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Woodrow.—hamlet, in par. and 2 miles NE. of
Melksham, AA7ilts.—2.
Woodrow, hamlet, Chaddesley
Corbett par., Y7orcestershire, 4% miles SAY. of Kidder-

Woodscat, seat, on E. border of Staffordshire, 3
miles N. of Uttoxeter.

Woodseats, 2 miles from Heeley, in S. of Sheffield,
AYest-Riding Yorkshire; P.O.

Woodsetton, vil., Sedgley par., Staffordshire, within
the pari, limits of AYolverhampton, and 3 miles NAY. of
Dudley; P.O.

Woodsetts, par. and township, S. div. AYest-Riding
A”orkshire, 4 miles NAA”. of AA7orksop—par., 1418 ac.,
pop. 324; township, 831 ac., pop. 246.

Woodsford, par., in S. of Dorset, 4% miles E. of
Dorchester, 1742 ac., pop. 183.

Woodsgift, seat, 2 m. SE. of Urlingford, co. Kilkenny.

Woodslde.—hamlet, AVettenhall township, Over
par., Cheshire, 5 miles SE. of Tarporley.—2. Wood-
side, eccl. dist. andry. sta., Birkenhead par., Cheshire,
within the bor. of Birkenhead, pop. 14,438; P.O., T.o.,
called Woodslde Ferry.—3. Woodslde, Cumberland.
Rosley with AYoodside.—4. Woodslde, hamlet,
Bolsover par., Derbyshire, 5 miles E. of Chesterfield.—
5. Woodside, eccl. dist., comprising the entire par. of
Hinders Lane and parts of the pars, of East Dean,
Flaxley, and Newland, Gloucestershire, pop. 4221.—6.
Woodside, township, Elsdon par., Northumberland,
9% miles NE. of Bellingham, 6635 ac., pop. 101.—7.
Woodside, hamlet, Ranton par., in co. and 4 miles
AY. of Stafford.—8. Woodside, eccl. dist. and ry. sta.,
Croydon par., Surrey, pop. 2233; the sta. is % mile NE.
of East Croydon sta.—9. Woodside, hamlet, Brougham
par., AA7estmorland, in N. of co., 8% miles NAV. of
Appleby.-—10. Woodside, eccl. dist., Adel Guiseley
and Leeds pars., E. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles
NAV. of Leeds, pop. 3093.

Woodside.—police burgh with ry. sta., Old Machar
par., Aberdeenshire, on river Don, 2 miles NAY. of
Aberdeen, pop. 5452; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank; is included
in the parliamentary burgh of Aberdeen, and has
extensive paperworks. — 2. Woodside, school, Sorn
par., Ayrshire.—3.
Woodside, seat, in par. and near
Beith, Ayrshire.—4.
Woodside, school, Penpont par.,
—5. Woodside, hamlet, in par. and 3%
miles N. of Largo, Fife.—6.
Woodside, vil. with ry.
sta., Cargill par., Perthshire, 2% miles SAA”. of Coupar-
Angus, pop. (Burreltown and AYoodside) 486; P.O. at

Woodside, lower and Upper, 2 hamlets, Herts, in
S. of co., 2 miles SE. of Hatfield.
Woodside Mouse,
seat, is in vicinity.

Woodside Ferry, Birkenhead, Cheshire; P.O., T.O.

Woodside Park, ry. sta. and seat, Fryern Barnet
par., Middlesex, If mile SE. of High Barnet sta.

Woodside Quarter, township, AVigton par., Cum-
berland, 3 miles E. of AVigton, 1839 ac., pop. 589.

Woodside of Ardbeadie, part of Banchory, Kin-
cardineshire, pop. 212.

Woodsome Hall, seat of the Earl of Dartmouth,
Farnley Tyas township, Almondbury par., S. div.
AVest-Riding Yorkshire, % mile AY. of Eenay Bridge sta.
and 3 miles SE. of Huddersfield.

Woodspring Priory, ruins, Kewstoke par., Somer-
set, 4% miles N. of AA7eston super Mare sta. ; the ruins
are of considerable extent, and very picturesque.

Woodstock, ancient chartered bor., market town,
and par., Oxfordshire, on river Glyme, 2% miles AY. of
AYoodstock Road sta. and 8 miles NAY. of Oxford, 62
ac., pop. 1133; P.O., T.o., 1 Bank. Market-day,
Woodstock is a well-built place, with spacious
streets. It has long been known for its mfrs. of gloves.
It is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and early had a royal
palace, which stood in the park of Blenheim, the seat
of the Duke of Marlborough. As a royal residence
AYoodstock frequently appears in history. It gives
name to one of Scott’s romances. It was first chartered
by Henry VI. It returned 2 members to Pari, from
the time of Elizabeth until 1832, and 1 member from
1832 (when the pari, limits were extended) until 1885.

Woodstock.—seat, in co. and 4 miles NAY. of Gal-
Woodstock, seat and agricultural school,

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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