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Roosdown (or Ronsdon), coast par., Devon, 4 miles

5 •    ROS

ROO    6

S. of Axminster, 200 ac., pop. 44 ; contains Roosdown
House, seat.

Roosdycli, old Roman chariot course, on W. border
of Derbyshire, near Whaley Bridge ; is § mile long and
nearly 50 yards broad.

Roose.—vil. with ry. sta., Dalton in Furness par.,
N. Lancashire, 7| miles SW. of Ulverston, and in E.
vicinity of Barrow in Furness; P.O.—2. Roose, hundred,
Pembrokeshire, 63,504 ac., pop. 16,402; contains 24
pars, and parts of 2 others.

Rooskey.—vil., Mohill par., cos. Leitrim and Ros-
common, on river Shannon, 2 miles S. of Drumod ry.
sta., pop. 169; P.O., called Ruskey.—2. Rooskey, 14
miles from Ballina, N. co. Mayo ; P.O.

Rooss, Yorkshire. See Roos.

Roothing, Abbots, par., Essex, on river Roding, 5
miles N. of Ongar, 1618 ac., pop. 231; P.O.

Roothing, Aythorp, par., Essex, on river Roding,

5 miles SAY. of Dunmow, 1394 ac., pop. 237.

Roothing, Barwick, hamlet, Roothing Abbots par.,

Essex, 5J miles N. of Ongar.

Roothing, Beauchamp, par., Essex, on river Roding,
44 miles NE. of Ongar, 1262 ac., pop. 231.

Roothing, Berners, par., Essex, on river Roding,

6 miles NE. of Ongar, 1073 ac., pop. 86.

Roothing, High, par. and vil., Essex, "on river

Roding, 4 m. SW. of Dunmow, 1815 ac., pop. 447 ; P.O.

Roothing, Leaden, par., Essex, on river Roding, 8
miles NE. of Ongar, 914 ac., pop. 179 ; P.O.

Roothing, Margaret, par., Essex, on river Roding,

7 miles NE. of Ongar, 1226 ac., pop. 225 : P.O.
Roothing, Morrell, former par., now in White

Roothing par., Essex, 6 miles SW. of Dunmow.

Roothing, White, par. and vil., Essex, 5 miles E. of
Sawbridgeworth ry. sta., 2539 ac., pop. 423 ; P.O.

Rootpark, part of AVilsontown vil., Carnwath par.,

Rope, township, Wybunbury par., Cheshire, 24
miles E. of Nantwich, 613 ac., pop. 84.

Ropers, Great, seat, Essex ; post-town, Brentwood.
Ropley, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Hants, 4 miles E.

I of Alresford, 4684 ac., pop. 875; P.O.; is a resort of
•I sportsmen; Roman torques have been found; Arch-
il bishop Longley (1794-1868) was a native.

| Ropsley, par., township, and vil., Lincolnshire, 6
miles SE. of Grantham—par., 3740 ac., pop. 751:
township, pop. 647 ; P.O.

Rora, school, Longside par., Aberdeenshire,
il    Rora Head, in AA7". of Hoy island, Orkney.

i|    Roristown, seat, 3 miles SAY. of Trim, S. co. Meath.

)    Rorrington, vil., Chirbury par., Shropshire, 3 miles

j NE. of Montgomery ; P.O.

'I    Ros . See also Rosy and Ross .

Rosa, Glen, Buteshire. See Glen Rosa.

Rosanna, seat, in co. and 24 miles NW. of Wicklow.
Rosbeg, 13 miles from Glenties, W. co. Donegal;    P.O.

Rosbeg Sand, in Dublin Bay, E. co. Dublin, J    mile

:SW. of Howth lighthouse.

■j    Rosbercon, par. and hamlet, SE. co. Kilkenny, on

: rivers Nore and Barrow, opposite New Ross, 2674 ac.,
li pop. 878 ; has ruins of an abbey.

!    Roscarroek House, ruin, former seat of the    Ros-

J    carrock family, Endellion par., Cornwall, 9 miles    SW.

I! of Bodmin.

'I    Rosclogher, bar., N. co. Leitrim, 81,601 ac., pop.

,    14,997.

i    Roscobie, place with limeworks, in par. and 4 miles

N. of Dunfermline, Fife.

Roscom Head, 2 m. SAY. of Oranmore, S. co. Galway.
Roscommon.—inland co. of Connaught province,
Ireland, bounded NE. by co. Leitrim, E. by cos. Leit-
!    rim, Longford, and Westmeath, SE. by King’s co., SW.

by co. Galway, and NW. by cos. Mayo and Sligo ;
greatest length, N. and S., 62 miles ; greatest breadth,

|    E. and W., 35 miles ; area, 607,691 ac. (29,370 water),

(    or 2'9 per cent, of the total area of Ireland; pop.

I    132,490, of whom 96'5 per cent, are Roman Catholics,

i    3'1 Episcopalians, 0'2 Presbyterians, and O'l Methodists.

The surface is diversified by hills (especially in the N.),
some fertile plains, bogs, and loughs. The river Shannon
flows along the whole extent of the E. boundary, and
|    the Suck divides a great part of the co. on the W. from

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