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Saltaire, town with ry. sta., E. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, on river Aire, 4 miles NW. of Bradford; p. o.,
T.o., 1 newspaper; is a model town, with well-planned
streets, and takes its name from its founder, Sir Titus
Salt (1803-76), who planted here his vast factories for
the manufacture of alpaca fabrics, and erected dwell-
ing-houses for his workpeople.

Saltash, market town and township with ry. sta.,
St Stephen’s by Saltash par., Cornwall, on river Tamar,
3 miles NW. of Devonport, pop. 2563; P.O., T.O., 1
Bank. Market-day,
Saturday. Saltash was an an-
cient corporate town, possessing charters from Richard
III. and subsequent monarchs, and was at one time a
place of great importance, mainly on account of its
being one of the passes into Cornwall. It was repre-
sented in Parliament by 2 members until 1832, and
suffered great decline until the railway era, when it
rapidly revived in prosperity and underwent consider-
able extension. It is a port of some consequence, and
carries on malting, fishing, and an active coasting
trade ; grapes are largely cultivated in and around the
town. The Albert Bridge, a celebrated railway bridge,
2240 ft. long and 240 in height, carries the railway
across the estuary of the Tamar at a height of 100
ft. above water level.

Saltburn, vil., Rosskeen par., Ross and Cromarty,
If mile NE. of Invergordon, pop. 302.

Saltburn by the Sea, small town and watering-place
with ry. sta. (Saltburn), Marske near Redcar par.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles SE. of Redcar and
6 miles NE. of Guisbrough, pop. 1646; P.O., T.O., 2
Banks. Saltburn dates from 1860, when the railway
was opened. It is a well-built place, situated on lofty
cliffs facing the sea, and combines the charms of
maritime and inland scenery. Among its attractions
are the sands, extending about 8 miles along the coast ;
the new promenade pier, 1500 ft. long; and the prospect
from the iron girder-bridge, 130 ft. high, which spans
the glen traversed by the Skelton Beck. Numerous
places of interest are within easy distance of Saltburn.

Saltby, par. and vil., Leicestershire, 8 miles NE. of
Melton Mowbray, 2680 ac., pop. 272.

Saltcoats, seaport and watering-place with ry. sta.,
Ardrossan and Stevenston pars., Ayrshire,
If mile SE.
of Ardrossan and 29J miles SAY. of Glasgow by rail,
pop. 5096; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks; has saltworks, but little
or no shipping trade.

Saltee Islands, Great and Little, Kilmore par., S.
co. AYexford, 10 miles SAY. of Carnsore Point—Great
Saltee, 215 ac., pop. 13; Little Saltee, 93 ac., pop.
5; a light-vessel is moored off Coningbeg
which see.

Salter and I'skai, par., Cumberland, 6 miles SE. of
AYbitehaven, 678 ac., pop. 196.

Salterbridge, seat, lj mile AY. of Cappoquin, AY.
co. AYaterford.

Salterforth, township, Barnoldswick par., N. div.
AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 8 miles SAY. of Skipton, 1762
ac. (41 water), pop. 391.

Salterhebble, eccl. dist., Halifax par., N. div. AYest-
Riding Yorkshire, on SE. side of Halifax, pop. 5075;
P.O., T.O.

Salterns, Great, par., Hants, in Portsea Island, on
Langston harbour, 3 miles NE. of Portsmouth, 346
ac. and 177 tidal water and foreshore, pop. 33.

Saltersford cum Kettlehulme, eccl. dist., Prest-
bury par., Cheshire, pop. 400.

Saltersgate Brow, eminence, North-Riding York-
shire, 7 miles NE. of Pickering.

Salterstown, par., S. co. Louth, on Dundalk Bay, 3
miles SE. of Castlebellingham, 1047 ac., pop. 198.

Saltcrsway, ramified ancient roads, Durham, run-
ning S. from AYearmouth in various directions.

Salterswell House, seat, Cheshire ; post-town, Tar-

Salterton.—-vil., 3 miles E. of Topsham, Devon.—2.
Salterton, hamlet, Durnford par., AYilts, on river
Avon, 4 miles NAY. of Salisbury.-—3. Salterton. See
Budleigh Salterton and AYoodbury Salterton.

Saltfleet (or Salt licet Haven), vil., Skidbrook par.,
on E. coast of Lincolnshire, 2g miles NE. of Saltfleetby
sta ; is a sea-bathing resort, and ranks as a sub-port to

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