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was built in 1496; being the principal passage over the
river from Cheshire to Lancashire, it has been the scene
of many conflicts. Warrington was made a pari. bor.
in 1832, and a mun. bor. in 1847; it returns 1 member
to Parliament.—2.
Warrington, township, Olney par.,
Bucks, in N. of co., 1% m. N. of Olney, 901 ac., pop. 68.

Warrlston, in N. suburbs of Edinburgh ; P.O., T.o.

Warsash, hamlet, Titchfield par., Hants, on E. side
of Southampton Water, 5 miles W. of Eareham; P.O.;
in vicinity is AVarsash House, seat. See Hook with

Warsill, township, Ripon par., E. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 5 miles NW. of Ripley, 1029 ac., pop. 59.

Warslow, eccl. dist. and vil., Alstonefield par., Staf-
fordshire—dist., pop. 574; vil., 6 miles NE. of Leek;
P.O.; the dist. is conterminous with the township of
Elkstone and Warslow : which see.

Warsop, small town, par., and township, Notts, on
river Meden, 5 miles NE. of Mansfield—par., 6710 ac.,
pop. 1364; town and township, pop. 1329; P.O., T.o.
The parish church is a fine old structure. Warsop has
cattle and horse fairs; limestone quarries and gravel
pits are in the par.

Warter, par. and vil., East-Riding Yorkshire—par.,
7875 ac., pop. 604; vil., 5 miles E. of Pocklington;
Warter Hall, seat, is in vicinity.

Wartliall, hamlet, Plumbland par., Cumberland, 5
miles N. of Cockermouth.

AVarthermask. See Swinton with Warthermask.

Warthlll, par. andry. sta., North-Riding Yorkshire,
6f miles NE. of York by rail, 650 ac., pop. 154; the
townships of Warthill Copyhold and Warthill Freehold
are partly in Holtby par.—area of both townships,
1003 ac., pop. 158 and 32.

Wartle, ry. sta., Rayne par., Aberdeenshire, 14
miles S. of Turriff; 1 m. NW. is
Warthill, seat; P.O.

Wartllng, par. and vil., Sussex—par., 4743 ac., pop.
787; vil., 3 miles NE. of Pevensey ry. sta.; P.O.

Wartllngton, hamlet, If mile N. of Battle, Sussex.

Wartnaby, township, Rothley par., Leicestershire, 4
miles NW. of Melton Mowbray, 640 ac., pop. 165; con-
Wartnaby Hall, seat.

Warton.—par., township, and vil., N. Lancashire
—par., 11,100 ac., pop. 4817; township (Warton with
Lindeth), 2824 ac. and 1951 foreshore, pop. 1471; vil.,
6% miles N. of Lancaster; P.O.—2. Warton, eccl.
dist., township, and vil., Kirkham par., N. Lancashire—
dist., pop. 522; township, 1591 ac. land and 949 water,
pop. 408; vil., on Ribble estuary, 3 miles SW. of Kirk-
ham; p.o,; has mfrs. of cotton, sailcloth, and cordage.—

3. Warton, township, Rothbury par., Northumberland,
3 miles W. of Rothbury, 650 ac., pop. 57.—4. Warton,
eccl. dist. and vil., Polesworth par., Warwickshire—
dist., pop. 571; vil., 1% mile NE. of Polesworth; P.O.

Warton Midi Lindeth. See Warton.

Warwick.—pari, and mun. bor., and co. town of
AVarwickshire, on river Avon, 108 miles from London
by rail—mun. bor. (including the pars, of Warwick
St Mary, pop. 6387; Warwick St Nicholas, pop, 5397;
and Guy’s Cliffe, pop. 16), 5512 ac., pop. 11,800; pari,
bor. (Warwick and Leamington), 9717
ac., pop. 37,879;
3 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
Saturday. War-
wick seems to have been a place of some note, with a
fortress, in Saxon times. It appears in Domesday Book
as a borough with 261 houses. Its castle made it an im-
portant place during the middle ages, but the fire of
1694 swept away the majority of the old houses, and the
town is mostly modern. Industrially Warwick is of
little importance, but it has a considerable trade in
cattle, corn, and provisions. The principal objects of
interest are the castle, seat of the Earl of AYarwick and
Brooke, one of the few real old baronial residences still
kept up and inhabited; St Mary’s Church, with the
Beauchamp chapel; the Earl of Leicester’s hospital for
aged brethren; and the 2 town gates, each surmounted
by an ancient chapel. Warwick returns 1 member to
Parliament; it returned 2 members from Edward I.
until 1885, when the pari, limits
were extended so as
to include the mun. bor. of Leamington and the local
government districts of Milverton and Lillington.—2.
Warwick, par. and vil., Cumberland, on river Eden,
near AYarwick Bridge, and 4 miles E. of Carlisle, 858
ac. (43 water), pop. 320.

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