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Stow, West, par., Suffolk, on river Lark, 4 miles
NW. of Bury St Edmunds, 2926 ac., pop. 188.

Stow Bardolph, par. (ry. sta. Stow), Norfolk, 6127
ac., pop. 1054; contains Stow, vil., 2g miles N. of
Downham Market; P.O.; and East Stow, vil.; P.O. ;
and Stow Hall, seat.

Stow Bedon, par. and ry. sta., Norfolk, 9 miles SE.
of Swaffham, 1692 ac., pop. 324.

Stow Langtolt, par. and vil., Suffolk—par. 1471 ac.,
pop. 178; vil., 2 miles SE. of Ixworth ; P.O.; in vicinity
is Stow Langtoft Hall, seat.

Stow Maries, par. and vil., Essex—par., 2378 ac.,
pop. 248; vil., 6 miles S. of Maldon; P.O., called Stow
St Mary.

Stow Park, ry. sta. and seat, Stowe by Gainsborough
par., Lincolnshire, 6j? miles SE. of Gainsborough.

Stow St Mary. See Marystow, also Stow Maries.

Stow Upland, par., Suffolk, on E. side of Stow-
market, 2841 ac., pop. 1170; P.O.

Stow Wood (or Stowood), par., Oxfordshire, 3g miles
SE. of Islip ry. sta., 578 ac., pop. 18.

Stow cum Quy, par. (ry. sta. Quy), in co. and 4g
miles NE. of Cambridge, 1820 ac., pop. 351; P.O.,
called Quy cum Stow; contains Quy Hall, seat.

Stow on the Wold, market town, par., and town-
ship with ry. sta., Gloucestershire, on the Fosse AYay,
31? miles NE. of Bourton on the AYater and 4 miles SAY.
of Moreton in the Marsh—par., 3130 ac., pop. 1969 ;
township, pop. 1266; town (comprising Stow on the
AYold township and part of Maugersbury township), 48
ac., pop. 1636; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank, 1 newspaper.
Thursday. Stow on the AYold has an
ancient church, a grammar school, and a town hall.
The mfr. of woollen has been discontinued, but there
is a large malting trade.

Stowe.—par., in co. and 2\ miles NAY. of Bucking-
ham, 3088 ac., pop. 338; contains Stowe House, seat of
the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos.—2. Stowe (or
Stow in Lindsey), Lincolnshire. See
Stowe by
—3. Stowe, par., Shropshire, 2 miles
NE. of Knighton, 2724 ac., pop. 253.—4. Stowe, par.,
in co. and 7 miles NE. of Stafford, 5120 ac., pop. 1168;
contains part of Great Haywood.

Stowe Nine Churches (or Clinrch Stowe), par. and
vil., Northamptonshire, 6 miles SE. of Daventry, 1865
ac., pop. 167; has Roman remains.

Stowe hy Gainsborough, par., township, and vil.
(ry. sta. Stow Park), Lincolnshire — par. (called also
Stow in Lindsey), 4620 ac., pop. 1007 ; township (Nor-
manby and Stowe), pop. 361; vil., in Normanby and
Stowe township, 7 miles SE. of Gainsborough; was the
seat of a bishopric in Saxon times ; in vicinity of vil. is
Stowe Park, seat, with ruins of ancient castle.

Stowe hy Market Deeping, par., Lincolnshire, 3
miles AY. of Market Deeping, 355 ac., pop. 23.

Stowell.—par., Gloucestershire, 2 miles SAY. of
Northleach, 823 ac., pop. 50; Stowell Park is the seat
of the Earl of Eldon.—2. Stowell, par., Somerset, 4J?
miles SAY. of AYincanton, 902 ac., pop. 110.

Stowell Lodge, seat, AYilcot par., AYilts, 6J miles
SAY. of Marlborough.

Stower, East, par. and vil., in N. of Dorset—par.,
1675 ac., pop. 451; vil., 4J miles AY. of Shaftesbury;
P.O., called East Stour.

Stower, West, par. and vil., Dorset—par., 1015 ac.,
pop. 165; the vil. is situated on the summit of Stower
(or Stour) Hill, 1 mile AY. of East Stower and 5g miles
AV. of Shaftesbury.

Stower Provost, par., liberty, and vil., in N. of
Dorset—par. and liberty, 2777 ac., pop. 726; the vil. is
1 m. SAY. of East Stower and 5 m. SAY. of Shaftesbury.

Stowey, par., Somerset, 7 miles SAY. of Keynsham,
814 ac., pop. 127.

Stowey, Nether, par. and vil., Somerset, 1 mile NE.
of Over Stowey, 1089 ac., pop. 731; P.O., T.O., 1
Bank; here the poets Coleridge, Southey, and AYords-
worth resided for some time.

Stowey, Over, par. and vil., Somerset, 8 miles AY. of
Bridgwater, 3647 ac., pop. 512.

Stowford, par., Devon, 7 miles NE. of Launceston,
2065 ac., pop. 392.

Stowford Manor House, seat, near Bradford on
Avon, AYilts.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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