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Rotten Calder, The, name given to lower course of
river Calder, Lanarkshire, after receiving the Rotten,
near Torrance.

Rotten Island, on E. side of Killybegs Bay, SW. co.
Donegal; has a lighthouse 47 ft. high, with fixed light
(Killybegs) 66 ft. above high water and seen 12 miles.

Rotten Pits, cliff-landslip, Bolbury Down, Devon,
near Bolt Tail.

Rottingdcan, coast par. and vil., Sussex, 4 miles
SE. of Brighton, 3154 ac., pop. 1673; P.O., T.O.; is a sea-
bathing resort; the French made a descent here in 1377.

Rotllugton, coast township, in par. and 1 mile NW.
of St Bees, Cumberland, 643 ac., pop. 67; a cell to
St Bees abbey was here.

Rotton Park Road, ry. sta., Warwickshire, 2| miles
AV. of New Street sfca., Birmingham.

Roncan, vil., Torthorwald par., Dumfriesshire, 3g
miles NE. of Dumfries.

Rouchcster. See Rochester and Rudchester.

Rondham, par. and ry. sta. (Roudham Junction),
Norfolk, 5 miles NE. of Thetford, 2085 ac., pop. 167.

Rouge Nez Point, in NW. of Jersey, Channel Islands,
near Cape Grosnez.

Rougeniont Castle, ruin, Exeter, Devon; said to
have been erected in the time of Julius Caesar, and
afterwards the residence of the AVest Saxon kings.

Rough Common, hamlet, Harbledown par., Kent,
near Canterbury.

Rough (or Ruff) Shoal, off coast of Essex, 8 miles
SE. of Harwich.

Rough Tor, Cornwall. See Row Tor.

Rougham.—par. and vil., Norfolk, 74 miles N. of
Swaffham, 2627 ac., pop. 389; P.O., T.O.; near vil. is
Roughaui Hall, seat.—2. Ronghain, par. and vil.,
Suffolk, 4 miles SE. of Bury St Edmunds, 3840 ac.,
pop. 816; P.O., T.O.; near vil. is Rongham Hall, seat,
with extensive park.

Roughbircliwood, hamlet, in par. and 14 mile SE.
of Penistone, S. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire.

Rough borough Down. See Rowborough Down.

Roughdown, tract, New Forest, Hants, 64 miles S.
of Southampton.

Roughey (or Roffey), eccl. dist. and vil., Horsham
par., Sussex—dist., pop. 933; the vil. is 3 miles NE.
of Horsham.

Roughlee Booth, township, AVhalley par., NE.
Lancashire, 6 m. NAV. of Burnley, 1141 ac., pop. 323.

Roiigbmill, vil., Llangeiuor par., Glamorgan, 64
miles N. of Bridgend.

Roughmore, hamlet, Old Cleeve par., Somerset, 2
miles SW. of AVatchet.

Ronghpark, hamlet, Hamstall Ridware par., Staf-
74 miles N. of Lichfield.

Roughrigg, vil., New Monkland par., Lanarkshire,
2| miles SAV. of Slamannan, pop. (including AArestfield
and Peesweep Row) 689.

Ronghton.—par., Lincolnshire, on river Bain, 4 miles
S. of Horncastle, 862 ac., pop. 151.—2. Ronghton, par.
and vil., Norfolk, 34 miles S. of Cromer, 1740 ac., pop.
439 ; P.O.; the church, of 14th cent., has a round tower.

Roughtovvn, eccl. dist., partly in Mottram in Long-
endale par., Cheshire, but chiefly in Rochdale par.,
AVest-Riding Yorkshire, pop. 4622.

Ronghtree, place with school, Kirkpatrick-Irongray
par., Kirkcudbrightshire.

Roughly, rivulet, S. co. Kerry; flows 14 miles SW.
to the head of Kenmare River.

Ronghwsiy Mills, paperworks, near Tunbridge, Kent,
3 miles from Hadlow and 4 miles from Wrotham sta.

Roulston. See Rowston, Rowlstone, and Rol-

Rouncton, Yorkshire. See Rounton.

Round Horn, hamlet, Icomb par., Gloucestershire,
2 miles SE. of Stow on the Wold.

Round Island, islet, in the western group of the
Scilly Islands.

Round Oak, ry. sta., detached part of Worcester-
shire, 14 mile SW. of Dudley.

Roundaway Hill (or Roundway ©own), 14 mile
N. of Devizes, Wilts; here Waller was routed by the
Royalists in 1644.

Ronndhani Found,-circular walled enclosure, Dart-
moor, Devon, 24 miles AY. of Chagford.

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