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Winterborne Anderson. See Anderson.

Winterborne Caiue, par., Dorset, in S. of co., 14
mile SE. of Dorchester, 1970 ac., pop. 144.

Winterborne Clenstone, par., Dorset, 4 miles SW.
of Blandford, 1406 ac., pop. 112.

Winterborne Herringstonc, par., Dorset, in S. of
co., 1 mile S. of Dorchester, 530 ac., pop. 73.

Winterborne Houghton, par. and vil., Dorset, in
E. of co.—par., 1923 ac., pop. 250; vil., 44 miles SW.
of Blandford.

Winterborne Kingston, par. and vil., Dorset—
par., 2508 ac., pop. 520; vil., 6 miles SW. of Bland-
ford ; P.O.

Winterborne Monkton, par., Dorset, in S. of co.,

2 miles SW. of Dorchester, 631 ac., pop. 83.

Winterborne St Martin, par., Dorset, in S. of co.,

3 miles W. of Dorchester, 3503 ac., pop. 430; con-
tains Martinstown, vil.; P.O.

Winterborne Steepleton, par., Dorset, in S. of co.,

4 miles W. of Dorchester, 1783 ac., pop. 148.

Winterborne Stickland, par., Dorset, 34 miles

SW. of Blandford, 1340 ac., pop. 480; contains Stick-
land, vil.; P.O.

Winterborne Thompson, par., Dorset, 6 miles S.
of Blandford, 710 ac., pop. 40.

Winterborne Whitechnrch, par., Dorset, 2841 ac.,
pop. 422; contains Whitechurch, vil., 6 miles SAY. of
Blandford; P.O., T.O.

Winterborne Zelstone, par., Dorset, 6 miles S. of
Blandford, 823 ac., pop. 145.

Winterbourn, township, Chieveley par., Berks, in
SW. of co., 34 m. NAY. of Newbury, 2112 ac., pop. 340.

Winterboiirne . See also Winterborne .

Winter bourne, par. and vil., Gloucestershire—par.
(containing Winterbourne Down and Frenchay), 3281
ac., pop. 3151; vil., 64 miles NE. of Bristol; P.O.
Numerous seats are in the par.

Winterboiirne Bassett, par., Wilts, 5 miles SE.
of Wootton Bassett, 2210 ac., pop. 262.

Wlnterbourne Cherborough. See AVinterbourne

AVinterbourne Dantsey, par., Wilts, 4 miles NE.
of Salisbury, 1190 ac., pop. 158.

AVinterbourne Down, eccl. dist., Winterbourne
par., Gloucestershire, 54 m. NE. of Bristol, pop. 817; P.O.

AVinterbourne Earls, par., AYilts, 34 miles NE. of
Salisbury, 1720 ac., pop. 241.

Winterboiirne Ford, on river Bourne, AYilts, 2
miles NE. of Salisbury; was the crossing place of the
Roman road from Old Sarum to Winchester.

Winterbourne Gunner (or Winterbourne Cher-
borough), par., AYilts, 44 miles NE. of Salisbury, 1530
ac., pop. 171; P.O., T.o.

Winterbourne Monkton, par., AYilts, 64 miles
NW. of Marlborough, 1840 ac., pop. 219.

Winterbourne Stoke, par. and vil., AYilts, on Salis-
bury Plain—liar., 3540 ac., pop. 299 ; vil., 5g miles AY.
of Amesbury; P.O.

Winterbrook, S. suburb of Wallingford, Berks.

Winterburn. See Flasby with AVinterburn.

AVinteringham (or AVintringbain), par. and vil.,
Lincolnshire—par., 3970 ac. land and 1705 water, pop.
671; vil., on river Humber, 7 miles W. of Barton on
Humber; P.O.; was formerly a market town, and has
some river trade.

Wintersett, township, AVragby par., S. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles SE. of Wakefield, 1065 ac.
(69 water), pop. 165.

Winterslow, par. and vil., AVilts—par., 4937 ac.,
pop. 867; vil., 011 river Bourne, 6 miles NE. of Salis-
bury ; P.O.

Winterstoke, hundred, Somerset, 67,128 ac., pop.
30,329; contains 26 pars.

AVinterton.—market town and par., Lincolnshire, 74
miles SAV. of Barton on Humber, 3628 ac., pop. 1601;
P.O., T.O., 2 Banks. Market-day,
Wednesday. From
the discovery of Roman pavements and other relics
Winterton appears to occupy the site of a Roman
settlement. The chief architectural feature of the
town is its Early English church with Norman tower.
Machine making and agricultural implement making
are carried on. The weekly market is for corn, and
there is some trade in cattle. Winterton par. is a
local government district.—2. AVinterton, coast par.
and vil., Norfolk—par., 1515 ac., pop. 790; vil., 8 miles
N. of Yarmouth; P.O.; 14 mile N. of vil. is Winterton
Ness, and in S. vicinity of vil. is AVinterton Light-
house, 69 ft. high, with fixed light 110 ft. above high
water and seen 14 miles.



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