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Stoford, hamlet, Barwick par., Somerset, 1¼ mile
SAV. of Yeovil; has cattle fairs.

Stogumher, market town and par. with ry. sta.,
Somerset, 5¼ miles SE. of Watchet and 14 miles NW.
of Taunton, 5777 ac., pop. 1242; P.O., T.o. Market-
Saturday. It is famous for a pale ale made from
a medicinal spring, and has a cattle fair.

Stogursey (or Stoke Conrey), par. and vil., Somer-
set—par., 5853 ac. land and 3040 water, pop. 1262;
vil., 8 miles NW. of Bridgwater; P.O., T.o.; was once
a market town, and sent members to Parliament in the
time of Edward III.; has fairs.

Stoke.—hundred, in S. of Bucks, 28,711 ac., pop.
22,342; contains 12 pars; is one of the Chiltern Hun-
dreds.—2. Stoke, par. and township, Cheshire, on
Mersey Canal, 4¼ miles N. of Chester—par., 2749 ac.,
pop. 462; township, 706ac., pop. 70.—3. Stoke, town-
ship, Acton par., Cheshire, 3 miles NW. of Nantwich,
661 ac., pop. 197.—4. Stoke, township, Hope par.,
Derbyshire, 5 miles NE. of Bakewell, 512 ac., pop. 22.
—5. Stoke, vil., 1¼ mile AA7. of Hartland, Devon.—6.
Stoke, par. and vil., Kent, on Medway estuary, 7 miles
NE. of Rochester, 3070 ac., pop. 570.—7. Stoke, par.,
Lincolnshire, 6 miles S. of Grantham, 5270 ac., pop.
50!); contains North Stoke and South Stoke town-
ships, pop. 156 and 134.—8. Stoke, hamlet, Burford
par., Shropshire, 3 miles NW. of Tenbury.—9. Stoke,
hamlet, Stokesay par., Shropshire, 6¼ miles NW. of
Ludlow.—10. Stoke, bor., Stafford. See Stoke upon
Trent.—Di. Stoke, hamlet, in par. and 1 mile SE. of
Stone, Staffordshire. — !2. Stoke, Suffolk; P.O. See
Stoke by Clare, also Stoke by Nayland.—13. Stoke,
par., Warwickshire, on NE. side and wholly within the
pari, limits of Coventry, 936 ac., pop. 1447 ; P.O., called
Stoke Green.—14. Stoke, vil., Stoke Prior par.,
Worcestershire, near Stoke Works ry. sta.; P.O.

Stoke, Earl. See Earl Stoke.

Stoke, East.—par. and vil., Dorset, in SE. of co.—
par., 3273 ac., pop. 582; vil., on river Frome, 3 miles
AY. of AVareham ; P.O.—2. Sloke, East, par. and vil.,
Notts, in S. of co.—par., 1601 ac., pop. 208; vil., on
river Trent, 4 miles SW. of Newark; P.O.; in vicinity is
Stoke Hall, seat; the par. contains Stoke Field, the
scene of Henry VII.’s defeat of Simnel.—3. Stoke,
East, vil., Stoke under Hamdon par., Somerset, 5 miles
NW. of Yeovil.

Stoke, Lower, hamlet, Kent, in N. of co., 9 miles
NE. of Rochester; P.O.

Stoke, North.—township, Stoke par., Lincolnshire,
5 miles S. of Grantham, 1910 ac., pop. 156.—2. Stoke,
North, par. and vil., Oxfordshire, in S. of co.—par.,
853 ac., pop. 167; vil., on river Thames, 2 miles S. of
AVallingford; P.O.—3. Stoke, North, par., Somerset,
on river Avon, 4 miles NW. of Bath, 778 ac., pop. 190.
—4. Stoke, North, par., Sussex, on river Arun, 2 miles
N. of Arundel, 929 ac., pop. 103.

Stoke, South.—township, Stoke par., Lincolnshire,
on river Witham, 6 miles S. of Grantham, 3360 ac.
(including Easton), pop. 134; contains Stoke Rochford,
vil.; P.O.—2. Stoke, South, par. and vil., Oxford-
shire, in S. of co.—par., 3370 ac., pop. 838; vil., on river
Thames, 4 miles S. of AVallingford ; P.O.—3. Stoke,
South, par. and vil., Somerset, 2 miles S. of Bath,
863 ac., pop. 389 ; near the vil. is South Stoke House,
seat.—4. Stoke, South, par., Sussex, 1¼ mile N. of
Arundel, 1279 ac., pop. 133.

Stoke, West.—par., Sussex, 3 miles NW. of Chi-
chester, 871 ac., pop. 95 ; contains Stoke Honse, seat.
—2. Stoke, West, vil., Stoke under Hamdon par.,
Somerset, 6 miles NAY. of Yeovil.

Stoke Abbot, par. and vil., in W. of Dorset—par.,
2303 ac., pop. 551; vil., 5 miles N. of Bridport; P.O.

Stoke Albany, par. and vil., Northamptonshire, 5
miles E. of Market Harborough, 1661 ac., pop. 322;
near the vil. is Stoke House, seat.

Stoke Ash, par. and vil., Suffolk, 3 miles SW. of
Eye, 1200 ac., pop. 310 ; near vil. is Stoke Hall, seat.

Stoke Bardolph, township and vil., Gedling par.,
Notts, on river Trent, 5 m. NE. of Nottingham, pop. 176;
an ancient castle of the Bardolphs once stood here.

Stoke Bishop, eccl. dist., AA7estbury upon Trym par.,
Gloucestershire, on NAY. side of Bristol, pop. 1313 ; P.O.

Stoke Bliss, township and vil., Herefordshire, in

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