. Market-day,
Great numbers of tourists pass through Rathdrum on
their way to Glendalough, for which it is the nearest
sta. Earl Fitzwilliam is the chief proprietor of the

Rathdrumin, par., S. co. Louth, 4 miles SE. of
Dunleer, 1207 ac., pop. 250.

Ratbdiiff, ry. sta., in co. and 12 miles N. of Cork.

Rathen, par., hamlet, and ry. sta., Aberdeenshire—
par., 9587 ac., pop. 2825; hamlet, § mile SAY. of sta.
and 4 miles S. of Fraserburgh.

Rathcrnan, par., mid. co. Kildare, 3 miles NAY. of
Newbridge, 5139 ac., pop. 612.

Rathfarnham, par. and vil., in co. and 3 miles S. of
Dublin, on river Dodder—par., 2784 ac., pop. 7663;
vil., pop. (with Ponds) 746; P.O., T.O. In this neigh -

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1887. Public domain image from


Rath is Irish, and signifies “a mound.” “a fort.”

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