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St Mullin s, par., cos. Carlow and Wexford, on river
Barrow, 5 miles S. of Borris, 21,151 ac., pop. 3674.

St Mullin’s, Lower, bar., S. co. Carlow, 26,614 ac.,
pop. 5496.

St Mullln’s, Upper, bar., E. co. Carlow, 7784 ac.,
pop. 1361.

St Munchin’s, par., cos. Clare and Limerick, 4552 ac.,
pop. 1935 ; contains part of Limerick pari. bor.

St Mungo, par., Dumfriesshire, on the Water of
Milk and the river Annan, 4897 ac., pop. 653; the
church is 3 miles S. of Lockerbie.

St Natlilnsh, par., NE. co. Cork, on river Funcheon,
2 miles S. of Kildorrery, 1024 ac., pop. 342.

St Neot, par. and vil., Cornwall—par., 13,997 ac.,
pop. 1303; vil., 4% miles NW. of Liskeard; P.O.

St Neot’s, market town and par. with ry. sta., Hunt-
ingdonshire, on river Ouse, 8 miles S W. of Huntingdon
and 52 N. of London—par., 4750 ac., pop. 3136; town
(comprising parts of Eynesbury and St Neot’s pars.),
pop. 4261; P.O., T.O., 3 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-
Thursday. At Eynesbury, which occupies the
site of a Homan station, are the remains of a Benedic-
tine monastery (974), which became connected with St
Neot, the recluse, by the conveyance to it of his relics
from Cornwall. St Neot’s has a spacious market-place,
a large iron foundry, and extensive papermills.

St Newlyn Last, 7 miles SW. of St Columb sta.,
Cornwall; P.O. See Newlyn.

St Nicholas.—par., Devon, at mouth of river Teign,
5 miles E. of Newton Abbot, 580 ac. land and 210 water,
pop. 1245; contains Shaldon, sea-bathing vil.; P.O., T.O.
—2. St Nicholas, par. and vil., Glamorgan, 6 miles
W. of Cardiff, 2172 ac., pop. 349 ; P.O.—3. St NIC ■>-
las (or Lntton Bourne), township, Long Sutton par..
Lincolnshire, pop. 770.—4. St Nicholas, par. and vil.,
Pembrokeshire—par., 2141 ac., pop. 234 ; vil., 6% miles
W. of Fishguard; P.O.

StNicholas, par., in Aberdeen city, 794ac.,pop. 50,525.

St Nicholas,—par., co. Antrim. SeeCarjiickfergtjs.
—2. St Nicholas, par.,, 1849ac., pop.20,121;
contains part of Cork city.—3. St Nicholas, par., mid.
co. Galway, onriver Corrib, 3767 ac., pop. 9150; con-
tains part of Galway.—4. St Nicholas, par., in co. and
pari. bor. of Limerick, 1889 ac., pop. 3205. — 5. St
Nicholas, par., in co. and 5 miles NE. of Wexford,
1213 ac., pop. 206.

St Nicholas Gat. See Hewett Channel.

St Nicholas Hospital, par., Kent, adjacent to Can-
terbury, 78 ac., pop. 31.

StNicholas Isle, pyramidal rock, in Plymouth Sound;
is strongly fortified.

St Nicholas Within, par., Dublin city, 5 ac., pop. 1567-

St Nicholas Without, par., co. Dublin, in bar. Upper-
cross and Dublin city, 63 ac., pop. 9766.

St Nicholas at Wade, par. and vil., Kent—par.,
3561 ac. and 280foreshore, pop. 582 ; vil., 6%miles SW.
of Margate; P.O.

St Nicholas in the Castle, par., Isle of Wight,
partly in bor. of Newport, 966 ac., pop. 351.

St Nighton, vil., St Winnow par., Cornwall, 2 miles
SE. of Lostwithiel.

St Ninian, hamlet, near Wooler, Northumberland.

St Ninians (or StRingans), town and par., Stirling-
shire, on river Forth—par., partly within the pari,
burgh of Stirling, 38,012 ac., pop. 10,423 ; town, 1 mile
S. of Stirling and within the pari, burgh, pop. 1647 ;
P.O., T.O.; has mfrs. of woollens, nails, and screw-bolts,
and there are large tanworks. The town is close to
the battlefield of Bannockburn.

St Ola. See Kirkwall and St Ola.

St Oiave Mary Gate, par. and township, North-
Riding Yorkshire—par. (partly in York city, on its
NW. side), 2421 ac.,pop. 10,120 ; township, within pari,
limits of York, 50ac., pop. 1114; Etty (1787-1849) the
painter is buried in the churchyard.

St Olavc Southwark, par., Surrey, 48 ac., pop. 2247.

St Olave’s, par., in co. and bor. of AVaterford, 4 ac.,
pop. 490.

St Olaves, ry. sta., Suffolk, 7% m. SW. of Yarmouth.

St Olaves Junction, ry. sta., Norfolk, 5 miles NE.
of Beccles.

St Oran’s Chapel, ruin, Iona island, Inner Hebrides,

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