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1200 ac., pop. 9317; P.O., to., 2 Banks, 2 newspapers.
Tunbridge is a quiet country town, surrounded by hop
gardens; it has the ruins of a castle, a handsome parish
church, a richly endowed grammar school (at which Sir
Sidney Smith was educated), a new public hall, and a
manufactory of Tunbridge ware.—2. Tunbridge,
hundred, Aylesford lathe, Kent, 12,631 ae., pop. 11,109;
contains 2 pars, and part of another.

Tunbridge (or South-Western) Division, pari. div.
of Kent, pop. 65,065.

Tunbridge Wells, market town and watering-place,
Tunbridge and Speldhurst pars., Kent, and Frantpar.,
Sussex, 5 miles S. of Tunbridge and 34% miles SE. of
London by rail, 3351 ac., pop. 24,308; 3 Banks, 6
newspapers. Market-day,
Friday. Tunbridge Wells
is an old inland watering-place, situated amid pic-
turesque scenery. The chief parade, called the Pantiles,
finely planted on one side, and occupied by assembly-
rooms, libraries, and elegant shops on the other, has in-
teresting associations with Dr Johnson, Beau Nash, and
other celebrities. In the Pantiles and in High Street
are the chief shops and bazaars for the sale of Tunbridge
ware, much of which, however, is made at Tunbridge.
At the bottom of the Pantiles are the Wells, chalybeate
springs, discovered by Lord North in 1606. They were
visited by Charles I.’s queen, Henrietta, and imme-
diately became fashionable. It is observed of the old
church of King Charles the Martyr that it is built in 2
counties and 3 parishes—the pulpit being in Speldhurst,
the altar in Tunbridge, and the vestry in Frant.

Tuiulcrgartb, par., Dumfriesshire, on Water of
Milk, 10,482 ac., pop. 466 ; the church is 3 miles SE. of

Tunnvyduff, 6m. fromBailieborough, co. Cavan; P.O.

Tunorbury, ancient circular camp, Hayling island,

Tuns Bocks, 5 miles SW. of Carnsore Point, S. co.

Tamstal, par. and township, N. Lancashire, near the
confluence of the Lune and the Greta, 3 miles S. of
Kirkby Lonsdale—par., 9360 ac., pop. 693; township,
1076 ac., pop. 104; p.o.

Tunstall.—town with ry. sta., Wolstanton par.,
Staffordshire, on the Grand Trunk Canal, 2% miles NE.
and within the parliamentary limits of Newcastle under
Lyme, 690 ac., pop. 14,244; P.O., T.O., 3 Banks. Tuu-
stall shares in the industries of the Potteries. It has
rapidly risen from a village to a considerable town, with
a fine town hall in the centre of a spacious market-place.
—2. Tunstall, township, Bishop Wearmouth par.,
Durham, 2% miles SAA7. of Sunderland, 808 ac., pop.
4306.—3. Tunstall, par., Kent, 1 mile SW. of Sitting-
bourne, 1200 ac., pop. 269.—4. Tunstall, par., Nor-
folk, 8 miles AV. of Yarmouth, 1612 ac., pop. 106.—5.
Tunstall, par. and vil., Suffolk, 2 miles SE. of Wickham
Market and 6 NE. of Woodbridge, 2863 ac., pop. 615;
P.O., T.O.—-6. Tunstall, par., East-Riding Yorkshire,
on the coast, 6 miles N. of Patrington, 1346 ac. and 272
foreshore, pop. 120.—7. Tunstall, hamlet, Ayton par.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles NE. of Stokesley.—

8. Tunstall, township, Catterick par., North-Riding
Yorkshire, 4 miles SE. of Richmond, 1283 ac., pop. 244.

Tunstall Hall, seat, on border of Shropshire and
Staffordshire, 1 mile NE. of Market Drayton.

Tunstead.—vil., Tideswell par., Derbyshire, 3%miles
AA7. of Tideswell.—2. Tunstead, eccl. dist., Whalley
and Rochdale pars., SE. Lancashire, 4 miles SE of
Haslingden, pop. 7701.—3. Tunstead, hundred, Nor-
folk, 36,954 ac., pop. 10,615; contains 27 pars. —
Tunstead, par., Norfolk, 2 miles NE. of Coltishall,
2291 ac., pop. 420.

TnnwcJl, 2% miles from AVare, Herts ; P.O.

Tunwortli, par., Hants, 3% miles SE. of Basing-
stoke, 1105 ac., pop. 112.

Tuogli, par., E. co. Limerick, on river Mulkear, 3
miles N. of Pallas ry. sta., 6518 ac., pop. 2113 ; contains

TuogUcluggin, par., E. co. Limerick, 2 miles NE.
of Pallas ry. sta., 2093 ac., pop. 336.

Tuosist, coast par., S. co. Kerry, 11 miles SW. of
Kenmare, 39,340 ac., pop. 3087 ; P.O.

Tupgill, hamlet, Coverham par., North-Riding York-
shire, 2 miles SW. of Middleham.

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