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Wendover, market town and par., Bucks, 5 miles
SE. of Aylesbury, 5832 ac., pop. 1902; P.O., T.o.
Tuesday. Wendover stands under the
Chiltern Hills, at the terminus of a branch of the
Grand Junction Canal; is an ancient place, and sent
members to Parliament in the reigns of Edward I. and
Edward VI., and from the reign of James II. until
1832. The chief architectural feature is its Early
English church. The town has a literary institution
with library, and an endowed school. Straw-plait is
manufactured, and many of the females are employed
in lace making. Some import trade in coal is carried 011,
and cattle fairs are held twice a year.
Wendover Hall,
Wendover House,
and Wendover Lodge are seats.

Wendron, par., township, and vil., Cornwall—par.
(containing Helston and Carnmenellis), 13,568 ac., pop.
8016; township, 13,259 ac., pop. 4584; vil., 24 miles NE.
of Helston; has tin mining.

Wendy, par., Cambridgeshire, 5 miles NW. of Roys-
ton, 947 ac., pop. 136; P.O.

Wcnfoc. See Wenvoe.

Wenbam, Great, par. and vil., Suffolk—par., 1123
ac., pop. 234; vil., 4f miles SE. of Hadleigh; p.o.

Wenbam, Little, par., Suffolk, adjacent to Great
Wenham, 931 ac., pop. 65; has a 13th century church.

Wen bast on, par. and vil. with ry. sfca., Suffolk—
par., 2326 ac., pop. 877; vil., 24 miles SE. of Hales-
worth; P.O.

Wenlock, mun. bor. with ry. sta. (AArenlock, or Much
Wenlock), Shropshire, 14 miles SE. of Shrewsbury,
33,000 ac., pop. 18,442; 1 Bank. Market-day,
The bor. of Wenlock comprises the pars, and local
government dists. of Much Wenlock, Broseley (includ-
ing Coalport), and Madeley (including Ironbridge and
Coalbrookdale). Much Wenlock dates from British
times, and has ruins of a monastery founded about 680,
destroyed hy the Danes, and refounded as a Cluniac
abbey in 1080. Much Wenlock is the centre of a large
agricultural district, and in its immediate neighbour-
hood are valuable limestone quarries. Broseley, which
dates from 1570, has coal mining and brick and tile
making, a fine art encaustic tile manufactory, and
tobacco-pipe works. Madeley, which dates from 1645,
has ironworks, blast furnaces, and coal mines. Coal-
brookdale is famous for its fine-art work in iron and
other metals; and at Coalport are celebrated china
works. Wenlock was incorporated by Edward IV., and
returned 2 members to Parliament from his time until

Wenlock, Little, and Much, 2 pars., Shropshire,
within the mun. limits of Wenlock—Little Wenlock,
2697 ac., pop. 585; Much Wenlock, 9737 ac., pop.
2321; P.O., T.o.

Wenlock Edge, hilly ridge of limestone rock, Shrop-
shire, in S. of co., extends 16 miles SAY. from vicinity of
Much AYenloek to Wistanton.

Wennington.—par. and vil., Essex, in SE. of co.—
par., 1301 ac., pop. 196; vil., 7 miles SE. of Romford;
Wennlngton, hamlet, Abbots Ripton par.,
Huntingdonshire, 5 miles N. of Huntingdon. — 3.
Wennlngton, township and ry. sta. (AYennington
Junction), Melling par., N. Lancashire, 11 miles NE. of
Lancaster,980ac., pop. 127; P.O.; contains
ton HaU,

Wensley, par., township, and vil. withry. sta., North-
Riding Yorkshire—par. (containing Leyburn), 14,445
ac., pop. 2172; township, 2079 ac., pop. 322; vil., on
river Ure, 14 mile SW. of Leyburn ; P.O.; the Ure is
here crossed by a handsome 3-arched bridge; in vicinity
Wensley Hall, seat.

Wensley and Snitterton (or South Darley),
township, Darley par., Derbyshire, 2007 ac., pop. 679;
Wensley, vil., 34 miles NW. of Matlock; P.O.

Wensleydale, valley of the river Ure, North-Riding
Yorkshire, from its head to Jervaux valley.

Wensnin, river, Norfolk; rises near Tattersett, and
flows SE.,past Fakenham, Attlebridge, and Drayton, to
the Yare at Norwich; is 30 miles long.

Wentbrldge, hamlet, Badsworth, Kirk Smeaton, and
Darrington pars., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, on
river AVente, 44 miles SE. of Pontefract.

Wente, river, West-Riding Yorkshire; rises near
Wragby, and flows 16 m. E. to the Don near Greenland.

Wentford Honse, seat, Suffolk, in SAY. of co., 1 mile
N. of Clare.

Wentllooge, hundred, Monmouthshire, in SW. of
co., 73,067 ac., pop. 59,836; contains 17 pars.

Wentllooge St Bride, par., Monmouthshire, in SAV.
of co., 4 miles SW. of Newport, 1904 ac. land and 1690
water, pop. 249.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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