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Via Gellia, modern road, Derbyshire, on route from
Matlock Bath to Ashborne, in a deep winding valley,
extending 4 miles from Cromford to Grange Mill;
takes name from its constructors, the Gell family of
Hopton Hall, near Wirksworth.

Via Iceniana. See Icening Wat.

Via Julia, ancient Roman road from Bath to Car-
marthen, with branches from Neath to Brecknock, and
from Carmarthen to Brecknock, Abergavenny, and Usk.

Vicard Point, W. extremity of Bouley Bay, Jersey,
Channel Islands,
5f miles N. of St Helier; to the W.
Vicard Harbour, a picturesque cove and small
fishing station.

Vicar’s (or Derwent) Isle, near foot of Derwent-
water, Cumberland; formerly belonged to Fountains

Vicarscairn Hill, 3 miles W. of Markethill, mid.
co. Armagh, alt. 814 ft.

Vicarstown.—4 miles from St Anne’s Hill, S. co.
; P.O.—2. Vicarstown, 5 miles NE. of Strad-
bally, E. Queen’s co.; P.O.

Victoria.—ry. sta., Cornwall, 11 miles E. of New-
Victoria, ry. sta., Lancashire, in N. of
Victoria, ry. sta., St George Hanover
Square par., Middlesex, Pimlico, London, 1 mile SW.
of Westminster Bridge; is the West End terminus of
the London, Brighton, and South Coast Ry., and of
the London, Chatham, and Dover Ry.
—4. Victoria,
seat of ironworks and ry. sta., Monmouthshire, 2 miles
SE. of Ebbw Yale.

Victoria Bridge, ry. sta., W. co. Tyrone, 5 miles S.
of Strabane; P.O.

Victoria Cave, 2 miles N. of Settle, N. div. AYest-
Riding Yorkshire, in the face of the cliff, 900 ft. above
the Ribble; large deposits of bones of elephant,
hyaena, bear, rhinoceros, &c., with bronze and bone
implements, coins, and pottery, have been found in this
cave, which was discovered in 1837.

Victoria Channel, 4 miles SAY. of Formby Point,
Lancashire ; leads into Crosby Channel, and is the best
entrance into the Mersey.

Victoria College, collegiate school (1852), St Helier,
Jersey, Channel Islands.

Victoria Docks, eccl. dist. (ry. stations Tidal Basin
and Custom House), West Ham par., Essex, on river
Thames, opposite AVoolwich and 4g miles E. of Fen-
church Street sta., London, pop. 16,821; Victoria
Docks (formed 1855) have steam communication with

Victoria Embankment. See Thames Embankment.

Victoria Falls, near Garavaig Bridge, lg mile NAY.
of Loch Maree Hotel, Talladale, Ross and Cromarty.

Victoria Fort, at Sconce Point, Isle of Wight, on
the coast, 1 mile AA7. of Yarmouth; Victoria Fort,
Albert Fort (at Cliff End, § mile SAY.), and Hurst
Castle (in Hants, opposite,
If mile AY.), are the
defences at the western entrance of the Solent.

Victoria Park, eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Bow par.,
Middlesex, in NE. of London, pop. 9899; the sta. is 3g
miles NE. of Liverpool Street sta., London; the park
consists of about 270 ac., and contains the finest public
fountain in the metropolis.

Victoria Boad, 2 miles from Diss, Norfolk; P.O.

Viera (or Wire), island, Rousay and Egilshay par.,
Orkney, separated from SE. side of Rousay island by
Viera Sound, pop. 80; P.O., called
Veira; is 2 miles
long and 1 mile broad, and has very fertile soil.

Vicwiield Bows, part of Cantsdam, Beathpar., Fife.

Vilie of Wotton, Gloucester. See Wotton-ville.

Viliierstown, vil., Aglish par., W. co. Waterford,
on river Blackwater, 4 miles S. of Cappoquin and 12
N. of Youghal, pop. 232 ; P.O.

Vincent’s Pits, cliff-crevices, Bolbury Down, Devon,
near Bolt Tail.

Vine, The, seat, Basingstoke par., Hants, 3 miles
N. of Basingstoke ; was built by Lord Sandys in 1550,
and passed to the Chutes in 1654 ; is said to derive its
name from standing on the spot where the Romans
first grew the vine in England.

Vineford, hamlet, Minehead par., Somerset, near

Vinegar Hill, near Enniscorthy, mid. co. Wexford ;
the insurgents were here defeated by Gen. Lake in 1798.

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