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Tcnipledowncy, par., N. co. Tipperary, near Toomy-
vara, 1850 ac., pop. 192.




Teinplc-etncy, par., S. co. Tipperary, 6 miles NE.
of Clonmel, 667.7 ac., pop. 595.

Templegcal, 3 miles NW. of Dingle, N. co. Kerry;
here is a pillar inscribed with Ogham characters.

Tcmplcglantinc, 7 miles from Newcastle, co.
Limerick; P.O.

Templeltarry, par., SW. King’s co., miles S. of
Cloghjordan, 4589 ac., pop. 554.

Teinplebousc, seat, 4 miles NW. of Ballymote, mid.
co. Sligo.

Teiuplekeeran, par., mid. co. Meath, near river
Boyne, 3 miles SE. of Navan, 1067 ac., pop. 56.

Templcludigan, par., N. co. Wexford, on river
Barrow, 8 miles NE. of New Ross, 8177 ac., pop. 1187.

Teiiiplcmaley, par., mid. co. Clare, on river Fergus,
3 miles NE. of Ennis, 4641 ac., pop. 923.

Templeiuartin, par., mid. co. Cork, 5 miles N. of
Bandon,>.7515 ac., pop. 913; P.O.

Tcinpleniicitacl.—par., SE. co. Cork, 3 miles NE. of
Innishannon, 2064 ac., pop. 307.—2. Teiuplcinickael,
par., mid. co. Longford, on river Camlin and Royal
Canal, 9114 ac., pop. 6236; contains Longford.—3.
Templemicbael, par., S. co. Tipperary, on river
Lingan, 7 m. N. of Carrick-on-Suir, 2869 ac., pop. 529.
—4. Templcinlchacl, par., SAY. co. Waterford, on
river Blackwater, 4 miles NW. of Youghal, 8215 ac.,
pop. 933.

Teiuplcmolaga, par., NE. co. Cork, 5 miles NAV. of
Mitchelstown, 4395 ac., pop. 918.

Teinpleinore.—par., NAV. co. Londonderry, on river
Foyle, 12,772 ac., pop. 27,329; contains part of London-
derry city, and gives the title of baron to the family of
Chichester.—2. Teinpleinore (or Straid), par., E. co.
Mayo, on river Moy, 4 miles SAY. of Foxford, 9224 ac.,
pop. 2411.—3. Teinpleinore, market town, township,
and par. with ry. sta., NE. co. Tipperary, on river
Suir, 9 miles N. of Thurles, 11 miles S. of Roscrea, and
79 miles SW. of Dublin—par., 8471 ac., pop. 3446;
township, 1085 ac., pop. 2800; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks.
Wednesday. The town has large infantry
barracks. Adjacent is the seat of Teinpleinore Abbey.

Templenuirry, par., N. co. Mayo, on Rathfran Bay,
2 miles NW. of Killala, 2240 ac., pop. 398.

Tentplenacarriga, par., E. co. Cork, 4 miles N. of
Middleton, 5208 ac., pop. 528.

Teinplenelry, par., in co. and 5 miles SE. of Tipper-
ary, on river Aherlow, 12,840 ac., pop. 1679.

Templenoe.—par., S. co. Kerry, on Kenmare River,

1 mile SW. of Kenmare, 32,427 ac., pop. 2818.—

2. Templenoe, par., in co. and 3 miles NE. of Tipper-
ary, 2729 ac., pop. 480.

Teinpleogue, seat, in co. and 4 miles SW. of
Dublin; P.O.

Tcuipleonialns, par., S. co. Cork, on Clonakilfcy
Bay, 2 miles SE. of Clonakilty, 1931 ac., pop. 655.

Templeontragb, Tipperary. See Upperchurch.

Teiupleoran, par., mid. co. Westmeath, on Royal
Canal, 4 miles NW. of Mullingar, 5179 ac., pop. 632.

Templeoruiu, 4 miles NE. of Pilltown, S. co. Kil-
kenny; P.O.

Teniplepatrlek.—par. and vil. with ry. sta., S. co.
Antrim, 9 miles by road and 15 by rail NW. of Belfast
—par., 13,806 ac., pop. 3326; vil., pop. 192
; P.O., t.o.
—2. Templepatrick, par., W. co. Westmeath, 12
miles W. of Mullingar, 2149 ac., pop. 241.

Teinplepeler, par., mid. co. Carlow, on river Burren,
5 miles SAY. of Tullow, 1046 ac., pop. 113.

Teinpleport, par., NW. co. Cavan, 5 miles SW. of
Ballyconnel, 42,168 ac., pop. 7987 ; contains Bawnboy,
vil.; P.O., T.O., and 8 loughs.

TentplcqiiinInn, par., S. co. Cork, on river Ariga-
deen, 4 miles NE. of Clonakilty, 2337 ac., pop. 600.

Templeree, par., NE. co. Tipperary, near river
Suir, 2 miles E. of Templemore, 4241 ac., pop. 577.

Templeroan, par., N. co. Cork, on river Awbey, 4
miles E. of Doneraile, 3865 ac., pop. 775.

Templerobln, par., E. co. Cork, 3594 ac., pop.
10,669; contains part of Queenstown.

Templcscoby, par., mid. co. Wexford, on river Urrin,

2 miles SAY. of Enniscorthy, 1707 ac., pop. 264.

Tciuplesbanbo, par., NW. co. AYexford, near Mount

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