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Sandhain Heath, tract, near Brading, Isle of

Sandliaven, 2 miles W. of Fraserburgh, Aberdeen-
shire ; p.o. See
Pitullie and Sandhaven.

Sandhead, vil., Stoneykirk par., Wigtownshire, on
Luce Bay, 7 miles SE. of Stranraer ; P.O., T.o.

Sandhill Heath, hamlet, Rockbourn par., Hants, 2
miles NW. of Fordingbridge.

Sandhill Park, seat, Bishops Lydeard par., Somer-
set, 5 miles NW. of Taunton.

Sandhills, ry. sta., in N. of Liverpool.

Sandhoe, township, Lee St John par., Northumber-
land, 4 miles NE. of Hexham, 1629 ac., pop. 216;
contains Sandhoe House.

Sandholes, 4 m. from Cookstown, E. co. Tyrone; P.O.

Sandholmc.—hamlet with ry. sta., Eastrington par.,
East-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles NE. of Howden.—2.
Sandliolme. See
Storkhill and Sandholme.

Sandhurst.—par. and vil., Berks, in SE. of co.—par.
(containing Crowthorne), 4536 ac., pop. 4195; vil., on
river Blackwater, near Wellington College sta., 4-g miles
SE. of Wokingham and 33 SW. of London; P.O., T.O.
(at Sandhurst Village), and P.O. (at Sandhurst
Military College). The Royal Military College, origi-
nally founded in 1802 at Great Marlow, and removed
in 1812 to Sandhurst, is now used for giving one year’s
special military training to cadets who have passed by
competition for the army.—2. Sandhurst, par. and
vil., in co. and 3 miles N. of Gloucester, 2227 ac., pop.
462.—3. Sandhurst, par. and vil., Kent—par., 4449
ac., pop. 1170; vil., 6 miles S. of Cranbrook; P.O.—

4. Sandhurst, hamlet, in par. and 2 miles NW. of
Lamberhurst, Kent.

Sandhutton, North-Riding Yorkshire, 7g miles NE.
of York; P.O. See
Sand Hutton.

Sandiacre, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Stapleford and
Sandiacre), Derbyshire—par., 1770 ac., pop. 1630; vil.,
on river Erwash, 7g miles E. of Derby; P.O.

Sandilands, ry. sta., Carmichael par., Lanarkshire,
4 miles S. of Lanark ; P.O.

Saudi way, vil., AYeaverham par., Cheshire, 3 miles
W. of Northwich ; P.O., T.O.

Sandlcford l’riory, par. and seat, Berks, on river
Embourn, 2 miles S. of Newbury, 520 ac., pop. 34. The
mansion house comprises part of the original priory,
which was founded near the close of the 12th century.

Sandlin, hamlet, in co. and 7 miles SAY. of Wor-

Sandling, hamlet, Boxley par., Kent, 1 mile N. of
Maidstone ; P.O.; in vicinity is Sandling Park, seat.

Sanducss, in par. and 8 miles N. of Walls, Shet-
land; P.O.

Sandon.—par. and vil., Essex—par., 2318 ac., pop.
466; vil., 3 miles SE. of Chelmsford; P.O.—2. Sandon,
par. and vil., Herts, in SE. of co.—par., 4061 ac., pop.
763; vil., 4J miles SW. of Royston ; P.O.—3. Sandon,
par. and vil. with ry. sta., Staff or dshire—par., 3637 ac.,
pop. 513; vil., 5 miles SE. of Stone ; P.O.; in vicinity of
vil. is Sandon Hall, seat of the Earl of Harrowby.

Sandown, town and eccl. dist. with ry. sta., Brading
par., Isle of Wight, on Sandown Bay, 6 miles S. of
Ryde—dist., pop. 3859; town, pop. 3120; P.O., T.O., 1
Bank, 1 newspaper. Sandown is a favourite and
rapidly increasing watering-place, occupying a pic-
turesque situation, and with excellent facilities for
bathing. A pier was constructed in 1879. Sandown
Bay extends from Culver Cliff toDunmose; is 5| miles
wide, and has a splendid sandy beach. Near the town
is Sandown Cottage, seat; and Sandown Lake.

Sandown Castle, ruined bloek-house, in N. vicinity
of Deal, Kent; Col. Hutchinson, one of the judges of
Charles I., was imprisoned here till his death in 1664.

Sandown l'ark, near Esher sta., Surrey; is a
fashionable race-ground covering 150 ac.

Sandplace, vil. withry. sta., Cornwall, 2g miles N.
of Looe sta.; P.O.

Sandridge, par. and vil., Herts—par. (partly in St
Albans city), 5753 ac., pop. 841; vil., 2g miles NE. of
St Albans; P.O. The first Duchess of Marlborough
(1660-1744) was a native.

Sandridge Park.—seat, Stoke Gabriel par., Devon,
3 miles NW. of Dartmouth.—2. Sandridge Park,
seat, 2g miles NE. of Melksham, Wilts.

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