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Kathmore.—par., N. co. Carlow, on river Slaney, 4
miles N. of Tullow, 815 ac., pop. 136.—2. Ratlimore,
demesne, Killimorbologue par., SE. co. Galway.—3.
Katluuore, ry. sta., near E. border of co. Kerry, 7 m.
AV. of Millstreet; P.O.—4. Ratlimore, par. and hamlet,
E. co. Kildare, 5 miles E. of Naas, 7762 ac., pop. 723;
P.O.—5. Ratlimore, par., W. co. Meath, 3 miles NE.
of Athboy, 5345 ac., pop. 722.

Rathmoylan, coast par., E. co. AVaterford, 2 miles
SW. of Dunmore, 2455 ac., pop. 498.

Rathmoyle.—seat, 5 miles AV. of Edenderry, NE.
King’s co.—2. Rathmoyle, seat, 4 miles NE. of Castle-
reagh, NW. co. Roscommon.

Ratlmmllan.—vil., Killygarvan par., N. co. Done-
gal, on Lough Swilly, 3 miles AV. of Fahan ry. sta. (by
ferry) and 7 miles NE. of Rathmelton, pop. 515 ; P.O.,
T.O. Market-day,
Monday. There is a good quay for
shipping. Rathinullan Honse, seat, is in vicinity.—
2. Rathinullan, par., S co. Down, on Dundrum Bay,

4 miles S. of Downpatrick, 3739 ac., pop. 1554.

Rathmuriel. See Christ’s Kirk.

Ratlmally, seat, 2 m. NE. of Trim, mid. co. Meath.

Rathnaveoge, par., N. co. Tipperary, 5 miles SW. of

Roscrea, 5152 ac., pop. 639.

Rathnew, par. and vil. with ry. sta., E. co. AVick-
low, on river Vartrey—par. (containing part of town of
AVicklow), 8432 ac., pop. 2770; vil., 2 miles W. of town
of AVicklow, pop. 630; P.O.

Katho, par., vil., and ry. junction, Edinburghshire
—par., 6147 ac., pop. 1815; vil., 1% m. S. of sta., which
is 8% m. AV. of Edinburgh, pop. 713; P.O., T.O., and
P.O. at Ratho Station; near vil. is Ratho Park, seat.

Ralhovven, vil., Rathaspick par., NAV. co. AVest-
meath, 5 miles SE. of Edgeworthstown, pop. 247; P.O.

Rathpatrick, par., S. co. Kilkenny, at confluence of
rivers Suir and Barrow, 2 miles NE. of AVaterford, 4479
ac., pop. 901.

Ratlireagk.—par., S. co. Longford, on river Inny,

5 miles S. of Edgeworthstown, 4023 ac., pop. 548.—2.
Rathreagk, par., N. co. Mayo, 4 miles NW. of Killala,
4164 ac., pop. 510.

Rathregan, par., S. co. Meath, 3 miles S. of Dun-
shaughlin, 2577 ac., pop. 156.

Ratkroe, par., SW. co. AVexford, 3 miles NE. of
Arthurstown, 2396 ac., pop. 427.

Ratkronan.—par., W. co. Limerick, 4 miles W. of
Newcastle, 18,117ac., pop. 3039.—2. Rathronan, par.,

S. co. Tipperary, 2% m. N. of Clonmel, 2641 ac., pop. 505.

Rathsallagli, par., W. co. Wicklow, 2 miles SW. of
Dunlavin, 1776 ac., pop. 143.

Rnthsaran, par., SW. Queen’s co., 2% miles W. of
Rathdowney, 2291 ac., pop. 415.

Rathtoole, par., W. co. AVicklow, 4 miles NW. of
Baltinglass, 692 ac., pop. 46.

Rathvcn, coast par. and vil. with ry. sta., Banffshire
—par., 23,165 ac., pop. 10,937; vil., 1% m. NE. of Buckie.

Rathvillc, seat, co. Galway ; post-town, Kiltullagh.

Rathvilly.—bar., NE. co. Carlow, 44,803 ac., pop.
9768.-—2. Rathvilly, par. and vil., Rathvilly bar., NE.
co. Carlow, on river Slaney, 5 miles S. of Baltinglass—
par., 9212 ac., pop. 1834; vil., pop. 302; p.o.

Rathvinden, seat, nr. Leighlinbridge, AV. co. Carlow.

Ratliwell, township and vil., Giggles wick par., and
eccl. dist., partly also in Long Preston par., N. div.
AVest-Riding Yorkshire — dist., pop. 254; township,
3423 ac., pop. 219; vil., on river Ribble, 3 miles SW. of
Settle; P.O.

Rathwire, vil., Killucan par., E. co. Westmeath, 1%
mile N. of Killucan ry. sta., pop. 157.

Ratlcy, par. and vil., AVarwickshire, under Edge
Hill, 4 miles SE. of Kineton, 1500 ac., pop. 407 ; P.O.

Ratlinghope, par., Shropshire, on river Ormy, 4%
miles NW. of Church Stretton, 5559 ac., pop. 270.

Ratoath.—bar., SE. co. Meath, 35,697 ac., pop. 3279.
—2. Ratoath, par. and vil., Ratoath bar., SE. co. Meath
—par., 9331 ac., pop. 895; vil., 4 miles NE. of Batters-
town ry. sta., pop. 301; P.O., T.O. Ratoath Manor,
seat, is in vicinity.

Katsloe, hamlet, Poltimore par., Devon, 3 miles NE.
of Exeter.

Kattachan. See Mam Rattachan.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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