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beautiful building. St Michael’s Church contains the
tomb (and a statue) of Lord Bacon. The mfr. of straw-
plait is carried on, and there are silk mills and
breweries. St Albans gives the title of duke to the
family of Beauclerk. It was incorporated in 1554 ; it
returned 2 members to Parliament until 1832, when it
was disfranchised.

St Albans Court, seat, near Wingham, Kent.

St Albans (or Mid) Division, pari. div. of Herts,
pop. 47,500.

St Alban’s (or St Aldhelm’s) Head, promontory, on
S. coast of Dorset, 4% miles S. of Corfe Castle ; alt. 440
ft.; has ruins of St Aldlielni’s Chapel, now occupied
as a coastguard station.

St Aldate, par., partly in Berks but chiefly in Oxford-
shire, mostly within Oxford city, 308 ac., pop. 1800.

St Allen, par., Cornwall, on river Allen, 4% miles N.
of Truro, 3506 ac., pop. 584.

St Andrew.—par., Glamorgan, 5 miles SW. of Car-
diff, 3173 ac., pop. 576.—2. St Andrew, par. and vil.,
Guernsey, Channel Islands, 2 m. SW.’.of St Peter Port,
1293 ac., pop. 1141.—3. St Andrew, eccl. dist., St
Helier par., Jersey, Channel Islands, pop. 4268.—4. St
Andrew, township, Pershore St Andrew par., Worces-
tershire, pop. 1036; contains part of Pershore town.

St Andre yy7 Minor, par., Glamorgan, 4 miles SE. of
Bridgend, 230 ac., pop. 14.

St Andrews.—pari, and royal burgh, watering-place,
seaport, seat of a university, and par., Fife, on St An-
drews Bay, 15 miles SE. of Dundee and 45 miles NE.
of Edinburgh by rail—par., 11,482 ac., pop. 7835 ; pari,
burgh, pop. 6452; royal burgh, pop. 6406 ; town, pop.
6458; P.O., T.o., 4 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
Monday. St Andrews was founded in the time of the
Culdees ; was long the ecclesiastical metropolis of Scot-
land ; was made a royal burgh about 1140; was the
scene of the martyrdom of Patrick Hamilton (1527),
George Wishart (1545), and others ; diminished in im-
portance after 1650, but revived about 1853 ; and is
now a fashionable watering-place. The University of
St Andrews, founded in 1411, is the oldest of the
Scottish universities ; includes the College of St Sal-
vator and St Leonard, devoted to Arts and Medicine,
and the College of St Mary, devoted to Divinity ; and
had 15 professors and 195 students in 1883-84. The
Cathedral, now a ruin, was founded in 1159; the
church of St Begulus, or St Rule, is a well preserved
ruin; and there are also remains of two monasteries.
The ruins of the Castle (13th century) are situated on
a rocky promontory overhanging the sea. The shipping
trade is very small; a number of the inhabitants
engage in the herring fisheries. St Andrews is one of
the headquarters of golfing in Scotland. The St An-
drews District of Parliamentary Burghs (St Andrews,
Grail, Cupar, Anstruther Easter, Anstruther "Wester,
Kilrenny, and Pittenweem) returns 1 member.—2. St
Andrews, par., on E. side of Pomona, Orkney, 12,830
ac., pop. 1695; includes the islands of Copinshay and
Kirkholm, and since 1845 has been ecclesiastically
divided into St Andrews and Durness ; the church of
St Andrews is 6 miles SE. of Kirkwall.

St AndreYvs.—par., co. Down. See Ballyhalbert.
—2. St Andrews, par., in city of Dublin, on S. side
of river Liffey, 45 ac., pop. 4312.

St Andrew’s Ilketsliall, par. and vil., Suffolk—par.,
1694 ac., pop. 472 ; vil., 4 miles SE. of Bungay; P.O.

St Andrews Lhanbryde, par., Elginshire, on river
Lossie, 9197 ac., pop. 1396; contains Lhanbryde vil.
and part of Elgin.

St Anne.—(or Santon), par. and vil. with ry. sta.
(Santon), Isle of Man—par., 4250 ac., pop. 593 ; vil., 5|
miles SW. of Douglas; P.O., called St Ann’s. On the
coast, 2 miles SE. of vil., is St Anne’s Head, pro-
montory.—2. St Anne, capital of Alderney, Channel
Islands ; is a neat and picturesque little town, and has
an appearance of some prosperity. The Government
House, the church, and the Court House are its chief

St Anne Soho, par., Middlesex, within the parlia-
mentary limits of Westminster, 54 ac., pop. 16,608.

St Annes, ry. sta., Lancashire. See St Annes ON
the Sea.

St Anne’s,par., in SE. of Dublin city, 71 ac., pop. 6107.

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