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Westport Quay, vil. with ry. sta., 1J mile W. of
Westport, SW. co. Mayo.

Westport St Mary, par., Wilts, on W. side of
Malmesbury, 2036 ac., pop. 1867.

Wcstqnarter House, seat, Glassford par., Lanark-
shire. See
West Quarter.

Westraw House, seat, Pettinain par., Lanarkshire,
14 mile SW. of Carstairs Junction.

Westray, island, Westray and Papa Westray par.,
Orkney, separated from Rousay island by Westray
Firth, 23 miles by sea N. of Kirkwall, pop. 2200; P.O.;
is 10 miles long and from 4 mile to
6f miles broad.

Westray and Papa Westray, par., Orkney, 13,585
ac., pop. 2545; the church stands in the centre of
Westray island.

Westrlll and Starmere, par., Leicestershire, near
Rugby, 1620 ac., pop. 15.

Westrip, hamlet, Cherrington par., Gloucestershire,
2 miles SE. of Minchinhampton.

Westrop Park, seat, Highworth par., Wilts, in N.
vicinity of Highworth.

Westrutker, par. and vil., Berwickshire — par.,
14,630 ac., pop. 671; vil., 54 miles N. of Gordon ry.
sta. and 74 NE. of Lauder; P.O.

Westsandwick, hamlet with public school, Mid and
South Yell par., Shetland, at W. side of Yell island.

Westvllle,par., Lincolnshire, 7 miles NW. of Boston,
2260 ac., pop. 127.

Westward, par. and vil., Cumberland—par., 13,230
ac., pop. 1044; vil., 34 miles SE. of Wigton; has
quarries of building stone, slate, and lime.

Westward Ho, coast vil., Northam par., Devon, on
E. side of Bideford Bay, 3 miles NW. of Bideford;
P.O., t.o. ; was founded about the year 1867, and has
risen rapidly in favour as a watering-place, for which it
possesses many facilities, including a fine beach of firm
sands, spacious baths, a hotel, and numerous villas and
lodging houses.
Westward Ho College (opened in
1873) is a military school. Northam Burrows here form
excellent links for golfing.

Westwell.—par. and vil., Kent—par., 5223 ac., pop.
995; vil., 34 miles N. of Ashford; P.O.—2.
par., Oxfordshire, in W. of co., 2 miles SAY. of Bur-
ford, 1445 ac., pop. 136.

Westwick.—township, Oakington par., in co. and 5
miles NW. of Cambridge, 270 ac., pop. 84.—2. West-
wick, township, Gainford par., Durham, 2 miles SE.
of Barnard Castle, 1469 ac., pop. 74.—3. Westwick,
par., Norfolk, 24 miles S. of North AValsham, 1043 ac.,
pop. 181; P.O.; contains Westwick House, seat.—4.
Westwick, hamlet, Banwell par., Somerset, 44 miles
SE. of Weston-super-Mare.—5. Westwick, township,
Ripon par., E. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 34 miles
W. of Boroughbridge, 423 ac., pop. 13.

Westwood.—hamlet, Broad Clist par., Devon, 5
miles NE. of Exeter.—
2. Westwood, hamlet, Dawlish
par., Devon, 54 miles SE. of Chudleigh.—3.
hamlet, St Peter Thanet par., Kent, 1 mile N.
of Ramsgate.—4.
Westwood, hamlet, Southfleet par.,
Kent, 4 miles SE. of Dartford.—5.
Westwood, 3 miles
from Shotley Bridge, Northumberland ; P.O.—6.
vil., Selston par., Notts, 5 miles SW. of Sutton
in Ashfield.—7.
Westwood, seat, Surrey, 6 miles NW.
of Guildford.
—8. Westwood, eccl. dist., Stoneleigh
par., AYarwickshire, 4 miles S. of Coventry, pop. 615;
P.O., called
Westwood Heath.—9. Westwood, Wilts.
Westwood with Ilford.—10. Westwood, ry.
sta., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 94 miles N. of

Westwood Hall, seat, Staffordshire, 1 m. W. of Leek.

Westwood House, seat, SW. Lancashire, in S.
vicinity of Wigan.

Westwood Fark, par., and seat of Lord Hampton,
Worcestershire, 3 miles NAY. of Droitwich, 1380 ac.,
pop. 14.

Westwood with Iford, par., Wilts, 2 miles SW. of
Bradford, 813 ac., pop. 516.

West woodside, vil., Haxey par., Lincolnshire, 3
miles SAY. of Epworth; P.O.

Wet Mountain, 3 miles NE. of Donard, W. co.
Wicklow, alt. 1753 ft.

Wetkeral, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Cumberland—
par., 11,489 ac. (158 water), pop. 3320; vil., on river

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