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12 miles NW. of Brigg; in vicinity is Walcot Hall,
seat.—3. Walcot (or Walcott), par., Norfolk, 5 miles
E. of North Walsham, 735 ac. (50 water), pop. 121; P.O.
—4. Walcot, hamlet with ry. sta., Wellington par.,
Shropshire, 4 miles W. of Wellington and 7 E. of
Shrewsbury.—5. Walcot, par., Somerset, on N. side
and mostly in bor. of Bath, 837 ac. (including St James,
St Peter and St Paul, and St Michael), pop. 24,980;
pop. of borough part, 24,935.—6. Walcot, vil., Haselor
par., Warwickshire, 2 miles NE. of Alcester.

Walcot Hall, seat, Northamptonshire, in NE. of co.,
3% miles SE. of Stamford.

Walcot Park, seat of the Earl of Powis, Shropshire,
3 miles SE. of Bishops Castle.

Walcot by Falkiiigham, par., Lincolnshire, 6%
miles S. of Sleaford, 1747 ac., pop. 149.

Walcotc, vil., Misterton par., Leicestershire, 2 miles
E. of Lutterworth ; P.O.

Walcott.—township and vil., Billinghay par., Lin-
colnshire, 2 miles N. of Billinghay and 7 miles NE.
of Sleaford, pop. 594; P.O.—2. Walcott, hamlet, Per-
shore Holy Cross par., Worcestershire, 2 miles NW.
of Pershore.—3. Walcott, Norfolk. See Walcot.

Walden.—Herts. See King’s Walden and St
Paul’s Walden.—2. Walden, Yorkshire. See Bur-
ton cum Walden.

Walden, Saffron, Essex. See Saffron Walden.

Walden Stubbs, township, Wornersley par., S. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 7 miles SE. of Pontefract, 1272
ac., pop. 148.

Waldenbury, seat, St Paul’s Walden par., Herts, 3
miles SW. of Stevenage.

Waldersbare, par., Kent, 5 miles NW. of Dover,
1020 ac., pop. 132. Waldersbare Park, seat of the
Earl of Guilford, is an extensive demesne; the man-
sion was once the residence of Lord North ; a tower in
the SW. corner of the park commands fine views.

Walderton, vil., Stoughton par., Sussex, 7 miles
NW. of Chichester; P.O.

Waldlngfield, Great, par. and vil., Suffolk—par.,
2423 ac., pop. 587; vil., 3% m. NE. of Sudbury; P.O.

Waldingfleld, Little, par., Suffolk, adjacent to
Great Waldingfleld, 1574 ac., pop. 415.

Walditcb, par., Dorset, on E. side and partly in bor.
of Bridport, 285 ac., pop. 192.

Waldrldge.—hamlet, Dinton par., Bucks, 3 miles
NW. of Princes Risborough.—2. Waldridge, town-
ship and mining vil., Chester le Street par., Durham, 5%
miles N. of Durham, 732 ac., pop. 1428.

Waldrlnglield, par., Suffolk, on river Deben, 3%
miles S. of Woodbridge, 902 ac. and 190 tidal water and
foreshore, pop. 270.

Waldron, par. and vil., Sussex—par., 6243 ac., pop.
1342; vil., 6 miles SE. of Uckfield; P.O.

Wales.—principality in the SW. of the island of
Great Britain, bounded N. by the Irish Sea, E. by
Cheshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Monmouth-
shire, S. by the Bristol Channel, and W. by St
George’s Channel; greatest length, 135 miles ; greatest
breadth, 95miles; 4,712,281 ac., pop. 1,360,513. It is
divided into North Wales and South Wales, each con-
taining 6 counties—Anglesey, Carnarvonshire, Den-
bighshire, Flintshire, Merioneth, and Montgomeryshire
being in North Wales; and Brecknockshire, Cardigan-
shire, Carmarthenshire, Glamorgan, Pembrokeshire,
and Radnorshire in South Wales. It is very moun-
tainous, particularly in the north, where Snowdon,
the highest point of South Britain, rises to an alt.
of 3571 ft. The most fertile tracts are the vales of
Clwyd and Glamorgan. (For agricultural statistics,
see Appendix.) The minerals are very valuable, and
the south contains some of the largest coal and iron
works in the kingdom.—2. Wales, par. and vil., S. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, on Chesterfield Canal, 7 miles
NW. of Worksop, 1786 ac., pop. 2255; P.O.

Walesby.—par. and vii., Lincolnshire—par., 2580
ac., pop. 322; vil., 3 miles NE. of Market Rasen; P.O.
—2. Walesby, par. and vil., Notts—par., 1260 ac.,
pop. 282 ; vil., 4 miles W. of Tuxford ; P.O.

Waleswood, hamlet, Wales par., S. div. West-Rid-
ing Yorkshire, 1% mile NW. of Wales vil.

Walford, par. and vil., Hereford, in S. of co.—par.,
4241 ac., pop. 1179; vil., on river AVye, 3 miles SAA”. of

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