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West Tlmperley, ry. sta. (for Bowdon), Cheshire,
between Partington and Baguley stations, and 6 miles
SW. of Manchester.



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West Town.—vil., Kingsland par., Herefordshire,
in N. of co., 4 miles NW. of Leominster.—2.
hamlet, Backwell par., Somerset, 7 miles SAY.
of Bristol; P.O.—3.
West Town, Gorleston par.,
Suffolk, in borough of Yarmouth.—
4. West Town,
eccl. dist., Dewsbury par., S. div. West-Riding York-
shire, on W. side of Dewsbury, pop. 3693.

West Toxteth Division, pari. div. of Liverpool,
pop. 64,848.

West Tytherley, 7 miles SW. of Stockbridge, Hants;
p.o. See
Tytherley, West.

West Vale, ry. sta., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire,
1 mile N. of Stainland sta.

West Walton, Norfolk, 3 miles NE. of Wisbech;
p.o. See
Walton, AVest.

West Ward, ward, AYestmorland, in N. of co.,
121,940 ac., pop. 8225.

West Water, affluent of river North Esk, Forfar-
shire, at Stracathro House.

West Wellow, Wilts, 3% miles NAV, of Romsey;
p.o. See
Wellow, AYest.

West Wemyss, ry. sta., Fife, 2 miles NE. of Dysart;
t.o. See Wemyss, West.

West Wickham.—3% miles NW. of Linton, Cam-
bridgeshire ; p.o. See
Wickham, West.—2. West
ry. sta., Kent, 3 miles S. of Beckenham;
p.o. See
Wickham, West.

West Winch, 5 miles SE. of Kings Lynn, Norfolk;
p.o. See
AYinch, West.

West Wittering, 6% miles SW. of Chichester, Sussex;
P.O. See
AYittering, AYest.

West Witton, 4 miles SW. of Leyburn, North-Riding
Yorkshire ; P.O. See
Witton, West.

West Woodhnrn, vil., Corsenside par., Northumber-
land, on river Rede, 4 miles NE. of Bellingham ; P.O.

West Worthing, vil. and local government district,
Heen par., Sussex—dist., 300 ac., pop. 689; vil., near
the coast, 1% mile W. of Worthing.

West Wratting, 4% miles NE. of Linton, Cambridge-
shire; P.O. See
AYratting, West.

West Wycombe, ry. sta., Bucks, 2% miles NW. of
AVycombe; P.O. See
Wycombe, AYest.

West Veil, school, Mid and South Yell par., Shetland.

West Vork, hamlet, Ash par., Kent, 7 miles SE. of

Wcstalby, hamlet, Wickenby par., Lincolnshire, 3
miles NAY. of Wragby.

Westbere, par. and vil., Kent, 3% miles NE. of
Canterbury, 1173 ac., pop. 240.

Westborough, par. and vil., Lincolnshire, on river
AYitham, 7 miles NAY. of Grantham, 890 ac., pop. 181.

Westbourne, par. and vil., Sussex—par. (containing
Southbourne), 4520 ac. (97 water) and 464 tidal water
and foreshore, pop. 2450; vil., 2| miles NE. of Havant
and 7 NAY. of Arundel; P.O.; was formerly a place of
some commercial importance.

Westbourne Fark, dist. and ry. sta., partly in
Kensington par., but chiefly in Paddington par., Mid-
dlesex, in W. of London, pop. 16,525; the sta. is 1%
mile NW. of Paddington sta.

Westbourne and Singleton, hundred, Chichester
rape, Sussex, 33,564 ac., pop. 6062; contains 12 pars.

Westbriggs, hamlet, Tottenhill par., Norfolk, 5
miles S. of Kings Lynn.

Westbrook.—vil., Boxford par., Berks, in SW. of
co., 4 miles NW. of Newbury.—2.
Westbrook, near
Margate, Kent; P.O.—3.
Westbrook, hamlet, on W.
border of Herefordshire, 3 miles NE. of Hay.

Westbrook Hay, seat, Herts, 2 miles SE. of Hemel

Westbrook House, seat, Isle of Wight, 1% mile SE.
of Ryde.

Westbrook Place, seat, near Godalming, Surrey.

Westbury.—market town, par., and hundred, Wilts,
4% miles S. of Trowbridge, 6% miles NE. of Frome, and
25 NW. of Salisbury by rail, 12,027 ac., pop. 6014;
P.O.,T.O.,2Banks. Market-day,
Tuesday. Agriculture
forms the main industry, but there are also mfrs. of
fine woollen cloths, ironworks, and a considerable
trade in malt. AVUstbury is a place of great antiquity,
with British and Roman remains. It is said to have

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