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with ry. sta. (Thornton Junction), Markinch par., and
quoad sacra par,, partly also in Kinglassie par., Fife—
quoad sacra par., pop. 909; vil., 3 miles S. of Markinch
and 5 miles N. of Kirkcaldy, pop. 552;

Thornton, Fast, and Thornton, West, 2 town-
ships, Hartburn par., Northumberland, 7 miles W. of
Morpeth—East Thornton, 1037 ac., pop. 49; AVest
Thornton, 1065 ac., pop. 75.

Thornton Abbey, ry. sta., Lincolnshire, 4 miles SE.
of New Holland ; adjacent are the ruins of Thornton
Abbey, founded in 1139. See
Thornton Curtis.

Thornton Bridge, township, Brafferton par.,North-
Biding Yorkshire, on river Swale, 4 m. NE. of Borough-
bridge, 1091 ac., pop. 55.

Thornton Castle, seat, Marykirk par., Kincardine-
shire, 3 miles AV. of Laurencekirk.

Thornton Curtis, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Thornton
Abbey, 1% mile NE.), Lincolnshire, 8% miles NE. of
Brigg, 4610 ac.,
pop. 471; P.O.

Thornton Dale, par. and ry. sta., North-Biding
Yorkshire, 3 miles E. of Pickering, 6461 ac., pop. 765;
P.O., called Thornton le Dale.

Thornton Force. See Thornton in Lonsdale.

Thornton Hall, ry. sta., Lanarkshire, 1 mile SE. of
Busby and 3 miles AV. of East Kilbride.

Thornton Heath, eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Croydon
par., Surrey, on N. side and in bor. of Croydon, pop.
5557; P.O., t.o.

Thornton Hough (or Thornton Mayow), township,
Neston par., and eccl. dist., partly also in Bromborough
par., Cheshire, 2 miles NE. of Neston—dist., pop. 877;
township, 1535 ac., pop. 456 ; P.O.

Thornton Junction, ry. sta., Fife. See Thornton.

Thornton Kisebrough, township, Normanby par.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles SAV. of Pickering,
620 ac., pop. 35.

Thornton Bust, township, Aysgarth par., North-
Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles SE. of Askrigg, 1939 ac.,
pop. 143.

Thornton Steward, par., North-Riding Yorkshire,
on r. Ure, 5 m. SE. of Leyburn, 2158 ac., pop. 249;

Thornton Watlass, par., township, and seat, North-
Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles SAV". of Bedale—par., 3709
ac., pop. 426; township, 1482 ac., pop. 183 ; P.O.

Thornton cnm Nash, eccl. dist., comprising Thorn-
ton par. and Nash township, AVhaddon par., Bucks,
pop. 407.

Thornton in Craven, par. and vil. with ry. sta., N.
div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire, 5% miles SAV. of Skipton,
5434 ac., pop. 2322 ;
P.O., called Thornton.

Thornton in Lonsdale, township, AVest-Riding York-
shire, and par., partly also in Lancashire, 1 mile NAV.
of Ingleton—par., 10,181 ac., pop. 1024; township, 7485
ac., pop. 320; Thornton Scar is a picturesque cliff
300 ft. high, and Thornton Force is a cascade of about
90 ft. in fall.

Thornton le Beans, township, North Otterington
par., North-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles SE. of North-
allerton, 1691 ac., pop. 214.

Thornton le Clay, township, Foston par., North-
Riding Yorkshire, 7 miles SW. of Malton, 954 ac.,
pop. 274;

Thornton le Dale, 3 miles E. of Pickering, North-
Riding Yorkshire;
P.O. See Thornton Dale.

Thornton le Fen, par., Lincolnshire, 7% miles NW.
of Boston, 541 ac., pop. 346.

Thornton leMoor.—par., Lincolnshire, 6 miles SW.
of Caistor, 1503 ac., pop. 96.—2. Thornton le Moor,
township, North Otterington par., North-Riding York-
shire, 4% miles NW. of Thirsk, 1527 ac., pop. 335; p.o.

Thornton le Moors, par. and township, Cheshire,
6 miles NE. of Chester—par., 4866 ac., pop. 802; town-
ship, 1213 ac., pop. 157.

Thornton le Street, par., township, and seat, North-
Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles N. of Thirsk—par., 2324 ac.,
pop. 225; township, 1389 ac., pop. 138; Thornton le
Street is the seat of Earl Cathcart.

Thornton on the Hill cum Baxby, township,
Coxwold par., North-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles N. of
Easingwold, 1448 ac., pop. 92.

Thornviile, township, AVhixley par., E. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles S. of Boroughbridge, 266 ac.,
pop. IS.

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