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extend along the coast as far as Liverpool, and in the
environs the country is also flat and sandy; but the
town is exceedingly well built, and has many attrac¬
tions, among which are the promenade (960 yards); the
pier (1460 yards); the Pavilion and Winter Gardens,
with gardens, concert-hall, promenades, marine and
fresh-water aquaria, skating-rink, &c.; the Victoria
Baths, the handsomest and most convenient of their
kind in the country; the Atkinson Free Library and
Art Gallery; and the Hesketh Park. There are
numerous hospitals, and public and private schools.
Markets are held daily. Southport was made a mun.
bor. in 1867.

Southport Division, pari. div. of SAV. Lancashire,
pop. 57,643.

Southrepps. See Repps, South.

Southrey, hamlet with ry. sta., Bardney par., in co.
and 11 miles SE. of Lincoln; P.O.

Southridge, hamlet, Streatley par., Berks, 7 miles
SE. of Ilsley; has an endowed school.

Soutlirop, par. and vil., in E. of Gloucestershire, 3
miles NAV of Lechlade, 1493 ac., pop. 350.

Southrope, hamlet, Hook Norton par., Oxfordshire,
in NW. of co., 6 miles NE. of Chipping Norton.

Southsea.—district and ry. sta., Portsea par., Hants,
on S. side of Portsmouth and wholly within its mun.
limits, pop. 45,247 ; 3 Banks. Southsea Castle was
erected by Henry VIII. in 1540 ; it has been materially
strengthened, and forms one of the most important
seaward defences of Portsmouth; in the castle is a
fixed light (Southsea), 51 ft. above high water and seen
9 miles. See
Portsmouth.—2. Southsea, hamlet, 2
miles from Brymbo, Denbighshire ; P.O.

Southshore, Lancashire. See South Shore.

Southtown.—hamlet, AVest Pennardpar., Somerset,
6 miles S. of Wells.—2. Southtown (or Little Yar¬
mouth), former par., now in Gorleston par., Suffolk, on
river Yare, opposite Great Yarmouth, and within bor.
of Yarmouth; P.O.

Southwaite, ry. sta., Cumberland, 7½ miles SE. of
Carlisle; P.O., called Southwaite Station.

Southwark, pari, bor., Surrey, on river Thames,
opposite London city, 1990 ac., pop. 221,946. South¬
wark returns 3 members to Parliament (3 divisions—
viz., West Southwark, Rotherhithe, and Bermondsey,
1 member for each division); its representation was
increased from 2 to 3 members in 1885. Southwark
Bridge, between Blackfriars Bridge and London Bridge,
is an iron bridge 708 ft. long, the centre arch having a
span of 402 ft. Southwark Park, near the Surrey
Commercial Docks, covers an area of 63 ac.

Southwarnhorough, 6 miles SW. of Winchfield sta.,
Hants; P.O. See
Warnborough, South.

South water, eccl. dist. and vil. with ry. sta., Hors¬
ham and Shipley pars., Sussex—dist., pop. 581; vil.,
4 miles S. of Horsham ; P.O.

Southweald, l½mile W. of Brentwood, Essex; P.O.,
t.o. See Weald, South.

Southwell, market town and par. with ry. sta.,
Notts, 6 miles W. of Newark and 17 miles NE. of Not¬
tingham, 3805 ac., pop. 2866; P.O., T.o., 2 Banks.
Saturday. Southwell grew up around a
7th century church; had a palace of the archbishops
of York, frequently occupied by Wolsey; was the place
where Charles I. surrendered to the Scottish commis¬
sioners ; contains a house where the poet Byron spent
many of his early days ; and gives the title of viscount
to the Southwells of Hinlip. The first bishop of the
new diocese of Southwell (Notts and Derbyshire) was
appointed in 1884. The parish church, now the
cathedral, has 3 Norman towers and nave (1110),
Early English choir (1233), and Decorated chapter¬
house (1294). Many of the inhabitants find employ¬
ment in a neighbouring silk mill.

Southwick.—town and township, Monk Wearmouth
par., Durham, on river Wear, on NW. side of Sunder¬
land and wholly within its pari, limits, 1013 ac., pop.
8178 ; P.O., T.O.; has shipbuilding, glass-making, brick¬
works, and potteries. Remains of a monastery founded
in 674 are here.—2. South wick, hamlet, in par. and
near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.—3. South wick,
par. and vil., Hants—par., 4237 ac., pop. 664; vil., 3½
miles NE. of Fareham; P.O.; in vicinity is Southwick

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