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river Don, 1 mile NW. of Auchmull, pop. 529.—2.
Woodend, vil., Torphichen par., Linlithgowshire, 1
mile NW. of Armadale.—3. Woodend, seat, in par.
If mile SW. of Madderty sta., Perthshire.

Woodfall Hall, seat, SW. Lancashire, 2 miles W.
of Prescot.

Woodfold Park, seat, NE. Lancashire, 4 miles W.
of Blackburn.

Woodford.—par. and ry. sta., Essex, 4J miles NE.
of Stratford by rail, 2146 ac., pop. 7154; P.O., T.O., 1
newspaper ; is a local government district, and con-
tains many fine mansions, villas, and other residences.
Woodford Bridge, Woodford Green, and Woodford
Wells are vils. in the par.—2. Woodford, township
and vil., Prestbury par., Cheshire—township, 1464 ac.,
pop. 362; vil., 2 miles SE. of Handforth sta. and 5
miles S. of Stockport; has a national school. — 3.
Woodford, hamlet, 2 miles SE. of Moorwinstow,
Cornwall.—4. Woodford, hamlet, Monksilver par.,
Somerset, 3 miles S. of Watchet.—5. Woodford, par.,
Wilts, 2796 ac., pop. 441; contains Upper Woodford,
vil., on river Avon, 44 miles NW. of Salisbury ; P.O.

Woodford.—vil., Ballynakill par., SE. co. Galway,
on Woodford rivulet, 12 miles SW. of Portumna and 14
miles SE. of Loughrea, pop. 346; P.O., T.O. Market-day,
Saturday. The rivulet flows 7 miles E. to Lough Derg.
—2. Woodford, rivulet; rises in E. co. Leitrim, and
flows E., through cos. Cavan and Fermanagh, to Upper
Lough Erne; length 24 miles.

Woodford Bridge.—eccl. dist. and vil., Woodford
par., Essex—dist., pop. 1112; vil., on river Boding, 1
mile E. of Woodford sta. and 6 miles NAY. of Romford;
P.O.; has a church school.—2. Woodford Bridge, on r.
Torridge, Devon, in N. of co., 4 m. NE. of Holsworthy.

Woodford Grange, par., Staffordshire, 4 miles SAY.
of Wolverhampton, 180 ac., pop. 8.

Woodford Green, vil., Woodford par., Essex, | mile
W. of Woodford sta. and 5 N. of Stratford ; P.O., T.O.

Woodford Halse, vil., Woodford cum Membris par.,
Northamptonshire, 74 miles S. of Daventry; P.O.

Woodford Park, seat, NE. Lancashire, 3 miles
NW. of Blackburn.

Woodford Wells, vil., Woodford par., and eccl.
dist., partly also in Walthamstow par., Essex—dist.,
pop. 2796; vil., 1 mile N. of AYoodford sta.; has a
mineral spring.

Woodford cuin Membris, par., Northamptonshire,
2655 ac., pop. 587 ; contains Woodford Halse, vil., 74
miles S. of Daventry ; P.O.

Woodford (near Thrapston), par. and vil., North-
amptonshire—par., 1750 ac., pop. 1500; vil., 24 miles
SW. of Thrapston; P.O.; has mfrs. of shoes; ironstone
is quarried ; in vicinity is Woodford House, seat.

Woodgarston, hamlet, Monk Sherborne par., Hants,
4 miles NAY. of Basingstoke.

Woodgate, 3 miles from Halesowen, Worcester ; P.O.

Woodgates Inn, The, on E. border of Dorset, 4
miles N. of Cranborne.

Woodgreen, par., Hants, 3 miles NE. of Fording-
bridge, 8474 ac. (including Ashley Walk), pop. 293.

Woodliall.—par., Lincolnshire, 2231 ac., pop. 278;
contains Woodhall Spa, vil. with ry. sta., 3 miles
SW. of Horncastle; P.O.; and Woodhall Lodge, seat.
—2. Woodhall, Yorkshire. See Brackenholme
with AVoodhall.

Woodhall.—seat, Colinton par., Edinburghshire, on
Water of Leith, opposite Juniper Green ; in vicinity is
Woodhall Mill, paperworks.—2. Woodhall, seat,
Balmaghie par., Kirkcudbrightshire, on AVoodhall Loch,
4 miles SE. of New Galloway ry. sta.

Woodhall Park, seat, in co. and 4 miles N. of

Woodhall Spa, vil. with ry. sta., Woodhall par.,
Lincolnshire, 3 miles SW. of Horncastle; P.O. ; the
Spa is a medicinal spring discovered in 1820; there is a
bath-room and a large hotel.

Woodham.—township, Waddesdon par., Bucks, in
W. of co., 8 miles NW. of Aylesbury, 325 ac., pop. 31.
Woodham, township, Aycliffe par., Durham, 7
miles SE. of Bishop Auckland, 3807 ac., pop. 145.

Woodham Ferris, par. and vil., Essex—par., 4482
ac., pop. 673; vil., 6 miles SAA*. of Maldon; P.O.; re-
mains of an episcopal palace are in vicinity.

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