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Woodburn, East and West, 2 vils. (ry. sta. Wood-
burn), Northumberland, on river Rede, 4 miles NE. of
Reedsmouth Junction; P.O. at West Woodbnrn.

Woodbury.—par. and vil., Devon—par. (containing
part of Woodbury Salterton), 7804 ac. (500 water), pop.
1787; vil., 2 miles NE. of Woodbury Road sta. and 5
miles N. of Exmouth ; P.O., T.O. There are many fine
residences in the par. On Woodbury Common is a
large encampment used successively by the ancient
Britons, Romans, Saxons, and Danes; a strong force
was posted here in 1804 to resist the threatened
French invasion.—2. Woodbury, hamlet, Gamlingay
par., Cambridgeshire, 5¼ miles SW. of Caxton; in
vicinity is Woodbury Hall, seat.

Woodbury Hill.—eminence, Dorset, ¼ mile E. of
Bere Regis and 7 miles NAY. of Wareham; was in
Roman times an important military post, and gives
name to Woodbury Fair, a noted fair for sheep, cheese,
and butter, held here in September.—2. Woodbury
Hill, Abberley par., AYorcestershire, 7 miles SW. of
Stourport; is crowned by an ancient camp.

Woodbury Koad, ry. sta., Devon, on Exeter and
Exmouth Ry., 3¼ miles NW. of Exmouth.

Woodbury Salterton, eccl. dist. and vil., Woodbury
and Colaton Raleigh pars., Devon—dist., pop. 411;
vil., 3 miles NE. of Woodbury Road sta.; P.O.

Woodchester, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Glouces-
tershire—par., 1188 ac., pop. 903; vil., 2¼ miles SW. of
Stroud by rail; P.O., T.O. Broadcloth, billiard cloths,
and pins are manufactured. The church was rebuilt
in 1863. There is an endowed scbool, a Dominican
priory where candidates are educated for the Roman
Catholic priesthood, and a Franciscan convent with
orphanage. Woodchester House, Woodchester Park,
and other residences, are in the par.

Woodchurch.—par. and township, Cheshire—par.
(containing Oxton, which is within the bor. of Birken-
head), 5798 ac., pop. 5815; township, 4 miles SAA7. of
Birkenhead, 331 ac., pop. 127; P.O.—2. Woodchurch,
par. and vil., Kent—par., 7002 ac., pop. 1240; vil., 7
miles SAY. of Ashford ; P.O., T.o.

Woodcock Lodge, seat, in co. and 4 miles SW. of

Woodcomhe, hamlet, in par. and near Minehead,

Woodcot, vil., South Stoke par., Oxfordshire, on
Chiltern Hills, 5 miles SE. of AVallingford; P.O.; has
an endowed school.

Woodcote. — township, Sheriff Hales par., Shrop-
shire, 2 miles SE. of Newport, 1983 ac., pop. 190 ; con-
tains Woodcote Hall, seat.—2. Woodcote, hamlet,
Westhampnett par., Sussex, 1 mile NE. of Chichester.

Woodcote, Great, hamlet, in S. part of Beddington
par., Surrey, 2¼ miles SW. of East Croydon sta.;
numerous Roman coins have been found here.

Woodcote, Little, hamlet, Carshalton par., Surrey,
1 mile S. of Carshalton sta.

Woodcote House, educational institution, 1 mile
N. of Windlesham, Surrey.

Woodcote Lodge, seat, in co. and 3 miles N. of

Woodcote Park, seat, near Epsom, Surrey.

Woodcott.—township, Wrenbury par., Cheshire, 4
miles SW. of Nantwich, 162 ac., pop. 33.—2. Wood-
eott, hamlet, Upham par., Hants, 2 miles NW. of
Bishops Waltham.—3. Woodcott, par., Hants, 4¼
miles NAY. of AVhitchurch, 1444 ac., pop. 74.

Woodcroft Castle, seat, Elton par., Northampton-
shire, 6 miles NW. of Peterborough; dates from the
13th century, and was garrisoned for Charles I.

Woodcutts, hamlet, Handley par., Dorset, in NE.
of co., 6 miles NW. of Cranborne ; P.O.

Wooden, hamlet, Lesbury par., Northumberland, 4
miles SE. of Alnwick.

Wooden House, seat, in par. and If mile SE. of
Kelso, Roxburghshire.

Woodenbrldge and Shillelagh Junction, ry. sta.,
SE. co. Wicklow, 4 miles NW. of Arklow.

Woodend. — ry. sta., Cumberland, 1 mile N. of
Egremont sta. and 5 NE. of Whitehaven.—-2. Wood-
end, ry. sta., Derbyshire, 4 miles NE. of Alfreton.—3.
Woodend, township, Blakesley par., Northampton-
shire, 6 miles W. of Towcester, pop. 231.

Woodend.—vil., Newhills par., Aberdeenshire, on

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