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par., Hants, in NW. of co., 6 miles NE. of Ames-
bury P.O.-—4. Slilpton, ry. sta., Oxfordshire, 3 miles
SE. of Chipping Norton Junction. See
Shipton under
—5. Shipton, par., Shropshire, on river
Corve, 6 miles SW. of Much Wenlock, and partly within
the municipal limits pf Wenlock, 2032 ac., pop. 185;
contains Shipton Hall, seat.—6. Sliipton, township
and vil., Market Weighton par., East-Riding York-
shire—township, 1474 ac., pop. 428; vil., 2 miles NW.
of Market AVeighton; P.O.—7. Shipton, township and
vil. with ry. sta., Overton par., North-Riding York-
shire—-township, 2009 ac., pop. 430; vil., 5g miles NW.
of York; P.O.



Shipton Bellinger, par., Hants, 2560 ac., pop. 288 ;
contains Shipton, vil., 6 miles NE. of Amesbury and
10 miles W. of Andover;

Shipton George, par. and vil., in W. of Dorset, 2
miles E. of Bridport, 1528 ac., pop. 312; Shipton
Beacon is crowned with an ancient camp.

Shipton Lee, township, Quainton par., Bucks, 5J
miles SAA7. of AVinslow, 1541 ac., pop. 61.

Shipton Moyne, par. and vil., Gloucestershire—par.,
2298 ac., pop. 420 ; vil., 2| miles S. of Tetbury ;

Shipton Oliffe and Shipton Sollars, 2 former pars.,
Gloucestershire, now amalgamated under the name of
Shipton : which see.

Shipton under Wychwood, par., township, and
vil. with ry. sta. (Shipton), Oxfordshire, in W. of co.—
par., 11,652 ac., pop. 2972; township, pop. 724; vil., on
river Evenlode, 3 miles SE. of Chipping Norton Junc-
tion ;
P.O.; near the sta. is Sliipton Court, seat.

Shipton upon Cherwell, par., Oxfordshire, miles
E. of AVoodstock, 1058 ac., pop. 115; contains Shipton
Honse, seat.

Shipwash, shoal, off coast of Essex, 15 miles E. of
Harwich; is 8 miles long; off its NE. end, in 9 fathoms,
is a light-vessel, with fixed light seen 10 miles.

Shira, rivulet, Inveraray par., Argyllshire ; flows 11
miles SAA7. through Glen Shira to Loch Fyne, lj: mile
NE. of Inveraray.

Shirburn, par. and vil., Oxfordshire, 1 mile NE. of
Watlington and 6 miles S. of Thame, 2421 ac., pop.
313; Shirburn Castle (1332), the seat of the Earl of
Macclesfield, succeeded an older fortress, which was the
meeting-place (1321) of the insurgent barons under the
Earl of Lancaster. Shirburn Hill is a projection of
the Chilterns.

Shirburn, The, river, AVarwickshire, running 9 miles
NE. to the Sow, 1 mile N. of Stoneleigh.

Shire Green, vil., Ecelesfield par., S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 4 miles N. of Sheffield.

Shire Stones, 3 stones and a stone pillar marking
the meeting-point of the counties of Cumberland, AVest-
morland, and Lancaster, at head of mountain pass from
DuddonVale to Little Langdale, 5m. NW. of Hawkshead.

Shire brook, eccl. dist. and vil. withry. sta., Pleasley
par., Derbyshire—dist., pop. 409; vil., 4g miles NW. of

Shirehall Yard, par., Suffolk, inlpswichbor., pop. 294.

Shirehainpton, eccl. dist. and vil. with ry. sta., West-
bury on Trym par., Gloucestershire—dist., pop. 1808;
vil., on river Avon, 5 miles NW. of Bristol;
P.O., T.O.

Shircnewton, par. and vil., in SE. of Monmouthshire,
4 miles W. of Chepstow, 3544 ac., pop. 773;

Shireoaks, vil. with ry. sta., Worksop par., Notts,
and eccl. dist., partly also in Anston cum Membris par.,
West-Riding Yorkshire—dist., pop. 938; vil., 2 miles
NW. of A\7orksop ;
P.O., T.O.; near the vil. is Shireoaks
Hall, seat.

Shireshead, vil., Cockerham par., and eccl. dist.,
partly also in Garstang par., N. Lancashire—dist., pop.
472; vil., 4 miles N. of Garstang.

Shirland, par. and vil., Derbyshire, 2 miles N. of
Alfreton, 2956 ac., pop. 3415;
P.O.; framework knit-
ting is carried on.

Shirley.—par., township, and vil., Derbyshire, 4
miles SE. of Ashborne—par., 3028 ac., pop. 469; town-
ship, 1634 ac., pop. 243.—2. Shirley, town, Millbrook
par., Hants, on NW. side and within the parl. limits
of Southampton, pop. 7143:
P.O., T.O., at Shirley
Common, and
P.O. at Old Shirley.—3. Shirley,
hamlet, Sopley par., Hants, 4 miles NE. of Christ-
church.—4. Shirley, hamlet, Aymestrey par., Here-
fordshire, 6 miles NW. of Leominster.—5.
eccl. dist., Croydon par. and bor., Surrey, pop. 697.—

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