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Sanday.—island, Small Isles par., Inner Hebrides,
Argyllshire, off E. side of Canna island, and 4 miles
NW. of Rum island, pop. 62; measures If by % mile,
and is connected with Canna at low water.—2.
one of the largest of the North Isles of Orkney, com-
prising the 2 pars, of Lady, and Cross and Burness,
pop. 2082; P.O., T.O.; is very irregular in form and
very flat, and has a light sandy soil.

Sandbacb, market town, par., and township withry.
sta. (Sandbach Junction), Cheshire, 4% miles NE. of
Crewe—par., 16,310 ac., pop., 10,219; town and town-
ship, 2584 ac., pop. 5493; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks, 1 news-
paper. Market-day,
Thursday. Sandbach has mfrs. of
boots and shoes, ironworks, wireworks, fustian factories,
&c., and (in the neighbourhood) saltworks. It has a
spacious grammar school, and in the market-place are
two antique obelisks.

Sandbacb Heatb, eccl dist., Sandbach par., Cheshire,
pop. 1020.

Sandbank, quoad sacra par. and vil., Dunoon and
Kilmun par., Argyllshire, on S. side of Holy Loch, 2£
miles NW. of Dunoon, pop. 570; P.O., T.O.; is a
summer resort, and has a hotel and a pier.

Sandbeck Park, seat of the Earl of Scarborough,
Maltby par., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles SW.
of Tickhill.

Sandborough, hamlet, Hamstall Rid ware par.,
Staffordshire, 7 miles N. of Lichfield.

Sandbourne, seat, near Bewdley, Worcestershire.

Sandbrook, seat, 3% m. S. of Tullow, E. co. Carlow.

Sandcroft. See Elmham, South.

Sandel Heath, 2 m. N. of Fordingbridge, Hants ; P.O.

Sandend, fishing vil., Fordyce par., Banffshire, on
Sandend Bay, 2% miles AY. of Portsoy.

Sanderay, island, Barra par., Outer Hebrides, Inver-
ness-shire, 3% miles S. of Barra island, pop. 10; con-
sists of a single hill of gneiss, alt. 800 ft.

Sanderlngham. See Sandringham.

Sanders Park, seat, near Charleville, N. co. Cork.

Sanderstead, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Surrey, 3
miles SE. of Croydon, 2268 ac., pop. 382 ; near the vil.
Sanderstead Court, seat.

San dll eld, hamlet, Willoughby par., Lincolnshire, 2
miles SE. of Alford.

Sandford.—vil., Sonning par., Berks, 3 miles E. of
Reading. See
Woodley and Sandford.—2. Sand-
ford, par. and vil., Devon—par., 7793 ac., pop. 1485;
vil., 2 miles NW. of Crediton; P.O.—3. Sandford,
vil., Morden par., Dorset, 4% miles N. of Wareham.—

4. Sandford, vil., Godshill par., Isle of AVight, 5%
miles SE. of Newport.—5. Sandford, vil., Prees par.,
Shropshire, 5 miles AV. of Market Drayton ; in vicinity
is the seat of Sandford nail.—6. Sandford, hamlet,
AYest Felton par., Shropshire, 5% miles SE. of Oswestry ;
in vicinity is Sandford Hall, seat.—7. Sandford,
hamlet (ry. sta. Sandford and Banwell), Winscombe
par., Somerset, 3% miles NW. of Axbridge.—S. Sand-
ford, hamlet, AVarcop par., AYestmorland, on river
Eden, 3 miles SE. of Appleby.

Sandford, vil., Stonehouse par., Lanarkshire, 1%
mile SE. of Strathaven.

Sandford, Dry, cum Cothlll, eccl. dist., Abingdon
St Helen, and Marcham pars., Berks, pop. 272.

Sandford Bay, Peterhead par., Aberdeenshire.

Sandford Orcas, par. and vil., Somerset — par.,
1091 ac., pop. 255; vil., on SE. verge of co., 3 miles
NW. of Sherborne;

Sandford St Martin, par. and vil., Oxfordshire—
par., 2292ac., pop. 485; vil. ,4 m. SAV. of Deddington; p. O.

Sandford on Thames, par. and vil., Oxfordshire—
par., 1005 ac., pop. 318; vil., on river Thames, 3 miles
SE. of Oxford; P.O.; contains the Sandford Paper-
works ;
Sandford Park, seat, is in vicinity.

Sandgate, small town and eccl. dist. with ry. sta.,
Cheriton and Folkestone pars., Kent, 1% mile SAY. of
Folkestone and within the pari, limits of Hythe—dist.,
pop. 2056; town, pop. 1669;
P.O., T.o., and P.O., t.o.
at Sandgate Boad, 1 Bank, 1 newspaper. Sandgate
has rapidly risen into repute as a watering-place, its
sheltered position attracting numerous visitors.
gate Castle,
erected in 1539 by Henry VIII., forms one
of the defences of the coast; the castle was materially
strengthened in 1806.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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