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NW. of Edgware; P.O., T.o., called Stanmore; near
the vil. is Stanmore Park, seat of Lord Wolverton.

Stanmore, Little, par., in N. of Middlesex, adjacent
to Great Stanmore, 1591 ac., pop. 862 ; contains part of
Elstree vil.

Stanncr, ry. sta., Radnorshire, 3% miles SE. of New
Radnor; the Stanner Rocks, a volcanic group of rocks,
are in vicinity.

Stanner Point, headland, N. Lancashire, on N. side of
mouth of r. Ribble ; has lighthouse, with intermittent
light(RibbleRiver)81 ft. above high water and seen 12 m.

Stanncy, Great and Little, 2 townships, Stoke par.,
in co. and 5 miles N. of Chester—Great Stanney, 993
ac. and 297 tidal water and foreshore, pop. 70; Little
Stanney, 831 ac., pop. 157.

Stanningficld, par., Suffolk, 5% miles SE. of Bury St
Edmunds, 1455 ac., pop. 268.

Stanningliall. See Horstead with Stanninghall.

Stanningley, eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Leeds par., E.
div. West-Riding Yorkshire, on AV. side and in bor. of
Leeds, pop. 4051; P.O., T.o.; has woollen factories,
machine works, and iron founding; the sta. is 5 miles
W. of Leeds Central Station.

Stannington.—par. and vil., Northumberland—par.,
10,316 ac., pop. 1027; vil., on river Blyth, 4% miles S. of
Morpeth ; P.O.; in vicinity is Stannington lfall, seat.
—2. Stannington, eccl. dist. and vil., Ecclesfield par.,
S. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire—dist., pop. 3389; vil.,
3% miles AV. of Sheffield ; p.o.

Stansfield.—par. and vil., Suffolk, 5 miles N. of
Clare, 1989 ac., pop. 415; P.O.—2. Stansfield, town-
ship and ry. sta. (Stansfield Hall), Halifax par., N. div.
AVest-Riding Yorkshire, partly in town of Hebden Bridge
but chiefly in town of Todmorden, on river Calder, 6331
ac., pop. 10,608; the sta. is 1 mile NAV. of Todmorden ;
adjacent is Stansfield Hall, seat.

Stanshope, hamlet, Alstonefield par., Staffordshire,
6 miles NAV. of Ashborne.

Stanstead.— vil. with ry. sta., Stansted Mount-
fitchet par., Essex, on river Stort, 2% miles NE. of
Bishop Stortford; P.O., T.O. ; in vicinity is Stanstead
Hall, seat.-—2. Stanstead, par. and vil., Suffolk—
par., 1162 ac., pop. 369; vil., 5% miles NAV. of Sud-
bury; P.O.—3. Stanstead, vil., Stoughton par., and
eccl. dist., partly also in Up Marden par., Sussex—
dist., pop. 326 ; vil., 7 miles NAV. of Chichester ; in the
vicinity is Stanstead Hark, seat.

Stanstead Abbots, par. and vil. (ry. sta. St Mar-
garet’s), in SE. of Herts, on river Lea, 2 miles SE. of
Ware and 4 miles E. of Hertford, 2628 ac., pop. 1219.

Stanstead St Margaret, par. (ry. sta. St Margaret’s),
in SE. of Herts, adjacent to Stanstead Abbots, 408 ac.,
pop. 96 ; P.O., T.O.

Stansted, par. and vil., Kent, 7 miles NE. of
Sevenoaks, 1974 ac., pop. 408.

Stansted Monntfitcliet, par. (ry. sta. Stanstead),
Essex, at AV. border of co., on river Stort, 4224 ac.,
pop. 1924; contains Stanstead, vil., 2% miles NE. or'
Bishop Stortford; P.O., T.O.; and Stanstead Hall, seat.

Staustill, school, Bower par., Caithness.

Stansty, township, Wrexham par., Denbighshire,
partly in the pari, limits of Wrexham, 577 ac., pop. 1216.

Stanswood, hamlet, Fawley par., Hants, 6 miles SE.
of Southampton.

Stantborne, township, Davenham par., Cheshire, 1
mile NW. of Middlewich, 1113 ac., pop. 193.

Stanton.—(or Stanton In Peak), township and vil.,
Youlgreave par., Derbyshire, 3 miles SE. of Bakewell,
1824 ac., pop.' 762; in vicinity of vil. is Stanton Wood
House, seat.—2. Stanton, par. and vil., Gloucester-
shire, 7% miles SE. of Evesham, 1650 ac., pop. 269.—

3. Stanton, township, Long Horsley par., Northumber-
land, 5 miles NAV. of Morpeth, 2272 ac., pop. 91.—4.
Stanton, vil., Shropshire, on river Roden, 5 miles SE.
of Wem; p.o. See
Stanton upon Hine Heath.—5.
Stanton, township, Ellastone par., Staffordshire,3 m.
W. of Ashborne, 2027 ac., pop. 315 ; birthplace of Arch-
bishop Sheldon (1598-1677).—6. Stanton, par. and vil.,
Suffolk—par., 3254 ac., pop. 842; vil., 9 miles NE. of
Bury St Edmunds; P.O.—7. Stanton, ry. sta., Wilts,
between Swindon and Highworth.—8. Stanton. See
Staunton.—9. Stanton, Derbyshire. See Stanton
and New hall.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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