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folk, 4 miles NW. of Bury St Edmunds, 2801 ac., pop.
441; P.O.—4. Risby, hamlet, Rowley par., East-Riding
Yorkshire, 3 miles SW. of Beverley.

Risca, town and par. with ry. sta., Monmouthshire,
on river Ebbw, 64 miles NW. of Newport—par., 1879
ac., pop. 3971; town (including also parts of the pars,
of Machen and Mynyddyslwyn), 4370 ac., pop. 5556;
P.O., T.O.; is a local government district, and has
chemical works, tinplate works, and collieries; the par.
contains Ilisca Honse, seat.

Rise, par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles SW. of
Hornsea, 2034 ac., pop. 202; contains
Rise Park, seat.

Risegatc, hamlet, Gosberton and Surfleet pars., Lin-
colnshire, 5g miles NAY. of Spalding.

Riseholme, par., in co. and 3 miles NE. of Lincoln,
1370 ac., pop. 68;
Riseholme Palace is the residence
of the Bishop of Lincoln.

Riseiey.—par. and vil., in co. and 9 miles N. of Bed-
ford, 2980 ac.,
pop. 958; P.O.—2. Riseiey, hamlet, on
S. border of Berks, 64 miles S. of Reading.

Riselip, Middlesex. See Ruislip.

Rishangles, par. and vil., Suffolk, 4 miles S. of Eye,
ac., pop. 190; P.O.

Riskton, township and ry. sta., Blackburn par., NE.
Lancashire, 3 miles NE. of Blackburn, 2982 ac., pop.
P.O., T.O.; has collieries, fire-brick works, &c.;
f mile from sta. are
Riskton Mills, paperworks.

Rishwortii, township, local government district and
ry sta., Halifax par., N. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 7
miles SAY. of Halifax, 6548 ac., pop. 1110;
P.O.; cotton-
spinning and papermaking are carried on.

Risinghaui Gamp, Roman station, Northumber-
land, on river Rede, 4 miles NE. of Bellingham;
occupies an area of 4g ac., and has yielded Roman
inscriptions and other relics.

Risington, Gloucestershire. See Rissington.

Risley.—township, AYilne par., Derbyshire, 4 miles
S. of Ilkeston, 1152 ac., pop. 218;
P.O.; contains
Risley Hall, seat; Sir Hugh Willoughby (died 1554),
the navigator, was a native.—2.
Risley, hamlet, AYin-
wick par., SAY. Lancashire, 4 miles NE. of AYarrington.

Risplith, hamlet, Ripon par., E. div. AYest-Riding
Yorkshire, 4 miles SAA7. of Ripon.

Rispond, hamlet, Durness par., Sutherland, on W.
shore of Loch Erriboll.

Rissington, Great, par. and vil., Gloucestershire,
34 miles SE. of Bourton on the Water, 2420 ac., pop.

Rissington, Little, par. and vil., Gloucestershire,
2 miles N. of Great Rissington, 1300 ac., pop. 231;

Rissington Wick, par. and vil., Gloucestershire, lg
mile NE. of Bourton on the Water, 1140 ac., pop. 170.

Ristal, island, Lochbroom par., Ross and Cromarty,
at entrance of Loch Broom, 14 miles NW. of Ullapool.

Riston.—par., Norfolk. See Ryston.—2. Riston,
Shropshire. See Brompton with Riston.

Riston, Long, par. and vil., East-Riding Yorkshire,
64 miles NE. of Beverley, 1834 ac., pop. 367; near vil.
is Riston Grange, seat.

Ritellings (or Rickings) Park, seat, Iver par.,
Bucks, 1 mile N. of Colnbrook; was much visited by
Pope, Shenstone, Thomson, and other poets.

Ritton Colt Park and Ritton Whitehonse, 2 town-
ships, Nether AYitton par., Northumberland, 54 miles
S. of Rothbury—Ritton Colt Park, 1071 ac., pop. 40;
Ritton AYhitehouse, 648 ac., pop. 23.

Rivals, The (Yr Liii), mountain with 3 peaks, Lleyn
Peninsula, Carnarvonshire, 54 miles NE. of Nevin; the
middle peak is 1887 ft. high ; on the easternmost peak
is the fortified British town Tre’r Ceiri.

Rivanlx (or Rievaulx), township, Helmsley par.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, on river Rye, 24 miles NW.
of Helmsley, 5311 ac., pop. 227; the name is a corrup-
tion of Rye Yale;
Rivanlx Abbey, a fine example of
the earliest English style, and one of the most beautiful
ruins in Yorkshire, was founded in 1131. -

Rivelin Mills, paperworks, near Sheffield ; P.O. at
Rivclin Bridge ; the Rivelin Brook rises near Der-
went Edge, and flows E. through
the Rivelin Yalley to
the Don a little NW. of Sheffield.

Rivenhall, par. and vil., Essex, 24 miles N. of
AYitham, 3669 ac., pop. 690;
P.O., and P.O., T.o. at
Rivenhall End, 2 miles NE. of Witham ; near vil. is

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