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Wllllamsburgh.—E. suburb of Paisley, Renfrew-
shire.—2. Williamsburgh, Fife. See

Williamscote (or Wilscott), hamlet, Cropredypar.,
Oxfordshire, in N. of co., 3 miles NE. of Banbury.

Wllliamston, township, Begelly par., Pembrokeshire,
in SE. of co., 4 miles NW. of Tenby, 1431 ac., pop. 493;
contains Wllllamston Hall, seat.

Wllliamstown.—vil., in par. and near Youghal, co.
Cork, pop. 187.—2. Wllliamstown, vil., Blackrock
township, in co. and 4 miles SE. of Dublin, on Dublin
Bay.—3. Williamstown, hamlet, Templetogher par.,
N. co. Galway, 6 miles SW. of Ballymoe, pop. 98 ;

Williauistrip Park, seat, Gloucestershire, 3 miles
N. of Fairford.

Willian, par., Herts, in N. of co., 2% miles E. of
Hitchin, 1866 ac., pop. 266.

Wlllimoteswick, ruined castle, Northumberland,
on river South Tyne, 4 miles E. of Haltwhistle; was
the birthplace of Bishop Ridley, the martyr.

Willlngale Doe, par. and vil., Essex—par., 1771 ac.,
pop. 423; vil., 4% miles NE. of Ongar; P.O., called

Willingale Spain, par., Essex, adjacent to Willin-
gale Doe, 1216 ac., pop. 207.

Willingdon. — hundred, Pevensey rape, Sussex,
12,200 ac., pop. 2057; contains 5 pars.—2. Willing-
don, par. and vil., Sussex—par., 4281 ac., pop. 1243;
vil., 2% miles N. of Eastbourne;
P.O., T.O.; in vicinity
is Willingdon Park, seat.

Willingham.—par. and vil., Cambridgeshire—par.,
4663 ac., pop. 1577; vil., 6 miles E. of St Ives;
—2. Willingham, hamlet, Carlton par., Cam-
bridgeshire, 6 miles NW. of Haverhill—3. Willing-
ham, par., Suffolk, 3 miles SE. of Beccles, 1023 ac.,
pop. 159.
—4. Willingham, Lincolnshire; P.O. See
Willingham by Gainsborough.

Willingham, Cherry. See Cherry Willingham.

Willingham, North, par., Lincolnshire—par., 1990
ac., pop. 211; vil., 3% miles E. of Market Rasen;
in vicinity is Willingham House, seat.

Willingham, South, par. and vil. with ry. sta.
(South Willingham and Hainton), Lincolnshire—par.,
1900 ac., pop. 330; vil., 4% miles NE. of Wragby and
7 SE. of Market Rasen ;

Willingham (toy Gainstoorongh), par. and vil.,
Lincolnshire—par., 2170 ac., pop. 460; vil., 5% miles
SE. of Gainsborough; P.O.

Willington.—par. and vil., Bedfordshire—par., 1648
ac., pop. 248; vil., 4 miles E. of Bedford;
Willington, par., Cheshire, 3 miles NW. of Tarporley,
1030 ac., pop. 145; contains Willington Hall, seat.—
3. Willington, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Derbyshire
—par., 1326 ac., pop. 515; vil., on river Trent, 4%
miles NE. of Burton on Trent;
P.O.—4. Willington,
eccl. dist. and township with ry. sta., Brancepeth par.,
Durham, 5 miles N. of Bishop Auckland—dist., pop.
7099; township, 1452 ac., pop. 5006;
P.O., T.o.; has
large collieries.—5. Willington, eccl. dist., Wallsend
par., Northumberland, on river Tyne, in town of Wil-
lington Quay, pop. 1764; p.o. See
—6. Willington, hamlet, Barcheston par.,
Warwickshire, 1% mile SE. of Shipston on Stour.—7.
Willington, township, Hammer par., Flintshire, in
SE. of co., 5 miles NE. of Ellesmere, 1950 ac., pop. 318.

Willington Quay, town with ry. sta., Wallsend par.,
Northumberland, on river Tyne, 2 miles SW. of North
Shields, 320 ac., pop. 4974;
P.O., T.o. Willington
Quay is of comparatively recent growth, and is a pros-
perous town with large shipbuilding yards, copper
smelting works, leadworks, firebrick works, rope-
making, and other industries. The town is a local
government district. Robert Stephenson (1803-1859),
civil engineer, was a native.

Willlsham, par., Suffolk, 7 miles NW. of Ipswich,
927 ac., pop. 199.

Wlllitoft, township, Budwith and Aughton pars.,
East-Riding Yorkshire, Smiles N. of Howden, 1628 ac.,
pop. 43.

Williton, small town with ry. sta., St Decumans
par., Somerset, in N. of co., 2 miles SE. of Watchet
and 14 NW. of Taunton;
P.O., T.O., 1 Bank, 1 news-
paper. The town is well built, and has an ancient
church restored in 1858. The trade is mainly agricul-
tural ; markets are held on the second Monday of every


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