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along the E. boundary, the Bladenoch, and Luce
Water. Lochs are numerous, but small. Agriculture,
dairy-farming, and sheep-farming afford the chief em-
ployments. The co. comprises 17 pars., the police
burghs of Newton-Stewart, Stranraer, and Whithorn,
and the royal burgh of Wigtown. It returns 1 member
to Parliament.

Wigwell, vil., Derbyshire, 1 mile E. of Wirksworth;
in vicinity is Wigwell Grange, seat.

Wike.—township and ry. sta. (Wyke), Birstal par.,
E. div. West-Biding Yorkshire, 4 miles S. of Bradford,
967 ac., pop. 5315 ;
P.O.; has worsted mills, dyeworks,
and a card factory. See Wyke.—2. Wlke, township,
Harewood and Bardsey pars., E. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 6 miles NE. of Leeds, 879 ac., pop. 142.

Wilbarston, par. and vil., Northamptonshire—par.,
2800 ac., pop. 598; vil., 6 miles E. of Market Har-
borough ;

Wllbarton ; P.O. See Wilburton._

Wilberfoss, par., township, and vil., East-Riding
Yorkshire—par., 3185 ac., pop. 610; township, 1472 ac.,
pop. 414; vil., 8 miles E. of York;

Wilbraliam, Great, par. and vil., Cambridgeshire,
in SE.
of co.—par., 2800 ac., pop. 547; vil., 6 miles E.
of Cambridge; P.O.

Wilbraliani, Little, par. and vil., Cambridgeshire,
in SE. of co.—par., 1300 ac., pop. 412; vil., 1 mile N.
of Great Wilbraham ; in vicinity have been found many
relics of the Saxon period.

Wllbrigbton, hamlet, Gnosall par., in co. and 8
miles SW. of Stafford.

Wllburton, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Cambridge-
shire—par., 2233 ac., pop. 527; vil.,
5f miles SW. of
P.O., called Wllbarton.

Wilbury Hill, eminence with Roman camp, Herts,
in N. of co., 3 miles W. of Baldock.

Wilbury Park, seat, AVilts, in SE. of co., 4 miles E.
of Amesbury.

Wilby.—par., Norfolk, 4 miles SAA*. of Attleborough,
1400 ac., pop. 86.—2. Wilby (or Willy), par. and vil.,
Northamptonshire—par., 1120 ac., pop. 405; vil., 3
miles SAY. of AYellingborough;
P.O., called Willy;
has brickworks and a leather factory.—3. Wilby,
par. and vil., Suffolk, 6 miles SE. of Eye, 1844 ac.,
pop. 469.

Wilcbeswood, hamlet, Langton Matravers par.,
Dorset, in SE. of co., in AA7. vicinity of Swanage.

Wilcot, par. and vil., AYilts—par., 2668 ac., pop.
563; vil., on Avon and Kennet Canal, 14 mile AY. of
Pewsey; in vicinity is Wilcot House, seat.

Wilcotc, par., Oxfordshire, 3 miles SE. of Charl-
bury, 319 ac., pop 10.

Wilcrick, par., Monmouthshire, 6| miles E. of
Newport, 406 ac., pop. 28.

Wild, hamlet, Hampstead Norris par., Berks, in E.
of co., 4 miles SE. of Ilsley.

Wildboar Ciongb, township, Prestbury par.,
Cheshire, 6 miles SE. of Macclesfield, 5040 ac., pop. 227.

Wildboar Fell, eminence with fine view, AYestmor-
land, in E. of co., 4 miles SE. of Ravenstonedale.

Wilden, par. and vil., Bedfordshire, in N. of eo.—
par., 2160 ac., pop. 443 ; vil., 5m. NE. of Bedford;

Wilderness Fark, seat of the Marquis of Camden,
Kent, 14 mile NE. of Sevenoaks.

Wildcrsmonth Cove, on NW coast of Devon, 3
miles NAY. of Ilfracombe.

Wildmore, par., Lincolnshire, 3 miles SE. of Tat-
tershall, 3701 ac., pop. 689; consists of a tract called
Wildmore Fen, at one time divided among 12 pars.

Wildon Grange, township, Coxwold par., North-
Riding Yorkshire, 54 miles N. of Easingwold, 698 ac.,
pop. 21.

Wiidswortb, township, Laughton by Gainsborough
par., Lincolnshire, 8 miles N. of Gainsborough, pop. 130.

Wiley, river, AYilts ; rises near Kingston Deverill,
and flows NE. to vicinity of AVarminster, thence SE. to
the Nadder, near Wilton; is 22 miles long.

Wilfbolnie, hamlet, Beswick township, Kilnwick
par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles NE. of Beverley.

Wiiford.—par. and vil., Notts—par., partly within
the bor. of Nottingham, 1450 ac., pop. 1106 ; vil., on S.
bank of river Trent, 14 mile (by ferry) SAY. of Notting-
ham ;
P.O. ; in vicinity is Wiiford House, seat. The
church contains a memorial window to Henry Kirke
White (1785-1806), the poet, who resided in the village
for several years.—2. Wiiford, hundred, Suffolk, in
SE. of co., 31,357 ac., pop. 7745; contains 17 pars.

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