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now the property of the Duke of Northumberland; and
the ancient hermitage of Bishop Percy’s ballad. The
trade of the place is chiefly carried on from Amble (1
mile SE.), where there is a considerable harbour, with
pier, quays, tramways, &c.; it is principally in connec-
tion with the great coal seam at Radcliffe. Herring
fishing, salt mfr., and brick-making are also carried on.
—2. Warkworth, par. and vil., Northamptonshire—
par. (containing part of the town of Banbury), 2370
ac., pop. 2467; the vil. is 14 mile E. of Banbury.

Wariaby, township, Ainderby Steeple par., North-
Riding Yorkshire,
If mile SW. of Northallerton, 767
ac., pop. 78.

Warlands, seat, Isle of Wight, in SW. vicinity of

Warleggon, par., Cornwall, 6 miles NE. of Bodmin,
2055 ac., pop. 232.

Warleigb, hamlet, Bathford par., Somerset, 4 miles
NE. of Bath; in vicinity is Warleigb Honse, seat._

Warleigb Honse, seat, Devon, in S. of co., 4 miles
N. of Plymouth.

Warley, township and local government district,
Halifax par., N. div. West-Riding Yorkshire—town-
ship (partly in town of Luddendenfoot), 4025 ac., pop.
8365; dist., 3 miles W. of Halifax, 3239 ac., pop. 3211;
has worsted and woollen mfrs. and stone quarries.

Warley, Great, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Brentwood
and Warley), Essex—par., 2891 ac., pop. 1413; vil., 3
miles S. of Brentwood; P.O.; Warley House and
Warley Place are seats.

Warley, Great, Christchurch, eccl. dist., Great War-
ley, Shenfield, and South Weald pars., Essex, pop. 3661.

Warley, Little, par., Essex, adjacent to Great War-
ley, 1691 ac., pop. ,685; P.O., T.o., at Warley Common.

Warley Common, Little Warley par., Essex, 1 mile
S. of Brentwood; P.O., T.o.; has extensive barracks
for training army recruits.

Warley Salop, township, Halesowen par., Wor-
cestershire, pop. 546.

Warley Street, hamlet, in par. and 14 mile N. of
Great Warley, Essex.

Warley Wigorn, township, Halesowen par., AVor-
cestershire, partly in town of Oldbury and 3 miles NE.
of Halesowen, pop. 2199.

Wariies Park, seat, Essex, in AV. of co., 2 miles E.
of Waltham Abbey.

Warlingham, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Surrey—
par., 1703 ac., pop. 1147; vil., 4| miles SE. of East
Croydon sta. ; P.O., and P.O. at
Warlingham Station.

Warmanhie, seat and distillery, in par. and 14 mile
N. of Annan, Dumfriesshire.

Warmfield, par., township, and vil., S. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire—par., 2779 ac., pop. 2867 ; township
(Warmfield with Heath), 1580 ac., pop. 977 J vil., 3
miles E. of AVakefield.

Warmingham, par. and vil., Cheshire—par., 4969
ac., pop. 1210; township, 2121 ac., pop. 320; vil., 14
mile W. of Sandbach; P.O.; has brass and iron foundries,
brickworks, and tile yards, and mfrs. of agricultural

Warminghurst, par. and vil., Sussex, 5 miles NW.
of Steyning, 1105 ac., pop. 97.

Warmington.—par. and vil., Northamptonshire—
par., 3150 ac., pop. 685; vil., on river Nen, 24 miles
NE. of Oundle ; P.O.—2. Warmington, par. and vil.,
AVarwickshire—par., 1750 ac., pop. 388; vil., 44 miles
SE. of Kineton and 54 NAV. of Banbury; P.O.

Warminster.—market town and par., Wilts, on W.
border of Salisbury Plain, 9 miles S. of Trowbridge and
20 miles NW. of Salisbury by rail, 6370 ac., pop. 5640;
P.O., t.o., 2 Banks, 2 newspapers. Market-day,
AVarminster derives its name from an ancient
nunnery. It has a chapel of time of Edward I., an
endowed grammar school, town hall, market house,
&c. The making of broadcloth has long ceased, but
there is malting, and a considerable local trade. Roman
antiquities have been found.—2.
Warminster, hun-
dred, Wilts, 25,649 ac., pop. 9277; contains 10 pars.

Warmley.—eccl. dist. and vil. withry. sta., Bitton
and Siston pars., Gloucestershire—dist., pop. 1849;
vil., 5 miles E. of Bristol; P.O.—
2. Warmley, eccl.
dist. and vil., in par. and 3 miles SE. of Sutton Cold-
field, Warwickshire, pop. 756.

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