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Stert.—hamlet, Babcary par., Somerset, 4 miles NE.
of Ilchester.—
2. Stert, island, in Bridgwater Bay,
Somerset, 8 miles N. of Bridgwater;
Stcrt Point is
a promontory at the W. side of the mouth of the
Stcrt, township, Urchfont par., Wilts, 2
miles SE. of Devizes, 638 ac., pop. 140.

Sterthlll, hamlet, West Camel par., Somerset, 5
miles SW. of Castle Cary.

Stetclrwortli, par. and vil., in SE. of Cambridge-
shire—par., 2824 ac., pop. 608; vil., 3 miles S. of New-
market ; P.O.; near the vil. is
Stetcliworth Park, seat.

Stevenage, market town and par. with ry. sta.,
Herts, in W. of co., 4 miles SE. of Hitchin and 10 N.
of Hatfield by rail, 4545 ac., pop. 3116; P.O., T.O., 1
Bank. Market-day,
Friday. The town was known at
Domesday as Stevenach, and is a local government dis-
trict. It has an ancient parish church and an endowed
grammar school. The weekly market is for straw-
plait, which is manufactured here in large quantities.
In vicinity of town are six barrows, supposed to be

Stevenson, seat, in co. and 2% miles E. of Had-

Stevenston, seat, Devon, in N. of co., 2 miles E. of
Torrington; was occupied by Fairfax in 1646.

Stevenston, town and par., Ayrshire—par. (contain-
ing Ardeer Works and part of town of Saltcoats), 3771
ac.,pop. 5694 ; town, 1 mile NE. of Saltcoats, 2% miles
E. of Ardrossan, and 28 miles SW. of Glasgow by rail,
pop. 3556; P.O., T.o. Many of the inhabitants find em-
ployment at the neighbouring coal mines and at Ardeer
Works, which include ironworks, a foundry, a valuable
sandstone quarry, and a dynamite factory.

Stevenston, New, part of town of Holytown, Both-
well par., Lanarkshire, pop. 1048.

Steven ton.—par. and vil. with ry. sta., in N. of
Berks—par., 2401 ac., pop. 924; vil., 4% miles W. of
Didcot Junction and 4 miles SW. of Abingdon; P.O.—

2. Steventon, par. and vil., Hants—par., 2155 ac.,
pop. 288; vil., 6 miles SW. of Basingstoke; P.O.

Stevlngton (or Steventon), par. and vil., Bedford-
shire, in NE. of co.—par., 1950 ac., pop. 624; vil., on
river Ouse, 5 miles NW. of Bedford ; P.O.

Stewart field, vil., Old Deer par., Aberdeenshire, 2%
miles SW. of Mintlaw and 11% miles AY. of Peterhead,
pop. 675 ; P.O., called

Stewarton.—town and par., Ayrshire, on Annick
Water, 5 miles N. of Kilmarnock and 18 miles SW.
of Glasgow by rail—par., 13,626 ac., pop. 4309; town,
pop. 3130; P.O., T.o., 3 Banks. Market-day,
The town has extensive manufactures of tartan and
other woollen bonnets; carpet manufactures .and dye-
ing are also carried on.—
2. Stewarton, Argyllshire.
See Stuartown.
—3. Stewarton, vil., Wigtownshire.
See Kirkcolm.

Stewartstown, small market town with ry. sta.,
Donaghenry par., E. co. Tyrone, 7 m. NE. of Dungannon,
pop. 823; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks. Market-day,
Bleaching and flax-spinning are carried on. Stewarts-
town derives its name from Sir A. Stewart, who received
a grant of the surrounding district from James I.
Stnart Hall, seat of the Earl of Castle-Stuart, is 3
miles to the NE. of the town.

Stewkley, par. and vil., Bucks—par., 3982 ac., pop.
1361; vil., 5 miles NW. of Leighton Buzzard; P.O.

Stewton, par., Lincolnshire, 2 miles E. of Louth,
971 ac., pop. 101.

Steyne, hamlet, Aeton par., Middlesex, 2% miles NE.
of Brentford.

Steyning.—town and par. with ry. sta., Sussex, 5
miles NW. of Shoreham, 3414 ac., pop. 1672; P.O.,
T.O., 2 Banks. The town stands at the foot of a hill

1 mile W. of the river Adur, and is a place of great
antiquity, figuring as Stenyng in Alfred’s will; it had a
Benedictine priory founded by the Confessor, and sent

2 members to Parliament from the time of Edward I.
till 1832. The church, a 12th century building, is of
great interest. The grammar school was founded in
1614. The tide anciently rose as high as Steyning,
whose harbour was the well-known Portus Cathmanni.
The chief traffic is in cattle; there are markets every
alternate Monday.—
2. Steyning, hundred, Bramber
rape, Sussex, 12,493 ac., pop. 3182; contains 6 pars.

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