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Wick Water, AVatten and Wick pars., Caithness;
issues from Loch Watten, and flows 8 miles SE. to
Wick Bay.

Wick and Abson, par., Gloucestershire, 4 m. NW.
of Marshfield, 2308 ac., pop. 878; P.O., called Wick.

Wick (near Pershore), township, Pershore St
Andrew par., Worcestershire, 2 miles SE. of Pershore
sta., pop. 265; P.O.; contains Wick House and Upper
Wick House, seats.

Wicken.—par. and vil., Cambridgeshire—par., 3812
ac., pop. 844; vil., 7 miles NW. of Newmarket; P.O.—
2. Wicken, par. and vil., Northamptonshire—par.,
2280 ac., pop. 408; vil., 34 miles SW. of Stony Strat-
ford ; P.O. ; in vicinity is Wicken Park, seat of Lord

Wicken Bonant, par., Essex, 5 miles SAY. of Saffron
Walden, 850 ac., pop. 162.

Wickenby, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Lincolnshire
—par., 1997 ac., pop. 269; vil., 5 miles SW. of Market
Rasen; P.O.

Wickenham Hall, seat, Suffolk, in NE. of co., 4
miles SE. of Harleston.

Wicker, eccl. dist., Sheffield par., S. div. AVest-
Riding Yorkshire, wholly in bor. of Sheffield, pop.

Wickerslack, hamlet, Crosby Ravensworth par.,
Westmorland, in N. of co., 3 miles E. of Shap.

Wickersiey, par. and vil., S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire—par., 1273 ac., pop. 798; vil., 34 miles E.
of Rotherham; P.O. ; has quarries which supply the
greater part of Sheffield grindstones; in vicinity of
vil. is Wickersiey Hall, seat.

Wickford, par. and vil., Essex, in S. of co.—par.,
1775 ac., pop. 409 ; vil., on river Crouch, 4 miles N. of
Pitsea ry. sta. ; P.O.

Wickham.—vil., AVelfordpar., Berks, in SW. of co.,
5 miles NE. of Hungerford; P.O.—2. Wickham, ry.
sta., Essex. See Wickham Bishops.—3. Wickham (or
Wykeham), par. and vil., Hants—par., 2449 ac. (22
water), pop. 110; vil., on river Titchfield, 4 miles N. of
Fareham; P.O., T.O.; William of AYykeham (1324-
1404), priest, architect, and founder of colleges at
Oxford and Winchester, was a native.—4. Wickham,
Kent; P.O. See AVickh ambreux.—5. Wickham,
hamlet, Neithrop township, Banbury par., Oxfordshire,
in N. of co., 2 miles SW. of Banbury.

Wickham, Childs. See Childs Wickham.

Wickham, East, par., Kent, 3 miles SE. of Wool-
wich, 895 ac., pop. 1182; contains Wickham Honse,
seat, and many fine villas.

Wickham, West.—par. and vil., Cambridgeshire, in
SE. of co.—par., 2937 ac., pop. 455; vil., 34 miles NE.
of Linton; P.O.—2. Wickham, West, par. and vil.
with ry. sta., Kent—par., 2611 ac., pop. 963; vil., 3
miles S. of Bromley; P.O.; in vicinity are Wickham
Court, Wickham Hall, and Wickham House, seats.

Wickham Bishops, par. and vil. with ry. sta.
(Wickham), Essex—par., 1549 ac., pop. 535; vil., on
river Blackwater, 24 miles S. of Witham Junction and 34
miles NW. of Maldon ; P.O.

Wickham Forest, tract, Hants, adjacent to Wick-
ham par.

Wickham Heath, 4 m. NW. of Newbury, Berks; P.O.

Wickham Market, town and par. with ry. sta.,
Suffolk, on river Deben, 2 miles SW. of the sta., which
is 5 miles NE. of AVoodbridge, 1174 ac., pop. 1469;
P.O., T.o. The town was at one time a place of con-
siderable importance, and had weekly markets and
fairs. Large engineering works are carried on. Several
fine residences are in the neighbourhood.

Wickham St Paul, par. and vil., Essex—par., 1225
ac., pop. 354; vil., 4 miles N. of Halstead; P.O.; in
vicinity is Wickham Hall, seat.

Wickham Skeith, par. and vil., Suffolk—par., 1770
ac., pop. 505; vil., 44 miles SW. of Eye.

Wickkambrenx, par. and vil., Kent—par., 2371 ac.,
pop. 485 ; vil., 44 miles E. of Canterbury; P.O., called

Wickhamhrook, par. and vil., Suffolk—par., 4348
ac., pop. 1318; vil., 6 miles N. of Clare; P.O., T.o.;
in vicinity is Wickhamhrook House, seat.

Wickhamford, par., Worcestershire, 24 miles SE.
of Evesham, 1242 ac., pop. 123.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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