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Wiswall, township and vil., AVhalley par., NE. Lan-
cashire, 3 miles S. of Clitheroe, 1693 ac., pop. 737.

Witch . See also Wich .

WItcham, par. and vil., Cambridgeshire, in N. of
co.—par., 2671 ac., pop. 385; vil., 5% m. W. of Ely; P.O.

Witchsuupton, par. and vil., Dorset, in AV. of co.—
par., 1481 ac., pop. 512; vil., 5 miles NY7, of AVim-
borne ; P.O., T.O.; has the Witchampton papermills.

Witchford.—hundred, Cambridgeshire, in the liberty
of the Isle of Ely, containing 12 pars.; is divided into
2 parts—North Part, 86,275 ac., pop. 21,929; South
Part, 37,462 ac., pop. 6995.
—2. Witchford, par. and
vil., Cambridgeshire, in Isle of Ely—par., 2376 ao.,
pop. 442; vil., 3 miles AV. of Ely ; P.O.

Witchingham, Great, par. and vil., Norfolk—par.,
2245 ac., pop. 565 ; vil., 2 miles S. of Reepham and 7%
E. of Elmham sta.; P.O.

Witchingham, Little, par., Norfolk, adjacent to
Great AA7itchingham, 731 ac., pop. 41.

Witchling (or Wlchling), par., Kent, 5% miles S. of
Sittingbourne, 1316 ac., pop. 144.

Witcoiube.—in co. and 4 miles SE. of Gloucester;
P.O. See
AVhitcomb Magna.—2. Witcoiube, hamlet,
Martock par., Somerset, 3 miles SY7. of Ilchester.

Withall, AA7arwickshire, 7 miles S. of Birmingham;
p.o. See

Wlthain. — Berks. See Wytham.—2. Witham,
hundred, Essex, 36,684 ac., pop. 11,226; contains 16
pars, and a part.—3.
Witham, market town and par.
with ry. sta., Essex, 8 miles NE. of Chelmsford, 3706
ac., pop. 2966; P.O., T.o., 1 Bank. Market-day,
Witham stands near the influx of the Polebrook
into the Blackwater, and is a place of great antiquity.
Its chief architectural feature is the fine old church of
St Nicholas. It has trade in agricultural produce.
Witham Lodge, Witham Place, and numerous other
seats, are in the neighbourhood of the town. — 4.
Witham, river, Rutland and Lincolnshire; rises near
Market Overton in Rutland, and flows NE., E., and SE.,
past Grantham, Lincoln, Bardney, Kirkstead, and Bos-
ton, to the AVash near its confluence with the AVelland ;
is 80 miles long.—5.
Witham, ry. sta., Somerset. See
AVitham Friaey.

Witham, North, par. and vil., Lincolnshire, on
river AVitham, 4 m.AV. of Corby sta., 2373ac., pop. 238.

Witham, South, par. and vil., Lincolnshire—par.,
3230 ac., pop. 410; vil., at head of river AVitham, 5%
miles SAV. of Corby sta. and 10% S. of Grantham ; P.O.

Witham, South of the, par., Lincolnshire, pop. 2.

Witham Friary, par. and vil. with ry. sta.(AVitham),
Somerset—par., 4970 ac., pop. 482; vil., 5 miles SW.
of Frome ; P.O.; near the sta. is
Witham Park, seat.

Witham on the Hill, par., township, and vil.,
Lincolnshire—par., 4210 ac., pop. 459; township, 2150
ac., pop. 195; vil., 4 miles SAV. of Bourn; P.O.

Withcall, par. and ry. sta., Lincolnshire, 4 miles
SAV. of Louth, 2650 ac., pop. 237.

Withcotc, par., Leicestershire, 4% miles SW. of Oak-
ham, 777 ac., pop. 41; contains
Withcotc Hall, seat.

Withdean, hamlet, Sussex, in S. of co., 2 miles NW.
of Brighton; in vicinity is
Withdean Court, seat.

Witherldge. — hundred, Devon, 79,797 ac., pop.
8605; contains 21 pars.—2. Witlicridgc, par. and vil.,
Devon—par., 9048 ac., pop. 1025; vil., at confluence
of rivers Sturcombe and Little Dart, 8 miles E. of
Chulmleigh ; P.O., T.O. AA7itheridge is an ancient place,
and was formerly a corporate borough and market town.
It has an endowed school, and holds four fairs annually.

Witherington, hamlet, Downton par., Wilts, 6
miles SE. of Salisbury.

Witherley, par., township, and vil., Leicestershire
—par., 1570 ac., pop. 515; township, pop. 457; vil., 1
mile E. of Atherstone and 6 miles SAV. of Market Bos-
worth ; P.O.; in vicinity is
Witherley lloiisc, seat.

Withern, par. and vil., Lincolnshire—par., 2669 ac.,
pop. 457; vil., 4% miles NAV. of Alford; P.O.

WIthernsca, township and vil. with ry. sta., Hollym
par., East-Riding Yorkshire—township, 746 ac. land
and 275 foreshore, pop. 332; vil., 4 miles NE. of Pat-
rington; P.O., T.O. ; is a sea-bathing resort, with large
hotel and lodging houses. The sea is making encroach-
ments upon the land at this part of the coast.

WIthcrnwick, par., township, and vil., East-Riding

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