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Magna par., Shropshire, 6 miles NW. of Wellington.
—3. Rowton, hamlet, Swine par., East-Riding York-
shire, 6½ miles E. of Beverley.

Rowton Castle, seat of Lord Rowton, Alberbury par.,
Shropshire, 7½ miles W. of Shrewsbury.

Rowtor Rocks, with rocking stone and beautiful
view, near Birchover, 1 m. N. of Winster, Derbyshire.

Roxborough.—seat, 4 miles SE. of Newtown Hamil-
ton, S. co. Armagh.—2. Roxborongh, seat, 5 miles SAY.
of Loughrea, S. co. Galway.

Roxhorongh Castle, seat of the Earl of Charlemont,
near Moy, E. co. Tyrone.

Roxburgh, par. and vil. with ry. sta. (Roxburgh
Junction), Roxburghshire—par., 7781 ac., pop. 1012;
vil., near river Teviot, 3 miles SAY. of Kelso; p.o.
Old Roxburgh, an ancient royal burgh, stood 2 miles
NE. of the vil., and was the birthplace of Alexander
III.; at Roxburgh Castle, ruin, situated near the
confluence of the Teviot and the Tweed, 1¼ mile
SW. of Kelso, James II. was killed in 1460; Roxburgh
gives the title of Duke of Roxburghe to the Innes-Ker

Roxburghshire, inland co., in S. of Scotland,
bounded N. by Berwickshire, NE. and SE. by North-
umberland and Cumberland, SAY. by Dumfriesshire,
and NW. by Selkirkshire and Edinburghshire; great-
est length, N. and S., 42 miles ; greatest breadth, E.
and AY., 30 miles; area, 425,657 ac., pop. 53,442.
The main body of the co., or three-fourths of the whole
area, belongs to the basin of the Teviot; hence the
general name of Teviotdale is sometimes used for Rox-
burghshire. The upper portions of Teviotdale and its
tributary vales, rising by gently sloping and well
rounded ridges from the banks of the streams to the
watershed of the Cheviots, are chiefly bare and pas-
toral, but the lower portions consist of rich and
well wooded valleys. The district in the N., lying
between Gala Water and Leader A\rater, is partly up-
land, but is nearly all cultivated; the tract immediately
N. of the Tweed is almost level, and belongs to the
Merse ; while the district in the extreme SW., known
as Liddesdale, is chiefly pastoral, and is bounded by lofty
bill ridges. Every vale abounds in rich and lovely
scenery, and there is scarcely a spot without some in-
teresting historical association. The principal streams
which flow to the Teviot are the Borthwick, Ale, Slit-
rig, Rule, Jed, Oxnam, and Kale. The Liddel joins the
Esk before it enters the Solway Firth. Farming is the
great industry, and is in a highly advanced state. (For
agricultural statistics, see Appendix.) The woollen mfr.
is extensively carried on at Hawick. Theco. comprises 29
pars, with parts of 6 others, the pari, and police burgh
of Hawick (part of the Hawick Burghs—1 member),
and the police burghs of Jedburgh and Kelso. It re-
turns 1 member to Parliament.

Roxby.—township, Hinderwell par., North-Riding
Yorkshire, 10 miles NAY. of AYhitby, 3251 ac., pop.
186.—2. Koxhy, North-Riding Yorkshire. See Pick-
hill with Roxby.

Roxhy cum Hi shy, par. and local government dist.,
Lincolnshire, 1 mile S. of Winterton and 8 miles NW.
of Brigg, 4784 ac., pop. 417 ; Roman remains have been

Roxeth, eccl. dist., Harrow on the Hill par., Middle-
sex, on SAY. side of Harrow, pop. 1194.

Roxliaui, par., Norfolk, 3¼ miles SE. of Downham
Market, 1199 ac. (including Ryston), pop. 23.

Roxholme, township, Leasinghampar., Lincolnshire,
2½ miles N. of Sleaford, pop. 139.

Roxton.—par. and vil., Bedfordshire, 4½ miles SAV'.
of St Neots, 2880 ac., pop. 551; P.O.; near vil. is Rox-
ton House, seat.—2. Roxton, hamlet, Immingham par.,
Lincolnshire, 7½ miles NE. of Caistor.

Roxweli, par. and vil., Essex, on river Chelmer, 4½
miles W. of Chelmsford, 4782 ac., pop. 814; P.O.

Roy Bridge, place with school, Kilmonivaig par.,
Inverness-shire, near the confluence of the Roy and
the Spean, 3 miles E. of Spean Bridge; P.O., called
Bridge of Roy.

Roy Island, Menaghpar., N. co. Donegal, in Mul-
roy Bay.

Royal Canal, Leinster province ; extends from river
Liffey, at Dublin, to river Shannon, at Richmond Har-

Gazetteer of the British isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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