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worth Castle is an Elizabethan mansion.—2. Wal-
worth, dist. and ry. sta. (Walworth Road), Newington
par. and bor., Surrey, in S. of London, between South-
wark and Camberwell, pop. 59,555; the sta. is
If mile
S. of Waterloo Station, London.

Walworth Division, parl. div. of bor. of Newington,
Surrey, pop. 55,444.

Waiubrook, par. and vil., Dorset, on NW. border
of co.—par., 1857 ac., pop. 263; vil., 2 miles SW. of
Chard; P.O., also P.O. at Higher Wambrook.

Wampherflat, seat, in co. and near Lanark. _

Wainphray, par. and ry. sta., Dumfriesshire, on
river Annan and Wamphray Water—par., 13,133 ac.,
pop. 455; ry. sta,, 5 miles SE. of Beattock and 9 N. of
Lockerbie; P.O.

Wampool, river, Cumberland ; rises near Caldbeck,
and flows 16 miles NW. to Morecambe Bay.

Wanborough.—par., Surrey, 33? miles W. of Guild-
ford, 1879 ac., pop. 288.—2. Wanborough, par. and
vil., Wilts—par., 4440 ac., pop. 877; vil., 4 miles SE.
of Swindon; P.O.

Wandeli and Lamington, par., Lanarkshire, on
river Clyde, 12,820 ac., pop. 316; contains Lamington,
vil. with ry. sta., 6 miles SW. of Biggar.

Wandesley, hamlet, Annesley par., Notts, 9 miles
NW. of Nottingham.

Wandle, river, Surrey; rises near Croydon, and flows
9 miles NAY. to the Thames at Wandsworth.

Wandsford. See Wansford.

Wandsworth, parl. bor. and par., Surrey, on river
AYandle, at its influx into the Thames, 5 miles SAY.
of AVaterloo Station, London, by rail—par., 2433 ac.,
pop. 28,004; bor. (including also the pars, of Tooting-
Graveney, Streatham, and Putney), 8148 ac., pop.
66,792. AYandsworth is mentioned in Domesday Book,
and became a seat of several important manufactures
introduced by refugee Frenchmen after the revocation
of the Edict of Nantes; the present industries include
oil-mills, dye-works, paper-works, calico printing, hat
making, corn mills, brewing, vinegar making, &c.
There are 3 ry. stations—AYandsworth, AVandsworth
Common, and AYandsworth Road. The Surrey County
Lunatic Asylum, the Royal Hospital for Incurables,
and the Boys’ Home Reformatory, are here. AYands-
worth returns 1 member to Parliament; it was made a
parl. bor. in 1885.

Wangford.—hundred, Suffolk, in NE. of co., 33,187
ac., pop. 8735 ; contains 27 pars.—2. Wangford, par.,
township, and vil., Suffolk, in NE. of co.—par., 2603
ac., pop. 757; township, 851 ac., pop. 606; vil., 33?miles
NAY. of Southwold; P.O., T.o.

Wangford near Brandon, par., Suffolk, in NW. of
co., 3 miles SW. of Brandon, 3252 ac., pop. 56.

Wanlip, par., Leicestershire, on river Soar, 13? mile
W. of Syston, 952 ac., pop. 108; contains W. Ilall.

Wanloclchead, quoad sacra par. and mining vil.,
Sanquhar par., Dumfriesshire
—quoad sacra par., pop.
854; vil., at border with Lanarkshire, on AVanlock
Water, lg mile SAY. of Leadhills and 8g NE. of San-
quhar, pop. 788; P.O.; the lead mines were opened
about 1680.

Wannerton, hamlet, Kidderminster par., Worcester-
shire, 1 mile SE. of Kidderminster.

Wansbeck, river, Northumberland; rises5 miles SE.
of Bellingham, and flows E. past Morpeth to the sea at
Cambois; is 23 miles long.

Wansbeck Division, parl. div. of Northumberland,
pop. 51,449.

Wansdykc, ancient British road, 80 miles long, from
Andover in Hants, W. through Wilts, to Portishead in
Somerset; was originally called AYodensdic, and was
made by the Belgse as their north boundary.

Wansfell Pike, mountain ridge (1 mile long), West-
morland, in Wi of co., at head of Windermere, 1597 ft.;
on its S. declivity is a villa in which Mrs Hemans (1794-
1835), the poetess, resided.

Wansford.—par. and vil. (ry. stations Wansford
and Wansford Road), Northamptonshire—par., 469 ac.,
pop. 143; vil., on river Nen, 8 miles AY. of Peter-
borough; P.O., T.o.—2. Wansford, township and vil.,
Nafferton par., East-Riding Yorkshire—township, 922
ac., pop. 209; vil., 3 miles SE. of Driffield; P.O.

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