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bourhood are many handsome seats and villas, also
several paper and corn mills. Ratlifarnliain Castle,
an old seat, was formerly the property of the Marquis
of Ely.

Rathfeigh, par. and hamlet, E. co. Meath, 6 miles
SAV. of Duleek, 2887 ac., pop. 208; P.O.

Rathfiran, small bay, on AV. side of Killala Bay, N.
co. Mayo.

Rathfryland, market town, Drumballyroney and
Drumgath pars., AV. co. Down, 9 miles SE. of Ban-
bridge and 9 miles SE. of Newry, pop. 1572; P.O., T.O.,
2 Banks. Market-day,
Wednesday. Bathfryland is
situated on the slope of a small hill, which is crowned
by the ruins of a castle. The mfr. of sewed muslin is
carried on in the town and neighbourhood.

Rathgar, vil., in co. and 2 miles S. of Dublin; ex-
tensive limestone quarries are in the vicinity. See
Rathmines and Rathgak.

Rathgar ve, par., N. co. Westmeath, 6026 ac., pop.
1786; contains Castlepollard.

Ratliglass, seat, 2 miles S. of Tullow, NE. co. Carlow.

Rathgoggan, par., N. co. Cork, 3317 ac., pop. 2865;
contains Charleville.

Rathgormuck, par., N. co. Waterford, 4 miles SW.
of Carrick-on-Suir, 17,965 ac., pop. 1293; P.O.

Rathillet, vil., Kilmany par., Fife, 4 m. N. of Cupar.

Rathjordan, par., E. co. Limerick, on river Com-
mogue, 4 miles AA”. of Pallas Grean, 1063 ac., pop. 234.

Rathkeale, market town, township, and par. with
ry. sta., in co. and 19 miles SAV. of Limerick, on river
Deel—par., 12,095 ac., pop. 4359; township, 1390 ac.,
pop. 2549; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks. Market-day,

Rathkennan, par., mid. co. Tipperary, on river Suir,
5 miles SAV. of Thurles, 786 ac., pop. 98.

Rathkenny, par., N. co. Meath, 2% miles NE. of
Wilkinstown ry. sta., 5496 ac., pop. 887.

Rathkieran, par., S. co. Kilkenny, 4 miles NAV. of
Waterford, 3478 ac., pop. 569.

Ratklacken, 17 miles NW. of Ballina, N. co.
Mayo; P.O.

Kathleague, seat, 2 miles SE. of Maryborough, mid.
Queen’s co.

Rathlce Head, E. side of Killala Bay, AV. co. Sligo.

Rathlin (or Raghlin, or Rail cry), island and insular
par., N. co. Antrim, off Fair Head, 5 miles N. of Bally-
castle, 3398 ac., pop. 361; P.O., called Ratlilln Island.
The island is crescent or elbow-shaped, measuring about
5 miles between the extreme points (which are towards
the mainland) and 1 mile in width, greatest alt. 449 ft.
The general structure of the rocks is chalk and columnar
basalt. Rathlin had a church founded by St Columba
in the 6th century; was ravaged by the Danes in 790 and
973, and was the refuge of Robert Bruce in 1306. The
remains of “Bruce’s Castle ” are situated on a lofty pre-
cipice. The inhabitants live chiefly by fishing. On
Altacarry Head, the NE. point of the island, is a light-
house 88 ft. high, with intermittent light (Rathlin) 243
ft. above high water and seen 21 miles.

Rathlin O’lSlrne Island, in Malin Bay, SW. co.
Donegal, 3 miles S. of Malinmore; on W. side of island
is a lighthouse 65 ft. high, with fixed light (Rathlin
O’Birne) 116 ft. above high water and seen 16 miles.

Rathlogan, par., N. co. Kilkenny, 3 miles NE. of
Johnstown, 484 ac., pop. 93.

Ratlilynan, par., in co. and 4 miles NE. of Tipperary,
on river Multeen, 2781 ac., pop. 381.

Rallunacknee, par., in co. and 5 miles SW. of AVex-
ford, 1861 ac., pop. 308.

Rathiuelton (or Rauielton), market town, Aughnish
and Tullyfern pars., N. co. Donegal, on Lough Swilly
and at mouth of river Leannan, 7 miles NE. of Letter-
kenny, pop. 1406; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank. Market-day,
Tuesday. Vessels of 150 tons reach a small quay im-
mediately below the town. The trade in corn is con-
siderable, and there is a chemical work, chiefly for the
mfr. of iodine.

Rntlimlchael, coast par., SE. co. Dublin, 2 m. NAV.
of Bray, 2808 ac., pop. 2171.

Rathmines and Rathgar, township, in co. and 1%
mile S. of Dublin, 1714 ac., pop. 24,370; P.O., T.o.,
called Rath mines ; 1 Bank.

Rathmolyon, par., vil., and seat, S. co. Meath—
par., 9782 ac., pop. 1402; vil., 3 miles W. of Summer -
hill, pop. 145; P.O., 1 Bank; Rathmolyon Honse,
seat, is adjacent.

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