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Riding Yorkshire, 1J mile NAV. of Penistone and 8 miles
SAY. of Barnsley, 8117 ac., pop. 2851; P.O., called
ThniTcstone ; has mfrs. of woollen cloth ; Thurlstone
is a local government district.

Tlinrlton, par. and vil., Norfolk, 3J miles E. of
Loddon, 1170 ac., pop. 419.

Thurmaston, small town, in co. and 3J miles NE.
of Leicester, on river Soar, 1643 ac., pop. 1545; P.O.;
consists of the township of North Thurmaston, Barkby
par., and the township of South Thurmaston, Belgrave
par.—North Thurmaston, 423 ac., pop. 420; South
Thurmaston, 1220 ac., pop. 1125; framework-knitting
is carried on.

Thurnby, par. and township (ry. sta. Thurnby and
Scraptoft), in co. and 3g miles E. of Leicester—par.,
2740 ac., pop. 432; township, pop. 232; P.O.

Thurne, Norfolk. See Thirne.

Thuriiham.—township, Lancaster and Cockerham
pars., N. Lancashire, 4J miles S. of Lancaster, 2095
ac. (504 water), pop. 721; contains Thurnham Hall,
seat, near ruins of Thurnham Abbey, or Cocker-
sand Abbey: which see.—2. Thurnham, Kent. See

Thurning.—par., Huntingdonshire and Northamp-
tonshire, 5 miles SE. of Oundle, 961 ac., pop. 186.—2.
Thnrning, par., Norfolk, 4 miles NE. of Foulsham,
1584 ac., pop. 170 ; contains Thurnlng Hall, seat.

Thurnscoe, par., S. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 2
miles NE. of Darfield and 8 miles NAY. of Doncaster,
1672 ac., pop. 249.

Thurrock, Grays, Essex. See Grays Thurrock.

Thurrock, Little (or Hast Thurrock), par., Essex,
1 mile E. of Grays sta., which is 2 miles NAY. of Til-
bury sta. and 20 miles E. of London, 1348 ac. and 160
tidal water and foreshore, pop. 451; P.O.

Thurrock, West, par., Essex, on river Thames, 1-g
mile AY. of Grays sta., 3000 ac. and 705 tidal water
and foreshore, pop. 1926 ; p. o.; contains Purfleet.

Thnrsby, par. and vil., Cumberland, 4J miles NE. of
AVigton, 3142 ac., pop. 533; P.O.

Thurscross, Yorkshire. See Thruscross.

Thursford, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Norfolk, 5
miles NE. of Fakenham, 1350 ac., pop. 322; P.O.; near
vil. is Thnrsford Hall, an Elizabethan seat.

Thurshelton, par., Devon, 2| miles N. of Coryton
sta. and 9 miles N. of Tavistock, 3714 ac., pop. 427.

Thursley, par. and vil., Surrey, 5J miles SAY. of
Godalming, 4378 ac., pop. 1020 ; P.O.

Thurso.—seaport, police burgh, and par., Caithness,
on Thurso Bay, at the mouth of river Thurso, 20§ miles
NAY. of AVick by rail and 25 SAY. of Stromness hy
sea—par., 28,049 ac., pop. 6217; burgh, pop. 4026 ; P.O.,
T.o., 5 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
Thurso has a small harbour, which is obstructed by a bar
at the mouth of the river, but there is a good pier and
roadstead at Scrabster. Grain and flag-stones for
paving are exported. The fisheries in Dunnet Bay are
productive. Thurso (from the Norse Thors-a—
Thor’s river) is an ancient place, and was a great
centre of trade between Scotland and the Scandinavian
countries. It was made a burgh of barony in 1633, and
for nearly 2 centuries afterwards was practically the
county town of Caithness. Thurso Castle is the seat
of the Sinclairs of Thurso.—2. Thurso, river, Caith-
ness; rises in the SAY. of Halkirk par., and flows 27
miles NE. and N. to Thurso Bay at Thurso.

Thurstable, hundred, Essex, 24,776 ac., pop. 7077;
contains 16 pars.

Thurstaston, par. and township, Cheshire, on the
estuary of the Dee, 3J miles SE. of Hoylake—par.,
2762 ac., pop. 157; township, 942 ac. land, 428 tidal
water and 1141 foreshore, pop. 113.

Thurston, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Suffolk, 4 miles
E. of Bury St Edmunds, 2200 ac., pop. 695; P.O.; near
vil. is Thurston Honse, seat.

Thurston, seat, Innerwick par., Haddingtonshire,
5 miles SE. of Dunbar.

Thurston Water, or Coniston AYater : which see.

Thurstonfleld, vil., Burgh by Sands par., Cumber-
land, 5J miles AY. of Carlisle.

Thnrstonland, township, Kirkburton par., S. div.
AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 4J miles SE. of Huddersfield,
2106 ac., pop. 997; is a local government district.

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